A Weel with a Sex Therapist, Monday – The Major


Monday – The MajorWhen she was in college, Gayle had a roommate named Jasmine. It wasn’t long before Gayle realized that “Jazz” was bisexual, and eventually and often Gayle discovered how much she could enjoy sex with another girl. After graduation, Gayle became a sex therapist but over time lost track of Jasmine.Gayle considered Mondays her “casual” night to relive the thrill of finding a stranger for sex. She frequented her favorite bar and usually sat in a secluded area so she could check out prospects before making a move. Sometimes she had to ward off “the unacceptables” who hit on her and sometimes she was disappointed and went home alone.One particular Monday evening after she had enjoyed a nice quiet meal and maybe a little too much wine at her favorite restaurant, she returned to her “hunting ground”. She watched the familiar crowd, guys and girls flirting and hitting on each other but she wanted someone new, someone different.A half hour later, three guys came in and sat at the bar. Gayle’s attention was drawn to the tallest of them. He had sandy blond hair, a sexy square jaw, (that would fit perfectly between her thighs), and shoulders you could park izmir rus escort bayan a bus on. He wore a tight tee-shirt showing how fit he was, dusty jeans, and work boots. Huge work boots; the biggest Gayle had ever seen.She took her drink and went to the bar and nudged her hip against the blond guy. When he turned her way, she asked, ”Hey, don’t I know you? Aren’t you the plumber who tried to fix my leak last week?”He smiled down at her, full of bravado, and said, “Lady if I fixed your pipes you wouldn’t forget it.”“Yeah, well, I’m asking because I’ve still got the leak and I think you should come back and plug it up.”Smiling as his buddies slapped him on the back, he grinned at Gayle. “It so happens that I have the equipment for the job; lead the way.”She referred to him as the Major. He wasn’t a major but he had a major dick and he was a major fuck. His name was actually Marshall. As soon as they entered her apartment, she ran her hands up his big chest, circled her arms around his neck, and pulled him into a passionate kiss. He was a great kisser and his big hands roamed down her back until he cupped her buttocks escort izmir otele gelen and pulled her against his body.She worked a hand in between their bodies and grabbed his penis through his pants. His hard and very large penis. He turned her around and pressed her against the wall. Using both hands in the cleavage of her blouse, he ripped it open sending buttons flying to the floor. Gayle was glad she was not wearing a bra or he would have ruined it with his lust.He mauled her breasts in his big hands, rubbing his thumbs over her hard nipples. She was more than ready for him. He lifted her, leaned in, and kissed the soft valley between her breasts. She hoped that he would approve of the perfume she had left there and under each breast. She looked down, watching him moan and slobber all over her breasts and nipples, wishing he would start pounding his cock into her soon.When he could wait no longer, he picked her up, carried her to the sofa, and set her down. He turned her around, bent her over the end of the sofa, and flipped her dress up onto her back. She never wore panties on Monday nights but would have buca escort loved the thrill of feeling him rip them off. He frantically unbuckled his belt, yanked down the zipper, and pulled his erection out of his boxers.Gayle was thankful that the foreplay made her ready because his penis was larger than she had taken before. Not long, but as thick as her forearm. She spread her legs as he slapped her ass just once and then pressed the head of his cock into her folds. She couldn’t believe the girth of it. Even though he pushed slowly into her, it filled her and she wondered if her body could stretch enough to accommodate him.Before long he was plowing into her, banging her body against the arm of the sofa. She held onto the cushions for support. After several long wonderful moments, and based on his grunting, she thought he was going to come, but instead, he withdrew and put her on the floor on her hands and knees. She took her favorite position; head down, ass up. He stood behind her and entered her as he held her hips in his hands.She had never been fucked so thoroughly, harder, and longer than most guys did, and she didn’t think she could take him any deeper. She reached up and rubbed her clit as he ravaged her body, and she came; a glorious orgasm deep and strong. He seemed oblivious to her climax, and in a few minutes, he pulled his cock free and sat on the sofa, his huge wet erection sticking up out of his clothing. “My legs were tired; come up and sit on me,” he said.

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