Beautiful Married Teacher


It was Andrea’s week on night duty, she was a teacher at an all girls boarding school and she was one of five who rotated weeks about.

She put up with it because it enhanced her salary greatly, and really it as boring, there were few problems that occurred that could not be left until the next day.

Her husband wasn’t too enamoured by her absences, but his salary wasn’t much, so he liked the money, but not having his sexy wife in bed next him on a clod night.

And Andrea was sexy, and very good looking, her husband didn’t mind her at the boarding school because there were few male admirers for her attention. But there were plenty of females who admired her, especially some of the senior pupils, the eldest at the boarding school were 21 year olds, and down to 18.

The girls were from all over the world, and daughters of some very high up, and very very rich people. At 28 Andrea was at the pinnacle of her sexual powers, alluring to look at and naturally graceful. She was also the school netball coach as well as geography, and history. Her life was full, her sex life was good.

She had married Bill 4 years ago, and together they had taught each other. She loved her sex, and lots of it, sometimes she couldn’t get enough, which kept her husband on his toes, as well as perpetually exhausted when she was at home.

Her natural auburn hair was curly wavy, and down to her slim shoulders, her breasts were high, a slim waist and at 5ft 8″ her legs seemed to go on for ever. Her face was a nature given gift, supremely lovely; she had little need for cosmetics.

She had fended off several of the male school governors and a few of the girls mothers too, even though monetary and holiday gifts, were offered, even offers of private teaching posts. She was a natural target for any red blooded male, and hot blooded females too.

She had dallied with other females as she grew up, especially whilst at college, and she did love to love a woman, but primarily she was a man woman.

She didn’t regard herself as promiscuous, but she had put it about in her formative years, and once in a real moment of weakness 5 months after she had married, but she put it all behind her and moved on.

Her husband wasn’t silly, he knew his wife now, and guessed that her growing up had been ‘busy’ she was just too sexually attractive not to attract others. But she assured him a lot that he was now the only one.

That was about to change, and in a way she would never have guessed.

It was Tuesday night, lights out had been rung, it was 10pm, Andrea readied herself for bed, a short but comfy nightdress, her book was at her bedside table and she got in to read a few pages before turning her own light out.

There was a knock at her door. ‘Who could that be?’ she wondered, ‘this is most unusual,’ she got out of bed and walked to the door. Looking through peephole, she saw Conchita, the school netball captain.

Conchita was from South America, 20 years old, 6ft 1″ tall, weighed in at around 160lb, long silky black hair and she was a real sensual coffee coloured beauty. She was also one of the brightest students in school.

She opened the door and asked quietly what she wanted at this time of night. Conchita looked slightly down at Andrea, smiled and walked into her room. Andrea closed the door; she didn’t want to disturb other pupils.

Following her to the centre of the room, Andrea again asked her, ‘what was wrong, is there a problem, what can I do for you Conchita?’

The girl too had on a short nightdress, a see through one. Andrea could see her body in all its gorgeous nudity through it.

‘Its you Andrea, that is the problem,’ she said.

‘Mrs Wilson Conchita, if you don’t mind.’

The girl beauty stepped forward and gave Andrea a heavy push in her chest; it sent her reeling back to her bed. She hit it so hard she fell backwards, and her feet rolled over her head. She ended up with her toes touching the bed behind her.

Then Conchita jumped on behind Andrea, her legs went first and they landed over Andrea’s arms, and locked over them, she got forward, her arms went around her waist. Andrea found herself completely trapped in a wrestler’s type of hold, and upside down, she knew immediately she would not be able to escape.

She could only flap her lower arms, and waggle her feet in the air. Conchita had planned all this in her head, but she had expected to do ‘battle’ she hadn’t really expected that this would go the way it had.

Adjusting her hold, with her legs fastening more securely over Andrea’s arms, her left arm gripped her waist tightly, Andrea was a prisoner in moments, That’s when Conchita fastened her mouth to Andrea’s very exposed and upturned pussy, she let a out an astonished surprised squeal.

Her legs straightened out momentarily, then flopped over the girls back. Conchita felt for and connected with her gorgeous teacher’s clit. Andrea let out a low howl, a muffled grunt, and a severe tremble.

She found herself now looking up at her pupil, all she could see Ataşehir Escort of her was the top of her head, her beautiful dark limpid eyes, and some of her nose, the rest of her face was obscured. But she could feel her, her tongue was roaming inside her pussy, her teeth were grazing her lips, and her mouth was sucking her in.

Another moan rumbled from Andrea, her position was impossible, she truly was trapped and had been taken by the girl, who was setting about seducing her in an unstoppably.

Conchita was rubbing a finger softly over her clit, while keeping up her murderous attack on her pussy with her mouth. It was impossible to ignore, she knew she was sinking and sinking fast, her body was reacting to the girls forced seduction.

She had always liked other women, and knew what an experienced one could achieve; therefore her body was going with it. Her preferences had always been about 60 to 40 in favour of men. But this girl was in total control over her teacher, and she wasn’t going to give it up any time soon.

Her hand around her waist drifted down, and moved sideways, this was so she could get a hold of one of Andrea’s nipples. Andrea groaned in arousal she just could not, nor was there a way to fight her off. Conchita was leading and Andrea was being forced to follow.

Then the first indication of an orgasm was on her, that unmistakable rumble in the pit of her stomach, quickly flowed by her pussy twitching uncontrollably, her breathing became very ragged, she was shuddering, she was going, and nothing could save her now. From trying to resist, she was accepting her demise, indeed she began to welcome it, then she had her very first upside down orgasm.

It hit her so hard she thought she would faint, it banged through her like a train rushing through a tunnel and heading for disaster. It claimed her, and as she looked up at the girl, her eyes intent on Andrea, she blew, and she watched a her pussy squirted her cum right out of her, it looked like a man pissing. This was the first time she had orgasmed as hard as this.

Conchita pulled away to watch also, as it subsided and dripped down onto her own face Andrea was stunned, never ever had she had an orgasm this hard, hard enough to make her squirt, and delight took over, her delight that she had been made to achieve such an event, albeit unwanted at first.

Conchita then completed her submission, she poked her tongue into her teachers little bum hole and rimmed her, Andrea knew she had been got, taken, conquered and beaten easily, and very easily.

The girl moved away from her submissive captive, Conchita was a Dom, she had 2 girls in school whose lives she ruled, but having Mrs Wilson, Andrea too, this would be the ultimate.

She let her legs down and while Andrea was recovering she stripped her, also throwing off her own garment, now they were both naked in her teacher’s bed.

As Andrea lay breathing deeply Conchita moved into her, soon Andrea was wrapped up in her, like a spider with a fly. She tucked Andrea’s right arm under her, placed her left around her shoulders, and gripped her left wrist. Her very shapely leg rested over Andrea’s.

Andrea knew what she had done, but didn’t protest, how could she after what the girl had made her do. She looked up into her beautiful face, her shiny silky jet black hair carelessly tossed to one side. ‘God she is just so beautiful,’ she said to her self as she appraised her. Conchita was looking down at her lovely captive, Andrea realised that her face was getting closer and closer to hers.

‘Is she going to kiss me?’ she wondered, ‘I had better not let her,’ she told herself, as Conchita’s soft lips made contact with hers, she melted completely, ‘no one could kiss like this,’ were her thoughts. As her will was bent right out of kilter, ‘this was trouble,’ she knew her submission was done, there was no way she would say no to her now, her body yielded totally.

Conchita’s hand went to her teacher’s still hot and wet pussy, found her ever protruding clit, and went to work on it, bending her head and sucking in a nipple was all it took for Andrea to give it all up immediately, she orgasmed again. Conchita still held her lips with her own and Andrea was transported back to heaven.

Then as she wriggled in the girls arms her orgasm(s) repeated themselves. As she subsided the girl decided it was her turn, she quickly climbed over Andrea and dropped her thoughorly wet pussy onto her face, her vagina lips and bikini area was fleeced with fine black downy hair. Andrea could taste her through it, she licked and sucked at the girl, pushed her tongue in as far as she could reach, her captor wanted to cum, and Andrea now saw it her her duty to get her there, she did.

Her fingers went into Andrea’s hair and pulled her up tight into her pussy, she came right in her mouth. Andrea pulled it all down and drank from Conchita’s furry cup. Her knees crushed around Andrea’s head a she squeezed the last drops into her willing mouth. Conchita moaned aloud, and held Ataşehir Escort Bayan herself to her teachers face for a long time while she came down.

After she did, she slid down and held her new lover, she whispered to her that, ‘I have wanted this for 6 months Andrea, and finally, I got you, I have you.’

‘Have me?’ Andrea queried, ‘my husband has me Conchita, not you, I’m sorry.’

Conchita just smiled, ‘You enjoyed me taking you Andrea, Mmmm?’

‘I have to be honest and say yes I did, but I am married.’ Thinking that would be the end of that.

‘Okay,’ the girl said, and followed that with, ‘but I will change your mind tomorrow night,’ and without another word she redressed and left.

‘Tomorrow night?’ Andrea was nonplussed at that, ‘tomorrow night my door will be closed and securely locked!’

But her seducer had a cast iron way of repeating tonight’s session.

In lessons the following day, neither one gave any indication of any wrong doing. Andrea knew for certain she would be out of the school in hours, if it came to light, even though it would be word against word, she wouldn’t be able to take the pressure and she would have to leave.

As lessons drew to a close, Conchita whispered, ‘see you at 11:00, be ready Andrea.’

Andrea took no notice of the comment, last night was a one off, an aberration, it wouldn’t happen again!

But all evening, she checked and rechecked the door, it was locked and the bolt across. But inexplicably, she made herself look good, she couldn’t imagine why, but she did. As 11:00 approached she constantly looked at the door from her bed. She was both worried and stupidly girly excited at the same time. It was game, a trial, she wouldn’t lose, she wouldn’t give in.

11:00 and there was a soft tap at her door, she leapt out of bed and went to it, she whispered through it, ‘Go away Conchita, the answer is no!’

Another tap, ‘let me in Andrea,’ she heard.

‘No, I’m sorry, but no.’

Andrea watched note slide under it. She bent and picked it up when she read it, it nearly demolished her.

If you don’t open the door, I will put on the notice boards around the school tomorrow, telling everyone about that beautiful heart shaped strawberry mole right at the top of your left leg, right next to MY pussy!’

Andrea was aghast; she had completely forgotten about it, Conchita had to have seen it. She was done for, what could she do? ‘Think girl think!’ she ordered herself. She came to the conclusion there was nothing to think about.

But she wasn’t going to give in, Andrea could handle herself, if the girl wanted a confrontation, then she could have one! She would tell her headmistress that she had come to her room and tried to attack her, she would get away with it.

She opened the door slowly and admitted her. She smiled so brightly it dazzled Andrea.

She had a bag on her shoulder with a long strap, she threw it onto her teachers bed.

Then she approached her, putting her fingers to her beautiful lips, she indicated to Andrea to ‘shush’ don’t be noisy?

She held out her hands, Andrea raised hers in a sort of defensive motion, fingers locked, and they were doing battle!

Suddenly they were silently fighting, they pulled and pushed trying to gain the upper hand. Conchita continued to smile her smile. What Andrea hadn’t known or realised was, that being the sports mad girl that she was, Conchita was far fitter, and far stronger than her teacher would ever be.

Gradually Andrea was slowly giving way, she kept her self from being backed to her bed, but that was the only success she was having. Soon Conchita’s superior power was winning the unequal fight.

Andrea found herself being forced down, her knees kept buckling, then she was down, her knees holding her up.

Conchita forced her arms around and up her back. Then she was forced face down.

Conchita got hold of her bag, took out some soft rope, and her wrists were tied. It was over, gasping for breath Andrea rolled over. ‘Let me go Conchita, and. let me go right now,’ she quietly demanded.

Climbing on her, she took her tits into her knowing hands, squeezed both nipples, and said, ‘I don’t think you’ll want me to in a few minutes teach?’ she told her brazenly.

‘Conchita!’ Andrea moaned, she knew she had lost again. ‘Please let me go, this can’t be honey?’ she tried being nice.

‘Can’t be Andrea, it already is isn’t it?’ as she kept up her wonderful nipple application.

‘Oh my god Conchita no, oh, oh, oh, oh please no?’

‘Oh yes Andrea, oh yes,’ she leaned forward sucked a nipple into her fabulous mouth, and slid her hand down to stroke Andrea’s clit; it was over as quick as that!

She brought Andrea to an orgasm slowly; she wanted to savour looking at her face as she was forced to cum again.

‘Argggh, oh Argggh, oh Conchita, oh yes yes yes, right there, oh please yes, there, right there.’

She had the pad of her middle finger right where it mattered; Escort Ataşehir Andrea couldn’t even hope to think to resist it. It was carnage, her fortress had been flattened, the walls were down.

The orgasm rolled though her in the way that Conchita wanted it to, she wanted it to hurt her, break her, make her want more and more, it did and it worked.

Getting off her Conchita helped her up, untied her wrists, and said in a knowing tone. ‘Are you going to fight me anymore Andrea, or do I have to tie you up again?’ The answer would decide the next love making between them.

‘No Conchita, I know when I’m beaten, do what you want with me, make me do what you want, I won’t fight you ay more, unless it’s for fun?’ and she managed a giggle.

Conchita smiled very happily, leading Andrea to bed, she took her clothes off and her own too.

Andrea got on and lay down in the middle on it. Conchita reached for her bag again. From it she pulled out a large strap on dildo. She held it out n front of her captive to look at, and said, ‘you know what I’m going to do with this don’t you my baby?’

Andrea couldn’t speak, but she did know what she was going to do with it, her!

‘Conchita,’ she began, but she was already fitting it to her.

Raising herself over her teacher, she got between her legs. ‘Any last words before I take you Andrea?’

Looking up at the girl Andrea knew no matter what she said now, it wouldn’t change things one jot!

She shook her lovely head, lifted her knees and spread her feet far and wide, and readied herself to be fucked by her mistress.

‘Put me in you Andrea, put me where you need me the most, yes?’

She reached for the bulbous head of the dildo and pushed it at her, ‘In there Conchita, right there,’ she told her.

She pushed her hips forward and it all slid right in. Conchita mimicked Andrea, her mouth opened and ‘Ooooh’d’ as it did. ‘Mmmmph!’

Conchita knew just how much pressure to apply to attain the greatest results, soon Andrea was moaning under her, an orgasm was building, but at the rate that her lover was deciding.

‘My god,’ Andrea said to herself, ‘this girl is phenomenal, how can se control me like this?’ She was deliberately bringing her to the boil.

Andrea wanted her to hurry now, but the speed was at the girl’s behest. Trying to get her to begin doing her harder she attempted to thrust her hips to her, Conchita just rode it. Nothing would happen until she decided.

‘Please, please?’ Andrea moaned, ‘now honey, do me now, please?’ she whispered, her voice coming out in breathless snatches.

‘I will baby, you are going where I send you okay?’

‘Yes yes Conchita, but please, I’m getting desperate here?’

‘Do you love me Andrea?’ she asked, and stopped her slow moving in and out.

‘Please we can talk later, oh Conchita please?’ she was in the throes of her orgasm, but the girl had raised a dam to stop the flow!

‘Do you love me Andrea?’ she repeated.

‘I have a husband, I am married.’ She groaned out, her body moving under her.

‘Yes, but do you love me Andrea?’

‘YES YES YES YES Conchita, I love you, oh I love you.’ Andrea burst into tears, tears of love and utter frustration to be where she was, how she was, and how she was being completely controlled in such a helpless way.

‘Good, I’m happy to hear it, because I love you too darling.’

Then she took Andrea to the very peak of her arousal, she was on a cliff edge, the girl stopped momentarily, Andrea moaned, ‘please Conchita, please?’ Conchita pushed her right over the edge to her orgasmic doom. She crashed onto the rocks of it, it almost killed her, her body was shattered on the boulders of the girls love.

Hooking her legs through Andrea’s as she came down, she rolled them onto their sides. Now facing each other in the after glow of love, the dildo still buried deep within her. Conchita caressed her nipples, Andrea held on, her own hips moving involuntarily.

A kiss was made, met and deepened as it went, tongues were joined, hearts touched. For a girl of only 20 Conchita was a fantastic lover, the best Andrea had ever had, and by a long long way. It was the way she had over come her, seduced her and taken her so easily that fudged Andrea’s mind. Technically, Andrea had been raped, 2 nights running, and that included her blackmail submission. But what she done to her, with her and for her would never stand up in a court of law!

She made Andrea kneel between her legs and give her a much needed cum, and she revelled in her teacher’s wonderful effort, she came as hard as she ever had. They kissed goodnight, with the promise of tomorrow. Andrea knew it was a waste of time even thinking of refusing, let alone doing it. Conchita slipped out with Andrea’s eyes on her luscious frame as she did.

The following night she came, they made sweet tender love, Andrea had big Os many times, and Conchita collapsed under her as she allowed Andrea to fuck her with the strap on.

‘Do you still love me Andrea?’ she asked her.

‘Yes Conchita I do.’

‘Good because I have something to discuss with you darling.’ And she kissed her the kiss of kisses, It silenced her vocal chords as if they had been sliced through. She looked up at her when she broke it, and all her mouth would do was open and close like a fish out of water!

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