Dirty Sarah And Randy Married Man


My wife and I had very busy work schedules and had thrown everything into the bedroom when we first moved into our new flat. The room was full of furniture and cardboard boxes. We had a simple pull-out mattress that sat about an inch off the floor in the tiny front room and a two-seater sofa. The front room also housed our wardrobe that kept most of our work clothes and a few other bits. We had a TV on a cabinet and a radio alarm clock. My wife worked in a retail store, and I was a bus driver, so it was obvious I would come across the wife’s work colleagues taking them to and from work, and of course, I sometimes met them at the wife’s work when I popped in for a cuppa. Sarah, then nineteen, was a gorgeous looking girl. She was always well presented clean and tidy. I liked her a lot and we got on well. I had told her she looked sexy and horny in her work uniform and she had questioned me several times with the result that I told her she gave me thoughts. She guessed dirty ones and seemed pleased with my genuine response and she appeared flirtier after that. I had a two-hour break and dashed home to make some sort of effort on sorting out the boxes in the bedroom. Sometime later, two people came through the door. One was my wife and the other was Sarah. I’d forgotten that my wife was working early next morning at another store and apparently Sarah was staying with us, as it was easier and they were being picked up. I didn’t mind but where the girl was going to sleep was something that hadn’t been considered but I thought it would have to be in the front room with us somewhere. Sarah smiled and we said our hellos. My wife nipped out to obtain a fish and chip meal and Sarah made Ankara bayan escort herself busy getting the kettle employed while I finished emptying a box of kitchen equipment. We bantered as usual and I complimented her on her hairstyle that was in plaits. She made no comment, but it was obvious my words excited her, I grabbed a few disposable plates and plastic knives and forks that had seen us through so far. The box of plates and cutlery was buried somewhere in the bedroom. With coffees made and armed with eating equipment, we retreated to the front room. I placed plates on an upturned empty box where Sarah also placed the mugs. I recovered the TV controller and passed it to her and folded up the bed and sat down for a moment. Sarah sat on the two-seater opposite me switching on the TV. I got my mug and relaxed a little feeling a little more than worn out. Sarah was innocently watching the TV or so I thought. I glanced at her and noted she is sitting with her legs open; it was more than a natural position. She shuffled forwards and picked up her own coffee and sat back, her legs going wider and she’d pulled her skirt up a little more and I could see her knickers. Her legs widened even more when she shifted her position on the sofa again. I could see her pussy lips pressed against the gusset of her knickers and the dark v-shape of her hairs. My cock began to twitch. I made no attempt to hide my obvious erection as it formed a tent in my trousers, Sarah glanced across and looked at it for a moment then looked away with a smirk on her face. With my cock and temperature rising, I was getting thoughts that I should perhaps go over and try Escort bayan Ankara and fuck her. Any thoughts were quickly squashed when the front door opened, and wife and food had arrived. Sarah immediately flicked her skirt down and was sitting cross-legged by the time Ellen entered the room. Sarah quickly excused herself and went to the loo and returned a few minutes later changed into jeans and tee-shirt. I finished my shift and got home just before midnight, I crept around the flat and when I was ready, opened the front room door. My wife was nearest me on the fold-down bed and by the looks of it, Sarah was on the floor over on the right using cushions off the two-seater. I slipped into bed and drifted off to sleep. I was aware of movement next to me. I stirred and heard Sarah whispering, she was asking if I was awake. I turned over towards here and we whispered to each other in the darkness, She wanted to play with my cock. I was soon hard at the very thought, and if she wanted too, why should I deny her the pleasure. She knelt beside me and her hand slipped under the duvet her tiny hand felt my semi-erect cock in the darkness. She had a feel of my balls before her fingers slipped around the bulk and she began to jerk slowly, and her other hand lifted the duvet. A moment later I felt her mouth around my cock, and she started to suck. I put a hand across and attempted to get at her pussy. She was having none of it and told me I could finger her when she was ready. It felt like only a few minutes but she sucked and jerked like an expert and got me to the point. I warned her of the explosion she was about to get, and she stopped immediately. She Bayan escort Ankara thanked me and slipped back into her makeshift bed. I moved across slightly and felt for her. She whispered her instructions and raised her knees parting them slightly pushing her knickers just clear of her pussy. Her pussy hair was soft and thrilled me as I worked fingers through them. Fingertips felt her lips and a slight dampness. I eased slowly between them with one finger working in a circular movement and pushing in slightly. I teased her clit with my thumb while fingering her inners. I found one of her breasts that was reasonably big with my other hand and had a good feel, squeeze and tease the nipple while still thrilling her pussy. I eased a second finger into her tight pussy and pumped in with steady rhythm, Sarah started shaking and she wrapped a pillow over her mouth to dim her moans. Her legs shook violently, and I felt her straining to keep them open, her pussy flooded, and she quickly pulled my hand away. I started again the moment she relaxed and brought her on a second time, this time she recovered her knickers turned and pulled her blanket up under her chin. My cock was rock hard, I moved over to her and whispered in her ear I wanted to fuck her brains out. Sarah turned towards me and leaned up on her elbows. She expressed that she would love me to fuck her, and she would let me but not here, not with my wife around. I recommended we go into the bathroom or kitchen, but she was insistent that it wasn’t going to happen and would have to be another time. I accepted the situation and went back to my pit. With daylight starting to break and creep in through the gap in the curtains, the alarms sounded and both girls stirred. I did too and turned over facing Sarah, she sat up and pulled the blanket off herself. She stood up and I heard the girls whispering. Sarah was to get a shower first. She spent a moment grabbing her uniform out of a carrier bag and vanished into the bathroom.

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