Bree gets Sauced up!

Big Tits

Pushing you down onto the bed, it was not long before I had you naked in front of me… Sitting astride of you I took hold of your arms, stretching them above your head, our fingers entwined together. My lips greedily kissed your neck, your face and your closed eyes before moving firmly over your mouth, pushing my tongue between your lips, our tongues coming together in a dance of love within your mouth. Lips molded to lips, tongues ran there course around the vermilion before once again melting so deeply that your sweat saliva created a kiss of deep wanton passion. I wanted you; I wanted to take all of you, to control you and to do with you as I wished!

Holding your hands still high with one hand, I reached beneath the pillows to bring out loops of velvet that I had hidden before we came to our bed. Looping first one wrist and then the other, tying each to the head of the bed as you passively submitted to my thoughts. Kissing a trail from your mouth all the way down your body, followed by my finger nails scratching your skin, I could feel Goosebumps on your thighs as I kissed my way down and down over your calves, where I now looped each of your ankles and these I also tied to the bed. I had you now, I had you where I wanted you, I had you at my will… Now, truly, you were mine, spread out before me, all mine!

My breath was heavy with the lust of my moment; I moved to lay at your side. I kissed you again sucking your tongue harshly into my mouth before kissing and biting on each side of your neck as my hand fondled each gorgeous mound of your tits. I squeezed on those loving globes and then your nipples, pulling them up and tenting your tits to higher peaks, as I rolled your nipples to darkened hardness, preparing them for my mouth in company with the rippled surfaces of your areolæ. Damn I love these love pots of flesh. Licking and sucking all over them, biting them, exciting them sufficient to get your attention and letting you know I had you at my will.

My mouth was all over your face, kissing, licking and kissing again as my hands became firmer and firmer in their attentions to your tits; enjoying your reactions as I toyed with each nipple, twisting them between my thumb and index finger again and again and even though you were gasping and breathing deeply you still managed to call me:

“A fucking cunt of a bitch”

Screaming at me as you pushed your head back into the pillow. I laughed as you swore at me, ignoring your protestations I moved to lick your throat, en-route once again to kissing and nibbling on your nibs, a prelude to coarsely licking to your navel, and thence to your Mons, beautifully devoid of hair all the way down to your arse; but wait just a moment; whats this here?

One, two, oh! Three long hairs which my slut had missed whilst shaving her Vulva…

“Oh we have to get rid of them.”

So saying, I took hold of one and slowly eased it from its follicle. Once again you swore at me: I really must find something to gag you with. Looking at you I pondered my own question:

“Argh yes, I have it!”

Reaching to my pile of clothes I picked out my panties, still very wet in the crotch, and carefully molded them into a ball with the gusset right in the front!

“Open wide my foul mouthed little slut, I have some refreshment for you, some nice pussy juice especially marketed by yours truly for foul mouthed bitches!”

Your eyes were wide with trepidation and you Ümraniye Escort clamped your mouth tight thinking this would stop my quest, but darling you forget I know all your ticklish spots, and as your mouth opened to laugh in response to my tickling of your arsehole I pushed my panties into your mouth, just sufficient to get your attention, my pussy juice still obviously copious enough to provide your something to suck on as you seethingly respired through your nose. At this rate you would have them dry in no time.

With the first hair plucked, I now proceeded to retrieve the other two, once again pinching each tightly and slowly drawing it out being lathering my tongue all over the area to kiss it better. Mm, that was a nice find, I do like my edible pussy’s to be totally prepared for my expert attentions!

“Mm, damn am I ever going to fuck you baby, but you’re gonna have to ask lover, you’re going to have to ask me to fuck you!”

With a resounding,’ Phew’ you managed to spit my panties out, just in time for me to thrust two fingers into your cunt, causing you to gasp as I immediately applied my skills to your G-spot. The look on your face was stunning, even more so when I pulled them out and ensuring that you had a good view proceeded to slide them up and down my own slit, getting them nicely wet before I pushed them into your mouth demanding that you suck them:

“Oh yes baby, suck my fingers, make my fingers all nice and wet with your saliva!”

I could see your passion, see your thoughts, I knew you wanted these wet fingers to slide into you and move inside your pussy… As you sucked and licked onto them I again moved to sit across your pelvis:

“Oh yes lover, make them nice and wet.”

Sitting there looking into your eyes, I took my wet fingers from your mouth, lifted myself up into a kneeling position and once again ran those wet fingers up and down the slit of my own pussy. I was astride of you, masturbating my cunt with the wetness from your mouth as you scowled up at me, saying:

“Oh you bitch, I thought those fingers were for me, damn you!”

Smiling down at you I continued to pleasure myself, my pussy getting wetter with every stroke of my fingers. Pushing a finger inside me, I loved the sensations of fingering myself, knowing that you were staring at me wanting the same, but unable to get it!

“Oh fuck this feels so good.”

I bought my fingers to my mouth to taste myself with you watching in frustration, tied beneath me to the bed!

Pushing my fingers back into my cunt I fucked myself for a short moment and then removed my hand again; moving my fingers to run them across your upper lip, allowing you to smell the odour of my juices flowing from within me. Slipping them into your mouth for you to taste once again… I was not disappointed. You sucked and licked on me, looking back into my eyes and as I relaxed in the warm pleasure of your mouth I lowered myself back onto you to relish again the kisses of your mouth, kisses with a faint taste of my own pussy!

“Want some pussy baby, honey want to kiss some pussy?”

You scowled at me as you replied…

“You know damn well I want you!”

My hands again moved to your tits, fingers softly enjoying the feel of your nipples, getting them harder and ready again for my mouth to bite on them, to teasingly punish you for being so rude to your darling Aimie…

“Damn Ümraniye Escort Bayan I love your tits baby”

My mouth fell upon each, sucking, licking, biting, squeezing. Sliding my hands to your sides I teasingly stroked down and down, as I moved my body between your thighs. Looking up, I held your eyes as my mouth slid down your skin, licking a wet line onto you as I kissed a route through your cleavage, over your abdomen and down into the angle of your thighs, slowly licking and kissing the skin in your groins, taking care not to touch the outer lips of your pussy!

“Damn you Aimie, Kiss me, lick me…!”

“Oh, Bree, you are in a hurry. Mm you naughty, darling girl your pussy lips are so wet… Whatever are you thinking?”

Lifting my head away from you, my hands were running up and down the inside of your thighs, soft warm flesh beneath my touch… My face hovered over your pussy, breathing in the odour of your wetness, but I still did not touch! Laying there I blew my hot breath over your increasingly wet pussy…

“Mm, you smell good, I wonder how good you taste?”

I giggled at your moans as I ran my tongue up the outside of your Vulval lips, loving the warmth of you and the way you tried to move to get my mouth to move into your slit…

“Oh lover, tastes good here, but there’s something missing!”

The mysterious look on your face was wonderful as I moved and reached over the side of the bed, your eyes following my every move!

What I had reached for was a light scarf, a scarf which concealed a small bottle of… “Mm, I wonder what this is!?” Before you could see it I draped the scarf over your face, hiding all from your view… Taking the bottle, I squeezed a warm fluid over the lips of your pussy, gently massaging the sticky ooze over you, slipping a finger, just once, quickly in and out of your cunt!

Your response was electric; your pelvis rose and fell to and from the bed, pushing toward my hand. You tried and tried to blow the scarf off your face, but you stopped as I again, oh so slowly, pushed my finger in; but then out of you. Reaching up I slid my hand beneath the scarf and put my fingers in your mouth giving you a taste of your pussy but flavoured with (LMPO.) Caramel Sauce; yes you begrudgingly licked my finger clean, but then ‘WOE’ you called me a teasing bitch!

“Wow, who, me?”

LMFPO As I teased I moved my hand away and in so doing withdrew the scarf as I sensually murmured:

“Mm, well you have had your taste and now I want my mine.”

Finally my tongue slithered its way up and down your lovely labial folds, opening the slit of your pussy wide, licking into your cunt! Licking every crevice of you pussy lips, sliding my tongue up and down; in and out; licking away every morsel of caramel from the hidden folds of your labial lips. I was in heaven and by the way your cunt was grinding back against my mouth I knew you were all mine!

Emotions finally turned to the raw lust of cunnilingus, my mouth devoured your pussy, my fingers slipped into the wetness of you, first one in your pussy, then two, slowly fingering your love. Pure lustful desire to excite you pushed me on as I now, with one finger ran gentle circles around the perimeter of your tightly puckered arsehole!

Your body was lifting up and down from the bed as my mouth licked every part of you, my fingers fucking into your cunt, once Escort Ümraniye again I toyed with your cunt and your G-spot. Your body was alive, the murmurings of your mouth exciting me onward… Massaging you there, my tongue and my lips were all over you until, sensing a change in the glow of your body, I now licked in faster circles around and across your swollen clit, sucking and licking and then, without warning, your orgasm exploded from within you, your mouth screamed out:

“OH Fuck, fuck, Oh, baby.”

Your writhing body tensed and shook beneath my mouth…

“Oh lover Fuck me, fuck me now!”

Releasing the loops from the bed, you grabbed hold of me, arms and legs wrapped around me as you kissed me, firmly sliding your mouth over mine, your tongue dancing with my own in your wonderful kisses… Forcing me back your lips momentarily sucked each of my my breasts, but you did not linger. In an instant you were between my legs, your mouth devouring my pussy, your tongue wasting no time in proceeding to fuck into my cunt.

To my amazement you pulled back from me, turning beneath and scissoring our legs together, thighs to thighs, cunt to cunt as you ground your pussy against my own! The wetness of two pussies flooded over us, excited juices flowing between our thighs as each fucked one against the other until we oh so luckily orgasmed at the same time. Magically spontaneous the mutual feelings of cumming together enveloped our bodies as one!

Mutual orgasm drove us to higher peaks of driving fucking lust to that glorious peak of stimulated sensation, the precursor of descent and the physical collapse of satiated love making! Now side by side, we collapsed into each other’s arms, body to body, tits against tits, crotch against crotch, legs entwined together as we devoured each other’s mouth in the quieting kisses of fulfillment and sensual satisfaction!

“Aimie you are one amazing, teasing slut of a bitch and I need to pee!”

I lay on the bed awaiting her return and when she did she had a strap-on, sporting an 8″ long and broad black cock! Opening my legs wide she pushed my knees high and wide and lathered my pussy lips and cunt with Intense Gel.

It was cold but I knew that from what was coming it was going to get hot pretty quick. Slowly you teased it around my intriotus. I felt the tip of the dildo slip into my cunt, slowly penetrating until I felt it pushing on my cervix, your body weight now resting on me as you began to fuck. I felt my cunt being filled and then emptied, only to be refilled as you drove back and forth. I wrapped my legs around you wanting to hold you close and feel you at full depth in my cunt.

“Turn over, I want to fuck you from behind’

Its a position that I love, so I did as I was bade and as I rested on all fours, you lubed the cock with more gel as I excitedly awaited you to fuck me again but no, in one easing non-stop motion you pushed it into my arse, now it was my turn to curse at you:

“You mischievous fucking bitch, you might have warned me!”

“Shut the fuck up!”

And with that you arse fucked me to an extent I had never experienced from you before… I actually experienced my first anal orgasm because the girth of the cock was rubbing high against the dividing wall of my rectum and my cunt. You were actually fucking against my G-spot and the sensations you were invoking were affecting every corner of my body, prior to seemingly come together, gathering to an apex within my pelvis as I careened into an almighty orgasm!

I was done, I was fucked and I collapsed under your weight, not even having the strength to stop you from biting the side of my neck, marking me as yours

“Bree you fucking cunt slut, just you wait!!”

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