Autumn and The Blonde


It had been a great weekend. My girlfriend/fuck buddy of two weeks, Penny, and I had spent the whole time screwing like rabbits. With the coming of Monday, I thought it would be back to the same old stuff: work, school at the community college, more work, more school. But my class that morning had gone by quickly, and now my last two moving jobs for the day had cancelled. Not only would I get paid for them anyway, but I’d get to spend a rare summer afternoon at home. Too bad Penny was working…

I was driving home, considering my options, when my eyes were pulled off the road to the beautiful sight of two young women jogging down a sidewalk. Though their backs were to me, there was still plenty to look at. The shorter one had long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail that stuck out through the back of her baseball cap. She wore a tight, yellow tracksuit that showed off her athletic figure–especially her sweet, round ass as she jogged. The taller girl had long, flaming red curls of hair that bounced back and forth with her steps. Her shorts hugged her perfect little ass, and even offered a glimpse of the bottom of her butt cheeks as she trotted down the walk.

The sight was enough to make me forget all about traffic, and it took a honked horn warning me that I was drifting into the next lane to bring me back to driving. But as I continued on away from the girls, and they away from me, I stole a few more quick glances, just to be sure. Yep. The redhead was Autumn.

Autumn was the 18-year old angel that had moved in next door at the start of the summer. She was my dream girl; a fantasy brought to life. We were very close, in a way, but had never actually met or talked. Instead, for the moment, our relationship was based solely on watching each other “perform” through our windows. We had a kind of understanding that we weren’t ready to meet yet–we wanted this game we played to last a little longer

I didn’t know the blonde girl with Autumn, and was shocked to see that yet another pretty little vixen apparently lived in my neighborhood. Things were just getting better all the time!

I arrived home to an empty house. Lately my older sister, who I shared the house with, had been spending a lot of time with her friend and business partner, Renee. It seemed odd, since they saw each other all day almost everyday at work. But then again, it’s not like my sister did anything else on her time off. I made a mental note to thank Renee for getting Alana out of the house.

I knew I had it made. Most 18-year old guys are stuck in tiny dorm rooms, surrounded by other guys. I, on the other hand, had the whole main floor of a house to myself, including that outstanding view of a beautiful young exhibitionist’s bedroom window. And now my sister wasn’t around to impede. Yep. I had it made.

I jumped in the shower to wash off the dirt and sweat of a hard day’s work. Even after the marathon Penny and I had had this past weekend, I found that my cock had no problem getting erect as my brain recalled images of Autumn and her sexy friend. No matter how many times I’d seen it, I never got tired of watching Autumn’s nude body as she masturbated herself for–or with–me. And at this moment I desperately wanted to see her again, but I had no idea how long she’d be gone on her workout.

Nonetheless, I held out for hope and refrained from jerking off in the shower, opting instead to rinsing off and taking a peek at her window. Naked and toweling off, I entered my bedroom and saw that, just like always, Autumn’s window shades were open, but they revealed an empty room. I sighed, disappointed, but I hadn’t really been expecting anything. I was home unusually early, and so Autumn had no reason to be in her room ready to show off for me.

I tossed the towel into my hamper and moved to the closet to get something to wear. As soon as I opened the closet door, however, I heard a giggle come from outside my window. It was faint, but it was definitely feminine and youthful. I looked back at her window, but the room was still empty, Kadıköy Escort and I remember that even though her shades were open, her window was still shut. The giggle must have come from somewhere outside. I moved out of my bedroom to the living room, where there was a window that offered a view of Autumn’s front yard. Still nothing. Damn.

On my way back to the bedroom, I tried to calm myself down. But when I finally got back, any trace of calm that was left in me had been struck dead. Autumn was standing there in the window, facing me but not looking my way. Across from her, sitting beside the window, was the blonde. That itself wasn’t really enough to excite me, but the way Autumn was standing there; her hips pushed to the side, her neck drawn back as she gulped from a water bottle–it suggested something very sexual without being explicit at all.

Autumn started nodding, and so I guessed the blonde was talking to her, but I couldn’t tell since I could only see the back of her head. And then Autumn’s lips were moving. Damn, if only she had opened the window so I could hear… She set down her water bottle and crouched down right in front of the blonde. She was still talking, and I thought to myself, I should just move on. This is nothing more than a couple friends hanging out. How pathetic am I to have to spy on them to–

And then it happened. Autumn put her hand on the blonde’s shoulder, then ran it up her neck and through her hair, softly massaging her ear and the back of her head. The blonde tilted into it, then brought up her own hand and placed it on Autumn’s. Autumn then leaned in, and though it was quick, I could have sworn that they kissed.

I couldn’t believe I was seeing this. I asked myself if I should even keep watching. Autumn sometimes didn’t let on that she knew I was spying on her until after she had finished her little show. And I was fairly certain she didn’t know I was here now. I was almost never home at this hour. And my car was hidden on the other side of my house. Maybe her bi-side was still a secret, even from me. But I couldn’t look away, and my dick was instantly hard and throbbing, thankful that I wasn’t giving up.

Through the window, I saw Autumn stand up and back away from the blonde, striking a sexy pose and an even sexier smile. She ran her hands up her thighs, over her hips, and up and over her breasts, then continued on through her red hair. She tilted her head back and her mouth opened. I could tell from her chest that she was breathing hard–so was I. Then Autumn reached down and slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her short shorts and peeled them down her thighs, letting them drop to her ankles. A pair of skimpy violet panties was all that covered her beautiful pussy, and my mouth was watering.

Autumn sauntered back to the blonde, then straddled her lap. She bent over, bringing her breasts–still hidden beneath a tight t-shirt–right into the blonde’s face. The blonde reached up, gently placing her hands on Autumn’s c-cup mounds, then ran down her sides and over her hips. Autumn straightened back up and pushed her hips forward, toward the blonde’s face. Tentatively at first, the blonde leaned forward and–I couldn’t see but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce–began licking at Autumn’s crotch.

Her eyes closed as she took in the pleasure, Autumn placed her hands on the blonde’s shoulders. The blonde’s head moved slightly as she lapped at her friend’s cunt through her panties. Then I saw the blonde grab the panties by the waistband and pull them down. I couldn’t see Autumn’s naked pussy, but her sexy friend had a world class view of it. She dipped back and forth, her head moving with more vigor this time, eating away at Autumn’s hot flesh.

I don’t know when I started jerking myself off, but I had to make a conscious effort to slow down, or I was going to lose it. My dick was already soaked with pre-cum, and I reached down to fondle my balls, hoping that might stimulate me a little less.

Autumn, meanwhile, Kadıköy Escort Bayan was very much enjoying getting her head, as I could tell by the big smile on her face. She ran her fingers through her friend’s blonde hair, and from time to time would grind her hips against the blonde’s face. A few moments later, Autumn reached down and tugged at the blonde’s yellow top. The blonde responded by unzipping the front, then took the jacket off with Autumn’s help, revealing a naked back and the strap of a sports bra. Her face never moved from Autumn’s crotch. She then reached around and grabbed Autumn’s ass, pulling her closer.

The sports bra came off next; not fully off, but Autumn was able to roll it up to the blonde’s armpits, releasing her breasts. I had no idea how big or small they were–I had never seen the blonde from the front, but I hoped upon hope that I would see them in all their glory very soon. Autumn was already enjoying them, massaging them with her hands as the blonde continued to eat her out.

More than a minute went by before Autumn decided to move on to the next step. She reluctantly pulled away and stepped back, then motioned for her friend to come join her at the bed. The blonde stood and walked to her. They met in front of the bed, embraced and kissed deeply. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies as their tongues danced together with intense urgency. Autumn broke the kiss, pulling away so she could grab the sports bra still wrapped around her friend and pull it off all the way. Taking advantage of the moment, the blonde did likewise to Autumn, grabbing her t-shirt and peeling it off of her, revealing those gorgeous naked breasts I so longed for.

They collapsed against each other again, still standing as they continued their passionate kiss. Then they turned in place, and I was treated with my first glimpse of the blonde’s chest. Her breasts were firm and large–probably d-cups–and the nipples were fully erect.

Seeing those glorious tits mash up against Autumn’s own spectacular breasts was almost too much to handle. I felt myself reaching orgasm: the cum was bubbling inside me, racing through my testicles, determined for release. But I managed the willpower to stop myself, taking my hand off my cock, looking to the floor, and concentrating with every once of energy I could find into holding myself back.

It worked. I had stopped my orgasm, to a point. There was still enough power to propel a few drops of cum out the tip of my dick, and it left a thick, hot trail as it ran down my shaft to my balls. My whole cock was absolutely throbbing, and I knew if I so much as grazed it with my hand I would be cumming immediately. Hell, even looking back to the window was all but certain to push me over the edge, but I risked it anyway.

I was happy to see that the girls had switched positions. The blonde had removed her track pants and panties, and was now on top of the bed with Autumn above her in the most coveted of all foreplay positions: the sixty-nine. Both of them were naked except for their socks and tennis shoes, which somehow made it all the more erotic as I watched, licking my lips. Their faces were busy in each other’s pussies, and their hands rubbed across each other’s asses.

After a few minutes of this, I felt ready to grab and pump my dick again, and I was just in time. Autumn reached to the blonde’s pussy and fingered it. Her friend’s reaction was priceless: she bucked her hips and lifted her head, probing even deeper into Autumn’s cunt. Then she took her own fingers and began sliding them, one by one, into Autumn.

But even this wasn’t enough. Autumn stopped nibbling at the blonde’s clit and began to climb off of her. I was disappointed, and so, it seemed, was the blonde. She grabbed at Autumn’s waist, trying to pull her back while keeping her lips pressed firmly against Autumn’s cunt. But Autumn wasn’t going far. She just leaned down and reached under the bed, pulled out a small, wooden box, and opened it.

When I saw her pull Escort Kadıköy the pink vibrator out, I had to let my cock go again in fear of losing my load right then. With all of our adventures together through the window, I had never seen Autumn using a vibrator, a dildo, or any toy for that matter. But her she was, and–

Oh my God. She pulled out a second one. A purple one.

Autumn climbed back onto the bed and into her previous position, laying the toys beside her. She took the pink dildo and rubbed it along the blonde’s pussy as she licked her clit again. The blonde apparently wasn’t expecting this, and she jumped in place, but did not do anything to stop herself or Autumn from going further. In seconds, I could clearly see Autumn pumping the toy in and out of her friend’s pussy. When she pushed it in, it was going so deep that I couldn’t even see it due to my profile view of the action. The whole six-inches simply disappeared between the blonde’s legs.

The blonde was lapping at Autumn furiously now, and her body was shaking, quivering like mad. She grabbed Autumn’s ass tightly, her knuckles going white as she pressed into the soft flesh. She was close, and all three of us knew it. The blonde grabbed for the purple vibrator and quickly slipped it into Autumn’s sopping, wanting cunt. Autumn arched her back and lifted her head. She opened her mouth to scream, but the sound was contained in the room. I wanted so desperately to hear her–to hear these beauties scream in orgasm, to hear if the vibrators were even on or not.

But I was regulated to the sight, and what a sight it was. Autumn and the blonde were licking and fucking each other to shattering climaxes. The blonde was closest. She began bucking against the vibrator and Autumn’s face. Her chest was moving deep and rapidly with her breaths. Her orgasm was building….building…and then it hit. She threw her legs up in the air and curled her toes. She moved her hand off of Autumn’s ass and instead wrapped an arm around Autumn there, bringing their bodies even closer. Her face never left Autumn’s crotch, and she never stopped fucking her pussy with the purple vibrator.

All this excitement was too much for Autumn. And myself. Just after the blonde’s orgasm had begun to wind down, Autumn was speeding towards her own. I grabbed my cock again, unable and unwilling to hold back any longer. My dick was soaking wet from all the cum that had leaked from me, making everything warm and slippery and completely electrifying.

Autumn, meanwhile, was too wound up to stay in place. As she reached her limit, she sat up, sitting on the blonde’s face with the vibrator pushed deeply inside of her. She bounced against her friend’s mouth and brought the pink vibrator to her lips, kissing it, then sliding it past her lips as far as it would go, sucking off the juices. Autumn then pulled it out, licked it one last time, and dropped it to the floor. She screamed, throwing her head back. This one I could hear, though just barely, and yet it was more than enough to draw a huge dose of sperm from my aching testicles.

Somehow managing the sense to keep myself from spewing all over my window or wall, I used my free hand to catch as much of the cum as I could while I pumped myself rapidly. I grunted and groaned, and my whole body went weak. I actually had a kind of controlled fall as I dropped first to my knees, then rolled over onto my back. My cum dripped from my hand back onto my cock and testicles, and I slowly began rubbing the hot seed further over my dick, letting it soak into my skin.

I eventually got up and grabbed a towel, wiping myself off as I peered back out my window. The girls were gone. Then I noticed that Autumn’s towel–the towel she always had wrapped around herself after taking a shower–was missing from the hook next to the door. Damn, I thought. If only I had a view of the bathroom.

However, seeing the missing towel did help me realize that I should probably step back in the shower myself. I was a sticky mess, and a nice, cool spray should help calm me down, I thought. Not that I wanted to be too calm. I would be seeing Penny later, and she was the kind of girlfriend who would get a real kick out of hearing this story. With a little luck, she’d let me give her a little bit of a demonstration on some of the acts. Thank you once again, Autumn.

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