Bailey’s Beginning Ch. 01


She stared down at the ancient iPhone before her. A screen riddled with scratches and one single long crack told a small part of the story of her struggle. A struggle against the man she believed had loved her, a man who was never really a man at all but a vicious animalistic beast. She brushed her blonde hair away from her face as she looked up, towards the door of the hospital. Would they find him or would he find her first?

“Bailey?” a woman approached her, extending a hand. A hand of trust, protection, and freedom from hurt…

“That’s me,” Bailey shook her hand. The woman was a doctor. Strong, independent, and important.

“Let’s get you checked out, okay?” she said leading her through a wide hallway into a small room. “Take a seat, get into your hospital gown, and I’ll be right back.” She left with a smile. Bailey took off her torn clothes… each article removed revealed more scratches, more signs of her struggle. She finally mustered the courage to wiggle out of her dark blue jeans that had the crotch slashed out with a knife. She gasped as she stepped out of them. A shooting pain from the very center of her being erupted through. Bailey collapsed on the cold floor, beside the hospital bed. Her phone buzzed, she picked it up with trembling hands.

“They found him, B. I love you,” was all it said with the text signature XOXO Chloe. She cried there on the floor, the utter relief that she wouldn’t be hurt again washed over her like a cool Spring rain and washed away all the pain…

“Bailey, are you okay?!” the door was flung open and the very same kind and gentle doctor entered. “Judy!” she called out to an intern, “bring a kit in here now. I’ll get her cleaned up.”

“Yes, Dr. Clark,” the intern scurried off just as the door closed on itself.

She picked up Bailey from the floor and rested her on the hospital bed. She was like a limp doll, so small and innocent with mascara running down her cheeks. Bailey didn’t say Bostancı Escort anything or even wince as her cuts and scrapes were cleaned up with antiseptic and bandaged carefully. The painful part came when she had to spread her legs.

“That fucking bastard,” Dr. Clark muttered. “Judy!” she called. The skittish intern entered with a small pre-packaged bag in her hands, and quickly handed it off to her. She turned to leave. “No, you’re staying. Grab a chair.”

“Okay,” Judy said with her eyes wide. She pulled up a chair next to the bed. Bailey cried quietly as the doctor began her exam. Judy mustered up the bravest face she could, and said, “You will never be a victim again.” She wrapped her hands around one of Bailey’s and stayed for what seemed like years until the exam was over.

“You will need to take this pill tomorrow, and you take this one now,” Dr. Clark handed her the two pills. “They have proven to be extremely effective and if not you will be given other options.” Bailey sat up and swallowed the pill. “Here is my number, and you call me if you need any help or advice with changing your bandages, specially the ones on your back.” She nodded. “Judy, go get Bailey a pair of small scrubs,” she paused, “the pretty pink ones,” she smiled. Judy left. “That bastard will never hurt you again, do you understand?” she said sternly. Bailey nodded as she dropped her gaze to the floor. Her shoulders shook but no tears came out.

“Thank you,” she croaked as she was warmly embraced by Dr. Clark. Judy silently entered with a pair of scrubs and a wheelchair. Both Dr. Clark and Judy exited. Bailey put the second pill in her sunglasses case in her purse and began to gather her things. Her bra was salvageable along with her flip flops but nothing else. She folded them as best as she could and rested them on the bed. The scrubs felt strange against her skin, rubbing against her as she situated herself in the wheelchair. The Bostancı Escort Bayan pain between her legs had faded enough for her to sit comfortably. “I’m ready to go!” she called as she wheeled herself to the door with her purse in her lap.

“Excellent,” Judy entered with a clipboard. “Just sign here, Dr. Clark will meet you at the door.” Bailey signed the line that had been circled in blue. “Have a good day, Bailey,” she smiled as she took back the clipboard and held the door open for her.

“Uh, thanks,” Bailey nodded and wheeled herself out. The once wide hallway seemed narrow as the strangers in white and all the colors of the rainbow stared down at her. “Dr. Clark?” she reached the two large doors. “Why are people staring?” The Doctor pulled out a wipe and handed it to her.

“Don’t wear so much makeup, you’re beautiful.” Bailey quickly wiped off her face and shoved the used wipe in her purse. She pulled out her phone as Dr. Clark wheeled her into the pickup zone. “Do you have someone picking you up? Someone to stay with?”

“Yes, my best friend Chloe lives just around the corner from here,” she opened her contact book. There was a name just after Chloe’s number that made her flinch. She deleted it almost instantly, and called Chloe. “Come get me, I’m ready to go. Please hurry.”

“Okay, Damian dropped off your things by the door of my house,” Chloe paused, “that’s how they found him. I’ll be there soon, I love you!” she heard the roar of her best friend’s Mustang before the line went dead.

“You call me, okay?” Dr. Clark said as the revving of the silver Mustang could be heard at the nearest light. She placed a hand on Bailey’s shoulder, nodded and went back into the hospital. The black convertible top was down, and the cute redhead sitting in the driver’s seat smiled at Bailey as she pulled around the corner.

“Let’s get home,” she said pulling down her sunglasses, revealing her half-assed Escort Bostancı makeup. She opened her door and came around to the passenger side. She helped Bailey in and folded up the wheelchair, putting it in the back seat. “Top up or down?”

“Down’s fine,” Bailey put on her sunglasses and sunk into the leather seat as they sped off.

“Wanna watch Ellen when we get home?” Chloe asked at the stop light.

“You’re such a lesbian… but sure. Let’s,” she managed a weak smile. Chloe pulled into her assigned parking space of the gated townhouse community minutes later and got the wheel chair out. “No,” Bailey protested. “No need, I have functioning legs.”

“O-okay, we’ll bring it in just in case,” she carried it to the door and opened it. Greeted by three absolutely charming Chihuahuas she beckoned for Chloe to hurry inside. She slowly walked to the door and entered the house she had been sharing with her best friend off and on for the past year. The living room was small yet charming and had a flat screen tv mounted onto the wall. Chloe was already lounging with a Chihuahua in her lap. The wheelchair was under the stairs. Ellen DeGeneres began her dancing intro. Bailey sat down next to Chloe and let her storm of thoughts take over her.

“Hey,” she said as she grabbed the remote and muted it. She sat up more, ignoring the pain. “I just want to say it means a lot that you’re letting me stay here. You didn’t have to and it just means a lot to me. I love it here, I feel so safe and…” her voice trailed off as Chloe sat up and looked into her eyes.

“I love you, Bailey. I only DJ on the weekends and I get lonely with just the dogs here and my cable tv. I’ve felt this way for a long time and was always afraid of what he’d try to do if you completely moved in with me. I’m so happy you’re finally here for good…” the room fell silent as the dogs went to play outside.

“I think I love you too,” Bailey bit her lip as they stared into each other’s eyes. Their faces got closer and closer together until finally Bailey’s trembling lips were met by her best friend’s. Chloe wrapped her arms gently around her battered and scarred friend as she kissed her, gently running her hands down her back. Bailey pulled away for a second “I love you so much.”

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