Down by the River


A few summers ago I discovered an island on one of the rivers in our city. I was riding my bike home after work on the bike path one hot day and I left the path, going down though the trees to the riverbank. The area all around, once away from the river and bike path, is an industrial area. So the spot where I was standing was quite secluded and though partially visible from the bike path, there weren’t many people passing at that time of day. The island was wild, covered in trees and brush. It was small, maybe a couple football fields in area, and close to the shore, maybe two car lengths away.

As I was hot from riding hard and the sun was strong, I was covered in sweat. The water was clear and being a mountain river I knew it was cool. I took off my clothes except my spandex riding shorts. I waded over, getting excited at the feel of the cool water on my hot skin. Following an old path, I sensed the privacy of the place a few feet into the path through the underbrush when I knew I was no longer visible from shore. The thought excited me together with the sensual stimulation of the hot sun, cool water and fresh air on my nearly naked body. (As a cyclist I had strong, nicely proportioned legs and an excellent tight ass, my face is a chiseled, Anglo-type handsome one some compare to Hugh Grant and others to Pierce Brosnan, upper body muscular though not massive and a hairy chest and flat stomach).

I remember thinking, “this feels like masturbationville!” and was overwhelmed with the desire to stroke my cock. (At the time I was still struggling through a loveless marriage, trying to keep it together for the kids…sex, if and when it happened, was nothing to write here about.) I peeled off my shorts to the relief of my swollen cock and carried them in one hand. I began to walk along the path naked with my proud hard-on leading the way. The unaccustomed sensation of the fresh air and warm sun on my naked body together with the idea that I may not be alone there excited me. I had a tiny bottle of sun lotion with me which I liberally bathed my cock with as I walked along exploring, dabbing some on my nipples and rubbing and flicking them for added effect. The sound of my cock squishing and slurping through my well lubricated fingers was delightful, reminding me of juicy vaginal sounds, that I no longer ever heard. I was hoping with all my might to run into a woman on the island who might have been as horny as I was, responding the same way I was to the same sensations and natural setting.

Maybe it was you I’d hoped to find in a little opening in the trees, sitting on a towel in the tall grass, naked, leaning back on your hands with your knees up and comfortably spread to enjoy the unaccustomed sunshine on the exposed skin of your belly, breasts and inner thighs.

Maybe our eyes would meet and we’d eye up one another’s bodies taking in the state of lust each was in. It would have been fun. I’d have stood there a few yards from you, looking into your eyes, and stroking my cock as provocatively as I could, making the loudest squelching, fucking sounds and turning my hips a little sideways to show off my body as best I could so you could see my ass a little and rocking my hips a little as I pumped my thick cock into my slippery hand as if I were giving it to you doggie style.

You might have smiled back at me for the sight of my little show. With nipples hard you’d sit up, cupping your breasts with your hands, showing me how much you enjoyed the way they felt and rotating the nipples between your thumbs and forefingers. Then reaching beside you and picking up a large bottle of mineral oil, nailing me with your eyes and biting your lip a little, Escort kolej you flipped up the cap and held out your palm. Then with a mischievous grin, you snapped it back shut and unscrewed the whole top and began to pour it in thick glistening streams all over your breasts, your belly and your thighs and pussy. You like it so far? It’s partly true and part fantasy. Hope this is fun for you to read and that it gets you masturbating.


Anyhow, back to the fantasy section of my tale…You had just finished half emptying this large bottle of oil all over your body. The little rivulets of oil were running everywhere sparkling in the sun and magnifying the beauty of your skin, intensifying the color of it and enhancing every curve and texture of your body as the light danced on your glistening skin. Your eyes sort of glaze over and half close as you obviously enjoy the lustful sensations you’re feeling in your body as you slide your hands all over yourself, spreading the oil everywhere. You keep adding another large splash of oil to every spot not totally drenched in oil. Your hands run all over your belly and up to your breasts. Enjoying them for a while, you cup them with your hands, spreading your fingers and running them over your nipples so each finger flips each hard nipple separately.

By now my cock has begun jerking spasmodically in my hand. Viscous, clear juice drips from the slit hole in the head. I let go of my cock to prevent myself from spewing my load of come prematurely. You sit up on your knees now, resting your ass on your heels. Your thighs look so spectacular in this position, knees spread apart. My mouth has gotten dry watching you. You resume spreading a thick and glistening coat of oil all over your body. Leaving your breasts, your hands slide down your belly and back up your sides. Lifting one arm above your head and pouring oil down it from the elbow, it runs to your armpit as you slather it around and back down to your breasts. You’re driving yourself wild with the sensations of your hands sliding so deliciously all over your oil drenched skin. Sliding them down your belly and over your hips you run them all over your thighs and ass, slowly bringing them from the knees up the insides of your thighs all the way up to your crotch. Teasing us both, you avoid your pussy and only touch the the junction of your pelvic area and thighs.

Rising up on your knees and leaning forward on one hand you reach over your shoulder and pour the oil all over your shoulders and back. As it runs down your spine, you pick up on the sensation, pouring an extra shot there. I can tell the feeling drives you wild as the cool oil runs down your spine, down the hot crack of your ass to your pussy and down your thighs. On all fours and looking back at me you nod, meaning “Come.” Kneeling down behind you so my thighs touch yours, my rock hard cock nestled in the crack of your ass, I lean forward on you, relishing the contact of our bodies, pressing my belly and chest onto your beautiful ass and back, wrapping my arms tightly around your soft belly and squirming around to make the most skin contact I can with your ravishingly, deliciously, oil drenched body.

I run my hands up your thighs, up your sides and over your back, gripping the muscles at the base of your neck and rubbing my thumbs up and down your neck briefly. Sliding them out over your shoulders and down your arms, I bring them back up the insides of your arms and slowly through your armpits and down over your breasts. Working your nipples with my thumbs and forefingers for a bit I slide my hands down your incredibly slippery torso to your hips. They rest sihhiye escort at and hang on to your hips, where your thighs and belly meet. Leaning back a bit and sliding my beautiful thick cock down your crack and across your anus, I slide it up the open and drenched slit of your pussy, just at the surface, parting your lips with the thick, round, soft head of my cock, and lightly rubbing it over your swollen clitoris. This being more than either of us can bear, you expertly buck your hips a little to lodge my cock right where it belongs. As soon as the head enters your juicy and delicious slit I’m aware of how thoroughly lubricated you are inside and with a firm thrust I plow my cock home. Pumping it as deep into you as is comfortable, I begin to rhythmically drive in and out of your dripping vagina, following the lead you give me by the rocking of your hips and the thrusting of your ass out to me.

Wow. I think I’m going to go and masturbate now. I’ve been sitting here in my bathrobe with a hard on the whole time finishing this, lubricant pre come drips leaking out the tip of my cock and onto my thigh as I write this.

So… this would be the end of the fantasy part of the tale.


Here’s more of the true part of the tale… So there I was, wandering around on little paths through the underbrush, bare naked and with a hard on all lubed up and pumping it with one hand, the other hand gliding over my skin and flicking my nipples. The feel of the sun on my skin and the breeze and the long grasses tickling the insides of my thighs all made me very horny. Not to mention the excitement of walking around there naked and ‘en flagrante’.

I picked a long stem of grass and peeled off the outer layer, exposing the clean tender inner stem. Putting a drop of spit on the tip of my penis and working it into the slit, I inserted the grass stem carefully, sliding it down the tight little tube my come shoots out of. It was a little painful but I didn’t mind. Once I had it in about 5 or 6 inches it actually felt quite exquisite if I touched or moved the protruding end. The flowered out sort of top of the stem where the seed of the grass forms was sticking out of my cock about 6 inches and caused the most exquisite sensations when it got brushed as I walked through tall grass.

I put some more lubricant on my hard penis and continued stroking it lovingly with the grass sticking out. As I walked around naked in the sunshine through tall grass and underbrush on the wild and natural little island, enjoying the privacy of the spot hidden right within the city but forgotten, ignored or undiscovered by seemingly everyone in the city, I lovingly stroked my hard and well lubed cock. I had to be careful not to get carried away by the exquisite sensations flowing from my penis through my whole body and give in to the need for release and satisfaction…I didn’t want to come too soon, I wanted to extend the euphoria as long as possible. So I would quit stroking myself periodically as I walked along, my cock swollen tight and hard before me, glistening with lotion, somewhat red from the careful attention of my right hand and swaying from side to side with each step I took.

I came to a small pond tucked almost under a thicket of overhanging trees and thick underbrush. At the end of it that I approached from was an open and sunny patch of thick, tall marshy type grasses which virtually hid the pond from view. Especially, I thought, if one was to get in the pond and below the line of sight should some other explorer happen by. (I didn’t want to be seen masturbating by a man or any kids, though a woman finding me that way was sincan escort bayan a welcome thought… I entertained the idea of a woman seeing me and spying on me getting all aroused and wet from watching then starting to touch herself and finally to strip naked and approach me.) I waded into the little pool, at one end quite shallow, the whole thing only as big as a city bus.

The cool water felt good on my hot skin as it made a ring of heightened sensation around each leg as I waded in. Especially as it got up to my thighs and began to lap at my balls. To accomplish this though, I had to kneel down as the water wasn’t very deep. As I crawled to a deeper part of the pond to immerse my whole body in the cool refreshing water, I could feel the soft mud at the bottom. It was several inches deep and covered by some kind of mossy water grass which was very soft and slippery. The bottom rose close to the surface before dropping away again to the deeper part of the pond. To keep in the water as I crawled over this shallow area, I had to lay down on my belly. The soft bottom was covered in this very soft, thick, slippery vegetation and felt cock stiffeningly delicious as I slid over it on my chest, belly and thighs, my excited penis pressed against my belly and making a little furrow through the soft stuff. (I had removed the grass stem by this point.)

After swimming around a bit in the deeper part which was only waist or chest deep, I crawled out on the bank facing the sunlight. Once again feeling the soft stuff, I lay down and dragged my body forward over it delighting in the exquisite feel of it. Rolling over on my back and leaning on my elbows, it felt so good on my lean firm ass and thighs. The bank sloped so shallowly that I could lay there like that in the sun with my feet in the water and the water’s surface coming all the way up my legs and lapping at my balls. Rolling over on my belly, on the soft smooth deep mud under me, I could almost push my cock into it. I poked a hole in it with my fingers and it felt exquisite to pump my cock into the hole in the mud, like fucking the earth! Ha ha!

Soon I discovered a little sort of trough about ten feet away which was full of wet silty mud and about the size of a large bathtub. I went to it still naked and with a hard on of excitement at the prospect of the feel of getting into it and I began picking out sticks and leaves and to mix the mud and water there on all fours, kneading it with my hands and knees. I mixed it ’till the whole thing was smoothly and evenly mixed, and the consistency of what, say, bread dough, or peanut butter. It was very thick and heavy and wet and slippery too – ( a baseball or cricket bat would have stood up in it) So I lowered my whole body down into it face down, my hot stiff cock totally aroused at the feel of the incredibly soft ,smooth, slippery mud. As it was heavier than me, it was hard to get right under the surface, but rolling over, I covered myself in it from the neck down. MMMM it felt so exquisite. My stiff cock pushing into the mud felt almost the same sort of delicious resistance that it would sliding between the walls of a woman’s vagina, only cool.

As I lay there face down in this soft mud wallow, I could pump with my hips as if fucking a woman from behind. The whole mud hole would move up and down with the movement of my body as I fucked the delicious mud with my whole body just the way a woman’s belly might do. Soon my cock exploded a load of come into the mud as my body stiffened and I pumped my cock deep into the mud in a last stretching thrust!

Mmmm… this was a scene on this little island here in the city that with variations I repeated maybe 20 times over about three summers.

If you are a woman who has had or currently enjoys repeated outdoors-in-nature masturbation experiences I’d love to hear about it. So far as my casual enquiries have revealed, this kind of sex play does not seem to be common among women at all.

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