A Story of Seduction


I’m married to a relatively successful business executive who seems tireless in climbing the corporate ladder. As I approach the edge of my prime at 41, I am no longer the same head-turner as I used to be. One relief, however, is that I am not bad looking either even at this age. There is a 120-pound weight embedded in my 5’7″ frame. My hair is shoulder-length brown and my son’s young buddies call my blue eyes sexy especially, they say, when stealing glances, a gesture that I unwittingly do whenever I talk to men, young or aging. They say it of course when my son or husband are not within hearing distance. On social occasions where my businessman husband brings me I could still notice a few men and women throwing some sort of extra notices at my 36C breasts. As for my sexual orientation, well, I still consider myself straight in spite of a new and unexpected discovery.

I am a straight woman. Or so I thought until one night at a party when another woman made me discover something in me that I never knew existed. On that night that happened to be on a weekend my husband took me with him to a social affair hosted by his boss and and wife at their classy residence somewhere in south San Francisco.

It was an elegant gathering of beautiful people of all ages that composed of socialites, businessmen and their executives, wives and daughters as well as friends and mistresses. My husband introduced me to the host and hostess, he feeling proud of his “trophy wife” or how his boss described me. Of course I considered that as just a flattery. Although I could not consider myself as bad looking, neither could I consider myself attractive as the real trophy wife.

The party was attended by the rich people of the old city where I was born – the city by the bay. That it was a classy gathering was evident from the endless flow of champagne and caviar. There was dancing and laughter, men talking business and women throwing gossips here and there about celebrities, the rich and the famous. The love triangle between Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston was the most popular. Runaway gossips were also there. Prudes couldn’t help raise their eyebrows as they listen to silly talks on Senator Hillary Clinton and Ellen Degeneres, suspecting them of having private moments together when the Senator toured the latter around New York’s Staten Island a year ago.

“We’ll hangout and do some stuff. We’ll go to clubs,” Ellen was quoted as saying.

“You’ll go to clubs.” Hillary was quoted replying.

“So they didn’t go to clubs. They went diving instead,” one attractive female guest joked.

“When we planned to go diving I never thought it would be into water,” Ellen was furher quoted telling Hillary.

I laughed out loud listening to the funny gossips coming from women who were supposedly the cream of the crop of San Francisco’s high society. Amidst the laughter and intriguing gossips a slim-looking blonde came to me as I happened to be alone touring the elegance of the beautiful mansion. She held two glasses of champagne and offered me one. I recognized her as the hostess, the owner of the mansion and wife of my husband’s boss. I was flattered to be singled out and offered a one-on-one toast by no less than the party’s hostess. Her name was Maude. She was an attractive lady, 3 years my junior and an inch taller than me. Her muscular shoulders would not take away the femininity in her frame as a whole. For one, she was dressed in a sexy red calf-long body fit dress that outlined the shape of her model-like frame. For another she swayed her hips seductively as she entertained male and female guests. Maude resembled Rebecca Romijin Stamos when she portrayed a sexy character in the movie, “Femme Fatale.”

Maude took another two glasses of champagne from the tray of a passing handsome young waiter after putting our empty glasses into it. I realized that she was getting tipsy. Where earlier I noticed her flirting with the handsome waiter now she was flirting with me although in a relatively mild way. Of course I dismissed it as just one of those things in my attempt to Anadolu Yakası Escort maintain politeness. However, my always alert mind couldn’t help ring the alarm bells about Maude’s possible lesbian tendency.

The hostess took my hand as she escorted me to our table where my husband was busy talking business with his fellow business executives. I really wondered why the men had to carry such conversation in such affairs where they needed to relax their minds after a full week of business talks.

Dinner was served, wine flowed anew as if everyone was invited to a sleepover. Soon there was more dancing and laughter. The more daring men danced with women of all ages while the shy ones stayed in their seats talking business, sometimes nonsense, as they sipped their drinks. Some women took the dance floor in place of their shy partners and danced with each other. There was fun all around. As polite as I used to be I couldn’t refuse Maude’s request to dance with her. Within seconds the two of us joined the fun as we wiggled our asses in the dance floor to the beat of fast tunes until the music turned slow and lights went down.

Oh Yes! You are guessing it right. Maude didn’t release me and, instead, took me in her arms to slow dance. And we did. Other women too were doing it so our pairing did not turn out to be an unusual sight at the dance floor, at least for the moment. Maude flirted with me but still within the bounds. We slowly swayed around, her belly and thighs occasionally bumping with mine although not in an overt way. At that stage I still did not suspect things to get out of hand. Far from it I tried to reassure myself each time the alarm bells ring while we were dancing.

As me and Maude and the beautiful people laughed and danced the night away, more wine and caviar flowed as if the host and the hostess were quietly telling us to enjoy our last night on earth. No one seemed to be concerned anymore on the presence of police officers in the streets of San Francisco, out to apprehend motorists suspected with high alcohol contents in their veins.

Maude and I were both tipsy when we resumed slow dancing. She became more daring and I in turn just allowed it as my curiosity was increasingly taking over, whether due to the effect of champagne or just plain fun. She was now breathing into my ear when she talked trying to test the waters. Goose bumps were all over me each time her wet mouth touched my ear. I quickly dismissed it. The goose bumps were caused by the touch not by the woman, I assured myself. I further consoled myself by recalling the same chill whenever my pet would play with my toes and sole. However I tried to divert my worry, it couldn’t put away the obvious as this other woman was now flirting with me openly and stepping out of bounds.

“Did you know you are sexy?” She whispered into my ear in a husky voice.

“You are much sexier than I am,” I whispered back.

“Nooohhh… you are…If only you knew…”

“If only I knew what?”

There was no reply. I could only hear her breathing, labored breathing that was.., until I felt something tickly in my earlobe making me gasp aloud. No, she was not nibbling it. She was biting it. I could feel her teeth digging into it. The bite was gentle but long and lasting. She was no longer testing the waters. She was assuming she passed the test.

“Maude…we are… being watched…”

Still no reply from her. She was only breathing. Her gentle bite at my ear lobe remained as if it was her last. I couldn’t say anything more. Neither would she. Our heavy breathings were the only sounds blowing into each other’s ears.

I slowly turned my head to look for any unusual stare. Maude’s head tilted as it followed, refusing to give up the bite. “Jesus Christ this woman is incredible,” I quietly told myself. But she was the hostess of the night. How could I make a scene?

Still, I haven’t lost the will to politely pull away hoping that we had not turned into the focus of attention at the dance floor. Fortunately, no one was seriously looking, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan or at least I thought so. Notwithstanding my curiosity, I felt uncomfortable as any straight woman would. The back patio I toured alone earlier was the place I immediately thought of as an escape route from this woman’s advances. Never had I thought that the uninhabited porch that I hoped was a safe haven would turn out to be my Sapphic Waterloo.

I managed to politely break away from Maude’s sensuous bite. The eroticism of it continued to linger in me even when I was alone in a dimly-lit corner of the wide back porch in my attempt to cool away the thoughts that were about to get out of hand. My lungs were enjoying the cool night air when I realized I was not alone. As I leaned my front into the marbled rail I heard footsteps. Turning my head around it was Maude gracefully walking towards me, her long red dress tightly fitting into her hips as they swayed from side to side.

After returning her hi with a hello, I tried to move back inside the elegant house but she caught me by the hand, gently escorted me into a wall, pinning me into it with my back pressed against it. Her now familiar perfume filled my nostrils. She slowly but deliberately covered my entire 5 foot 7 frame with her own 5 foot 8 from head to knees.

“Ohhh, Christine… you arouse me so much.” She was whispering in a bedroom voice.

“Maude…please…I’m not into women.”

“Just pretend… please?”

“How can I?” my breathing was becoming labored too.

“Pretend that I’m a man…your lover…mmmmm?”

“You’re not a man. I can’t imagine you as one. You’re a woman, a sexy woman…”

“Then think of me as your woman…mmmmm?…” Her bedroom voice was becoming huskier by the minute.

“I can’t…”

“Say you love me…please…oooohhhh…”

“My God!…”

“Say you love me, Christine…please say it…please?…mmmmm?…”

“Maude, I can’t…”

“Just pretend…please?…”

“I… love you…ooohhhh God…” in my attempt to get it over with.

She bit my ear…gently…then hard…then harder…and harder.

“Oh my Godddd…oooooohhhhhh…”

Maude released my ear then kissed me like I’d never been kissed before. She licked virtually every inch of my mouth, both the inside and the outside, grinding her entire frame all over mine, mouth to mouth, chest to chest, belly to belly, thighs against thighs, knees against knees. I could have fought back but I didn’t! I couldn’t. I was getting weak and weaker every moment that I could recall. She kept grinding at me, caressing my ass through my dress, wiping my lips, teeth and gums with her tongue, bathing them with female saliva over and over again until her other hand joined the fray smashing into my tits.

I continued to resist but it was so easy for her to raise the hem of my printed wraparound skirt and slide my panties down to mid thighs. The aggression led to another until her invading fingers conquered my clit making me spin out of orbit. I was no longer myself then. My body had heated up and was steaming with passion and untamed feelings. The aggression caused the straps of my blouse to slide down my shoulders exposing my braless breast. I struggled but only because of the fear that we were being watched. She sucked my hard nipples alternately as her fingers brutally fucked the night lights out of me. The sensation blinded me.

My pussy fought back, fucking her finger to kingdom come, squeezing it tightly as it twitched inside me like it were trying to find an unusual touch. I came and came…then came again.

As I slowly returned to my senses, I realized that my teeth were digging into Maude’s flesh, my saliva dripping down her shoulder and my entire body covered with lust for this woman. She released my nipple, pulled my head through my hair off her shoulder and devoured my mouth licking and sucking every drop of saliva outside and inside of it. My God, can that woman really kiss! Our common fear of the presence of people including our Escort Anadolu Yakası husbands in the same house frustratingly stopped us from ecstatically fucking the night away.

But Maude did not easily give up. After putting our dresses back to shape she took my hand with hers virtually dragging me into another entrance to the big house. Because the party staff was present all around Maude pulled me into a wide and stylish bathroom.

Just as soon as Maude locked the door behind us we started to make out wildly throwing our faces into a heap of hair, mouths and tongues. Female saliva dripped down our chins and necks. Because we were racing against time there was no tenderness in the kissing. It was rough and wild that I failed to realize Maude had already half undressed me. I felt crazy as hell.

“Go ahead,lover…come… and get it…” I said in between breathings as soon as our wet mouths broke apart.

“I’ll sure do, honey,” she smirked pushing me down into the toilet seat. “I’ll make you come like no other lover had.”

She was true to her word as I would find out. One hand cupped a breast while the other one snaked down to my pussy and split the lips as she slumped into her knees infront of me, latching her entire mouth over my steaming womanhood. She went crazy with desire devouring me like some animal. At first she used her nose to stimulate my clit but she could have thought that time was short so she attacked my open pouting hole with two fingers while her mouth sucked down hard right on my clit. I went wild and bucked about forcing her head harder against my womanhood. She reached up with her right hand that got her fingers good and wet and stuck her index finger all the way up my tight asshole in one mighty thrust. At the same time she raked her teeth across my sensitive clit. The fucking was fast and furious but earth-shattering. I squealed and came so hard I felt as if my stomach and intestines where going to pop out of my pussy. There was no way I could stifle my cry of delight let alone control my body that shuddered and swayed. I just didn’t care who heard what. And my juices, oh my God! They flowed out so fast and hard it must have been like a river of cream.

When it was over, my head slumped lamely into Maude’s shoulder, me weeping in ecstasy. I was totally spent. Because it was my first time with another woman I couldn’t return the favor not to mention that time was against us. I felt sorry for Maude but she understood. Pulling my hair and head up from her shoulder, she locked her mouth with mine, raised her dress up her waist and sat on my lap fronting me as she pleasured herself. She came with our mouths still locked together, jerking and bucking on me. I went crazy and pleasured myself just like her, quickly catching up with the residues of the shakes and jerks of her quivering body.

Our mouths broke apart, mixed female saliva dribbling out uncontrollably down to our necks and breasts. Heavy ooooohhhhhssss and aaaahhhhssss reverberated in the four walls of the wide and elegant bathroom while we stared deeply into each other’s souls through our eyes and wide open mouths, watching each other breathe heavily. After enough oxygen was taken to sustain the next violent kiss, our open mouths collided once more, tongues dueling, lips and teeth biting every square inch of the other’s mouth parts.

Our dresses were a total mess but we were able to put them back in shape. We came out of the stylish bathroom both fresh with new lipstick and facial make-up. Back at the party our husbands were busy flirting with the younger socialites that they didn’t even notice we had gone out of their sights to make love. As for our disappearance, knowing smirks from one or two female guests did not escape my notice.

I must confess that the sex I had with Maude tingled my sensuous body hours after the party was over and had called it a day. My husband had a one drink too many so I took the wheels on our way home. I wasn’t bothered by the alcohol in my veins nor by the fear of the Bay Area police officers that could be following us from behind. I was bothered, however, by the tingles of the orgasmic aftershocks caused by another woman.

I still consider myself straight as I thought of the incident as a one time thing. I’d be lying of course if I say I had not been missing the touches of Maude, the woman who helped me discover something in me that I never knew existed.

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