Ellen’s Sex Shop 6: Ellen’s New Hire


Ellen looked her potential new hire over. The nineteen-year-old was certainly on par with the rest of the shop’s girls in looks, for what little that mattered. She was roughly 5’8”, with a trim build that left her perky breasts, natural and roughly a 34C to Ellen’s trained eye, as more than ample for her frame. Blond, though a rich honey to Alice’s platinum. Deeply tanned skin, which couldn’t be natural on station, and enchantingly rich blue eyes, so vivid they were almost purple, finished off the delightful package. As Ellen deliberately drew out her examination, letting the girl get a bit fidgety, she internally noted those eyes as being the most devastating feature the girl possessed. Anyone could get themselves augmented these days, with enough resources, but the sparkling, mischievous life radiating from those bright eyes was something no augmentation could duplicate. It was also something that made Ellen really want the girl for her store, both as another magnetic presence and to protect that inner spark from being snuffed by a more mundane existence. Of course, she couldn’t hire her purely based on that instinct. If she didn’t have exactly the right flavor of moxie, rather than just moxie in general, working at Ellen’s Delights would kill that spark even faster than the boring, mundane options for employment. Maintaining the playful, healthy sexuality of the store, the atmosphere that made it so well regarded, required girls with some hard-to-quantify personality traits. Which, of course, made her constant efforts to enlarge the staff a complete nightmare. Lisa, the new girl, had passed every required medical, every carefully concealed psych profile. She had the looks, she had the willingness, she even had the unquantifiable spark…but only a practical test would settle if it all added up to the person Ellen needed. She hoped it did, with Tink becoming far busier with their newly expanded catalog of workshops, the other girls were beginning to feel stretched a bit thin. A new hire would really help, even if it took her a month or two to settle in. Ellen was trying to keep that fact from her mind, not wanting it to color her thoughts. She never wanted to hire a girl on grounds of need, rather than quality of fit, and it was even more important this time than usual. Primarily, because she was worried about the girl’s age. Amber was their youngest, and she’d been twenty-one when she was hired. While age was mostly just a number, life experience counted for a lot when it came to handling the sorts of extremes that were a daily affair in the store. The girl looked about ready to burst. Ellen took pity on her, at least pity of a sort. This would begin her final test, after all. “Alright, girlie. You’ve passed the medicals with flying colors. You’ve shown that you’re comfortable with what goes on here, at least in theory, and I genuinely like you.” She let the girl relax for a moment before continuing, “However, there are two things left.” She paused, then went ahead and admitted it. “One of them isn’t a usual concern, and you technically aren’t obligated to answer. If you don’t, I’ll do my best not to let it matter, but answering honestly may set one of my primary concerns to rest. I do need you to fully understand that you are not legally required to answer. Is that clear?” The girl nodded, looking nervous. Ellen leaned back in her chair, frowning. Letting the girl get fidgety had probably been a bad idea. It was part of her carefully perfected interview, but she normally went straight into the practical test, for which the nerves were useful. She sighed, resigned herself to winging it, and stood. She waved the girl to stay seated, and went to the small cooler on one wall of her office. She took out a pair of her favorite high-priced fizzy drinks. She’d yet to find a girl, old or young, who didn’t love the brand and she seriously doubted Lisa had ever had the chance to try it. Returning to her desk, she popped their glass-bottled tops and slid one over to her guest. “Drink. They’re a rare treat I import from Raga IX, and I’d wager quite a credit that you’ll like it.” Lisa looked a little less nervous with the offer. She reached forward and snagged the chilled bottle, taking a tentative sip. Ellen smiled at the immediate surprise on the girl’s face. A longer, more deliberate taste followed, Lisa’s eyes half closed in pleasure. “Wonderful, isn’t it?” Eyes popping back open, and blush spreading over her face, Lisa nodded. “What is it? It tastes like…. Actually, I’m not sure what it tastes like. It’s delicious, whatever it is!” Ellen laughed. “That’s just about the same reaction as every woman I’ve ever given it to. At least human women. It apparently tastes pretty bitter to the natives of Raga. It’s something like their version of coffee, or so I’ve been told. A mild stimulant derived from a native plant that’s never been successfully transplanted.” The girl looked sadly at the bottle. “I guess I’ll never Escort Çukurambar be able to afford it then.” Ellen shrugged. “Actually, I have a supplier that gets it for me at reasonable prices in exchange for a discount. She brings me however much I want, so I let any of the shop girls buy it from me at the same price. Just another tiny advantage you’ll get if you make the cut here.” Lisa’s eyes shined at the reminder. “So, what’s the question that you’re not supposed to ask?” Ellen settled back in her chair again, took a sip of her own bottle, and admitted, “It’s about your age and background.” Lisa, surprisingly, didn’t react defensively. She just nodded, even seemed to relax a little. “Oh. I suppose I hadn’t considered that. I imagine you’re concerned I might not know what I’m getting into or something.” Ellen frowned. “More the ‘or something,’ to be honest. Your initial interviews with Mara and Alice were timed for days we had events ongoing on purpose. You’ve seen what will be expected of you. No, it’s a bit harder to define than that. More about whether you have the life experience necessary to handle the long term effects. The job is hell on any sort of stable relationship, just as one example.” Lisa frowned, then grinned. “I actually hadn’t considered that, the relationship thing, but I think you’ll find my background helps your concerns.” Ellen’s eyebrows rose and she glanced down at Lisa’s resume. It was eclectic, that was for certain, but what did she— Oh. Hmmm, how had she not noticed that before? “This resume goes back to age fourteen. How is that possible?” Lisa’s smile grew a bit sad. “My parents were traders, but there was an accident and their ship was lost with all hands. I didn’t have anywhere to go, no other family, and didn’t want to end up a number lost in the system. So, I stowed away aboard the freighter of a captain I knew was a good man. He didn’t find me until we were already outside the Alliance, which was the whole point, obviously. Anyway, I wheedled and cajoled until he let me try to earn my keep. I did, and he spoke up for me when we got back to the Alliance six months later. I’ve been bouncing around, crew-to-crew, ever since.” Ellen looked down at the resume again in surprise. Okay, yeah, that could totally explain the eclectic skill set and job titles. Everything from cooking to plasma engine repair. Though, that left another burning question. “Okkkkaaaayyy. That actually does reassure me quite a bit. But why are you applying with me? Instead of looking for another ship?” Lisa shifted, suddenly looking a lot less comfortable. She was silent a few moments before she sighed and spoke, much more slowly this time. “It’s because I grew up. Physically, I mean.” She shook her head, seeming to struggle with how to make the problem understood. “I was a fairly late bloomer. Pretty, but not really someone to lust after. The last half dozen trips though, well, it started getting to be a problem. I’m not professionally certified you understand, I just do odd-jobs and such. On these last trips a lot of the crews, even ones I’ve known for years, were beginning to think that meant a bit more than I’m willing for it to mean. It’s not that I’m inexperienced or anything, I just…” She trailed off but Ellen shrewdly finished the thought. “But you just didn’t want to spread your legs for everyone who thought they had the right.” She nodded. “And my store doesn’t come across, to you, in the same way?” Lisa’s reaction was immediate and strong. “Of course not! Ellen’s Delights is legendary for being hard on anything like that.” Ellen let a small, satisfied smile surface at the claim. It was good to know that reputation was still in circulation. She took a final sip of her bottle, by now mostly empty, and addressed her potential employee again. “Alright. You set my mind at ease, for the most part. Now, back to the practical test.” Lisa sat up straight. She’d have an inkling of what that might mean, bits had leaked over the years, but it was never quite the same, and Ellen pulled the reason why from her desk drawer. It was a ridiculously simple little randomizer, like you might find on a children’s toy. Wheel shaped, a red button on one side, and a dozen tiny screens currently showing the names of various sex-related subjects. Things like bondage, public masturbation and remote control, were joined by others like strip show, submission and domination. Ellen plunked the wheel down in front of Lisa, letting her study it. She looked wary, but determined, and after allowing her more than long enough to read every option, Ellen explained what little needed explaining. “Once you press the big red button the randomizer will select the theme for your test. I will personally set you up with whatever is needed to put on a show for the day with that theme. If it selects strip show I’ll get you outfits and a stripper pole, if it selects domination I’ll personally play demetevler escort sub for you to show your stuff to the whole shop. If you don’t know what to do, I or another employee will advise you. The rules of the shop will fully apply, so you will be protected from direct touching by the general populace, but not from the same by the shop girls.” She paused to let that fully sink in. “In fact, given that your new, and hot, they will likely all at least cop a feel at some point. If, at any point during this, you choose to quit, you can walk away freely with a partial day’s pay but no chance at a job. On the other hand, if you make it through the day, and still want to work here, you’ll be immediately hired for a one-month probationary period.” She took another, longer pause and inspected the girl in front of her. She didn’t seem uneasy. In fact, Ellen was pretty sure the blond’s nipples were hard. She looked a bit closer. Yep, definitely hard and getting harder. That could be either good or bad. Good if she enjoyed the work, bad if she enjoyed it so much she couldn’t control herself. “Well? What are you waiting for? Give it a whirl.” Lisa reached forward without hesitation, depressing the button with a solid click. The randomizer whirred to digital life, making a soft whooshing sound as a light ran the rim of the wheel. It slowed, then stopped, and both women leaned in to see what it said. Pet-Play(Sub) glowed in golden colors, and Ellen’s lips curled into a grin. Well, she certainly didn’t do anything by halves, and it would be a very proper test for her concerns. When she glanced up at Lisa, she noticed the girl looking uncertain. It didn’t seem like fear, and with a moment more of study Ellen realized the problem. “I take it you’re unfamiliar with the idea?” Lisa nodded, frowned, then shook her head. “Sort of. I mean, I know the basics of the idea in general. I just never had an interest, so I don’t have much idea what it involves, beyond sticking a collar and leash on someone, or something like that.” Ellen nodded, it wasn’t that hard to believe. “It’s a bit more obscure than something like straight dom/sub or bondage, but still more than common enough that we supply it. I will also tell you, right out the gate, that the shop never goes for the whole humiliation angle, which is sometimes a part of it. If you’re willing to give it a try, I’ll walk you through the basics as I set you up, and more throughout the day.” Lisa looked relieved, mostly after Ellen had mentioned not going for the humiliation. Which probably meant her limited exposure had been skewed. Ellen could and would correct that. Even if Lisa didn’t get the job, she’d at least walk away a bit better informed. She stood and motioned the younger girl to do the same. “Alright, strip. I need to see what I’m working with, before I have Mara bring the appropriate fittings.” To the girl’s credit, there was barely any hesitation at all. A slightly deeper breath to steel herself, nothing more. She efficiently shucked her blouse over her head, released a lacy black bra, then shimmied out of tight slacks and a matching black thong. Ellen didn’t bother disguising her appreciation for the nubile flesh reveled, eyes raking over a delicious ass when the girl bent, and mouth quirking in amused appreciation as she spotted the golden hair over her entrance trimmed to the shape of a power symbol. She had a feeling Tink was going to practically adopt the girl when she noticed that, which could be highly amusing with her status as a pet today. Once Lisa was naked, Ellen motioned her to the center of the room and walked around her, finger playfully scratching her chin. “Hmmm. You’d make a fun pony, but that’s a whole other section of the wheel. So, the question is, dog or cat? What do you think?” “Always been more of a dog person, ma’am.” Ellen chuckled. “Alright, we can go with dog then, leave cat for some other day. That is, if you stick around and enjoy it.” She stepped over to her desk and tapped her com key, Mara would already be waiting. It took only a moment for a quick, “Boss?” to come over the line in Mara’s voice. “She got an interesting one. Pet play, and we’ve settled on dog. You’ve got her sizes, so grab a selection that will work for her and bring it here.” Mara snapped a quick, “Sure thing, boss” and the com went dead from the other end. Ellen turned back to Lisa. “Alright. So, the basics. Pet play is used in several different ways, sometimes to degrade or dehumanize, sometimes as simply a creative form of control. I won’t say anything against anyone’s use of it, so long as all participants are completely willing, but here at Ellen’s Delights the only version you’ll encounter is what I would term as ‘playful’ pet play. This is fairly easy with your choice of animal, but it is important for both your enjoyment, and for selling the idea of it to customers, to remember the mentality involved. You’re not dikmen escort bayan being dehumanized, this isn’t designed to embarrass you. Rather, it is intended for both you and us to enjoy. The grownup, sexy version of childhood playtime. Are you getting the idea?” Lisa nodded, hesitatingly. Ellen frowned. “Let me give you an example. If we weren’t playing, with everyone knowingly in on it and minded to enjoy it, ordering a person to go fetch a stick with their teeth would be pretty rude, wouldn’t it? Insulting, even.” She could see Lisa was beginning to grasp what she was getting at. “Right, but since we are all playing, and you’re playfully acting the part of a dog for both your and our enjoyment?” List responded to her leading tone. “Then it becomes a game, something I’m happy to do.” Ellen nodded. “Exactly. That’s the most important thing for you to remember today. That this it is supposed to be fun. Well, fun and arousing. We’re a sex shop, after all, and want to sell our customers sexy things.” She checked the time, still at least a couple of minutes before Mara would show, good. “Now, for some practical basics. Once we prepare you, you will travel only on all fours. You will not speak, save in barks and yips, unless it’s with your safeword. The safeword in this case in ‘banana.’” She waited for a nod of acknowledgement before continuing. “Given that you are new to this, and may have questions, you can also speak by prefacing a question with my name. I will know you are speaking outside the ‘game’ as it were, and will tolerate it to a point.” “As for interaction, expect myself and the shop girls to pet you, in both a sexual and non-sexual way. Do not allow customers to touch beyond a pat to the head, which is the established limit for this situation in the shop. Expect to be given typical dog commands, such as sit or fetch, and do try to carry them out. If a customer gives one, use your judgement if it’s acceptable or not. Expect to be shown off, and possibly to eat and drink from a bowl. Do not worry about needing to pee, just let us know, we don’t take things to those extremes.” Ellen grinned as Lisa looked grateful at that one. “Lastly, it is alright to mildly misbehave in order to earn punishments. The customers like it, and we won’t do anything worse than a spanking. Just try not to get carried away, and don’t damage either the customers or the shop. Also, DO NOT break the shop rules as a way to misbehave. If you break any shop rules on purpose, you will be immediately ejected from the store and banned from returning.” Once she was certain that last bit had sunk is, she asked, “Any questions?” Lisa stood in thought for a moment before shaking her head. “I don’t think so, not yet at least. I may have some later.” Ellen nodded. She was a complete amateur at this, it was hardly likely she’d have questions before she was equipped for her role. “I’ll ask again after we get you set up.” As if she’d be waiting for that signal, Mara poked her head through the door. Seeing them waiting for her, the rest of her followed, along with a double arm full of items from the shop. It took Ellen and Mara a few minutes to lay everything out on the office’s couch, and a few minutes more to debate over which of the duplicate sets of items would work best on their new pet. Lisa stood looking on in interest, studying the various paraphernalia with naked curiosity. Finally, the two more experienced women settled on a selection, and both picked up a piece of gear, seamlessly moving to start equipping Lisa. Mara captured the girl’s hands, and Ellen brushed her shoulder length hair out of the way to place a brown leather collar around her throat. She spoke to explain Mara’s task to Lisa. “Mara’s putting hi-tech paws on you. They conform via a nanite memory gel to fit seamlessly over your hands. They provide a few benefits, like helping to cushion your hands from the floor, but in this case they are mainly a teaching aid, to remind you that dogs don’t have hands and can’t manipulate things. Ellen kneeled, gaining access to Lisa’s knees as Mara switched hands. She attached a tiny wafer to the front of each knee with a thin strap. “These produce a tiny air cushion, without being very visible. It takes most of the pressure from the shop’s hard floors off your knees. Tinker has them tweaked to perfection, so you shouldn’t have any issues with them unbalancing you.” Mara was finished with the paws. She moved back to the couch and brought over the final item, a case that made Ellen grin. “Okay Lisa, down on all fours.” The girl obeyed without hesitation, though she took a moment to stabilize, getting used to the sensation of the air cushions. By the time she stilled, Mara had the case open and Ellen withdrew a small neural wafer first, sweeping Lisa’s hair aside again to place it at the base of her skull. “Just a neural interface for your tail.” She told the girl. Lisa looked startled. “Wait, the tail makes sense. I know about those. But what’s it need a neural interface for?” Ellen chuckled and Mara grinned. It was Mara that answered. “The shop tends to show off the highest-end toys, and this tail is one of those.” She lifted an anal plug with a slightly extended end from the case, while Ellen grabbed the lube that had been with it.

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