A Day at the Gym Ch. 04


A Day at the Gym Ch. 04
© Ms Linnet 01 June 2005

Usually it takes a few months for me to fall in love but there was something about Kath and the effect she had on me that makes me think I love her. But what has happened to me recently seemed to make me think that it is one sided love and I am no more than a toy to her, one that she will dump once she has had enough of me.

About a week ago during lunch, Kath introduced me to one of her other friends. We shook hands and got to talking it was mostly about ourselves and all the time Kathy didn’t say anything. This girl was pretty, well built, not fat and not skinny, and had a really good personality, but during our conversation I didn’t really think about being attracted to her at all. All I thought about really was not saying something stupid so I wouldn’t offend as she was my lover’s friend.

Further into the conversation we started to discuss relationships. Being the woman that I am, I’m really comfortable talking about my sexuality, even around my friends who do not already know what my sexuality is. Not surprisingly then I told her everything. Well, not everything. I left out the part about me and Kath. All I told her was that right now I don’t like men and I was not looking for another boyfriend. She’d told me that she had a boyfriend before but didn’t like any guys at the moment as they only wanted to get into her knickers.

I was really impressed with her intelligence and how she carried bursa escort on a conversation like that. She never stuttered or paused. She was loaded with questions. That’s when a bell rang in my head I had been set up all I had done during lunch was talk and drink forgetting about ordering a meal, I was pissed. I hadn’t eaten anything because I’d been talking to her all through lunch. My stomach grumbled.

“I have to get back to work.” She said. Getting up from the table I looked around for the sign for the toilets and walked towards them. About halfway down the hall she caught up with me and slid a piece of paper in my hand. I was so desperate to get to the toilet I didn’t pay much attention to it I didn’t realise what it was until later. It was only when we got back to Kathy’s flat I looked at the scrap of paper. It was her number. With a message to call her at the weekend so we could hang out, it was now Thursday, but there was a kind of curiousness that she had aroused in me that I needed to find out where this meeting was going to lead all through our conversation there seemed to be a question she wanted to ask but couldn’t. Or maybe I was imagining it, either way I said nothing to Kath and decided that I’d call her, no doubt.

For the rest of the day I sat and stared off into space thinking about her. Thinking about holding her and making love to her. Kath must have noticed my vagueness and suggested we went for a jog bursa escort bayan to burn off the remainder of the alcohol in my system, I agreed and I went into the bedroom to get changed into my jogging kit.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up a conversation and Kathy would sense something was wrong so the idea of a run was the best solution. When we got back to Kath’s flat I went straight for a shower, imagining her in there with me, I had a dream whilst in the water. I dreamt about us in the water hugging naked and my mind wandered to kissing her. In my mind i was kissing her hard and long and so romantically that when I pulled back she would grab my head and forced her tongue back into my mouth. Then we would slam up against the side of the shower cubical and then make love for hours.

Just then I felt two hands on my shoulders, one on either side of my neck. Then I felt my self being pulled back and a wetness on my cheek, a nice wetness. I turned to see her. But it wasn’t her it was all a dream and Kathy had joined me in the shower and was forcing me to my knees to service her sex.

“Hey! I don’t know where you have been but you are all mine for now” Kath said excitedly as I fell to my knees under the pressure of her hands and lent in to lap at her smooth sex slit.

“I love you,” I thought I heard Kath say but as I began my task of satisfying my strong black lover I didn’t know if bursa sınırsız escort I was still dreaming or had Kath said it. The warm water bubbled up around my shoulders, as Kathy held my face against her pussy I had my eyes closed but my mouth knew each contour of her sex and as I started to suck harder on her rock hard clit I brought my fingers up to gently explore her sexual folds. Kath’s body shook as I masturbated her, expertly inducing shiver after shiver until her cunt wrapped tight onto my fingers and climaxed.

She held me that way for what seemed like forever, she was off in another world and when I ran my teeth down the length of engorged cliterous her hole body exploded as yet another orgasm shook her body. Kath pushed me away I backed away from her as I stood up I was then pinned against the shower wall as Kath started to finger fuck me. First it was gentle teasing my lips apart until she got two fingers into me. Then her pace quickened forcing my legs open as she put another finger into me, soon she had all four fingers in me and was forcing them in to my cunt hard and her thumb was smashing against my pubis crushing my clit each time she punched her fingers up into me.

Her other arm had me pined against the wall of the shower and had worked its way to my neck, I could feel the pressure in her arm against my wind pipe, it was if she was trying to choke me as well as split my cunt in half.

The pressure on my neck was beginning to frighten me but the more she raped my cunt the less I cared, I came with a force that it left me gasping for breath I was on tip toes trying to escape her relentless pounding of my now stretched cunt but as another shock of passion washed through me, I knew I just had to take the beating until she was satisfied and let me go.

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