I told you I didn’t want to come out tonight, this isn’t my scene. You should have just come with yourself”, I said protesting before we had even made it into the club.

“Stop your sniveling. We are here, aren’t we? Now let’s go in and meet some new womyn.”

I didn’t say another word, instead followed her into the dimly lit club. It was a little after 11 pm. on Tuesday, Americas Natal Anniversary. We already had been to maybe 5 other clubs when we both were handed a flyer at the one of the clubs, announcing a party for the curious minded BDSM explorers. It wasn’t my scene, but Jac liked to play there, so being I was out with her for the evening, there I was at The Dungeon.

The place was packed. Gyrating bodies in scantily clad leather and chains danced wildly to the hypnotic beat. As we made our way to the bar, I noticed a banner on the back wall that read ‘ Private Party’.

Jac quickly excused herself and made her way towards the party room. I, on the other hand, went and ordered a cognac. There was a little space near where the servers met and I squeezed in snugly. As soon as my eyes had focused clearly in the room, I noticed a few extremely attractive womyn sitting across from me at a low table. One of them, a blonde, caught my eye.

I had to remember where I was, lest I get into more than I bargained for, so I asked the bartender to send a cognac to the womyn in the leather teddy and black strapped heels, throwing caution to the wind.

I watched as a server brought the heady auburn liquor to the leather goddess, and then blushed when the server pointed towards me. I saw her smile and deliciously lick her lips after she took a small sip from the snifter. DANGER DANGER DANGER

I didn’t move. I even wondered what I was thinking with that gesture, but before I could analyze it any more, she was rising up and then whispering something to her cohorts. She grabbed her coat and just when I thought she was leaving, she turned and headed my way.

“Hi there. My name is Candi. I wanted to thank you for the cognac”, she said in the most angelic voice. And Candi…O MY.

“Hi Candi, my name is Cary. It was my pleasure. Would you care to sit down?” “Uhm. I have a better idea. Follow me,” and before I could say uh uh, she was taking hold of my shirt and pulling me towards the Private Party Door. DANGER DANGER DANGER

“Hey Candi. Wait up. There’s something you should know. I’m not into this scene. I…I..uh, just came here with a friend, who is really probably more your type for this….”

And she placed two fingers on my lips and whispered for me to hush. She would take care of me. Not to worry about anything. For some unknown reason, I actually trusted her and so I followed her through the Private door. It was a long hallway with many doors off of it. There was piped in music playing something with a strong bass. She still had a hold of my shirt as she walked on ahead of me.

She was a small framed womyn with an exciting sort of twist when she walked. I could hear the swishing sound of her hosed thighs rubbing against one another. Her legs were long and shapely. For a fleeting second I wondered how they would feel wrapped around my neck, and then took a solid swig of my cognac. Just as I had, she stopped and turned to me and pushed me up against the wall. With one leg thrust between mine, she quickly Anadolu Yakası Escort made me spread in my stance and bit my lower lip. Whew! I felt as her hands came up under my shirt and brusquely grabbed at my left breast catching my piercing. Damn! That hurt. She laughed and pulled away and asked me if I cared for more cognac.

I said, “Sure.”

She kicked open the door near where to we stood. All I could think of was returning the pleasantries to this vixen, when I suddenly realized that I wasn’t in any old bedroom, but in fact some form of dungeon. I noticed a small rack in the middle of the room and several types of floggers hanging from a set of brass rings.

Candi started taking off her gloves and went to a wet bar in the far right hand corner of the room and poured me another snifter.

“Candi. I really want you to hear me. I’m not into this SM scene.”

“That’s OK baby, I don’t want to hurt you, just please you,” and she turned around and came closer to me, bringing the snifter up to my lips and tilting it back some. The wet caught me harshly but still I managed a healthy swallow. She licked the runoff from my mouth and almost tried sucking my face in between her lips. I could feel her tongue moving back and forth just under my upper lip and I almost swooned from the headiness of such comfort.

I found my hands moving around her shoulders, feeling the silken flesh, glowing in the heat of passion. My fingers deftly untied her laces, exposing her luscious breasts. I tried to move my mouth down to them, but she laughed and pulled away abruptly.

“Tease,” I whispered. She moved in a swinging manner away from me and started removing her stockings very slowly. I watched with bated breath as the hose passed over her thighs, then her knees. One leg at a time. She reached her foot out to me and I tugged freeing her foot from the opaque hose. Then the other foot. I watched as she drew a large breath of air into her and then let out a shrill cry as she lunged for me.

I stood my ground, so she wouldn’t knock me off my feet. She was ravenous and I kissed her hard, feeling as her teeth bit through my lower lip.

She tore my shirt from me. I never winced. Instead I slipped from my shorts with the help of one hand pushing. Her mouth was all over me. Every time she kissed me, she also bit me and then followed it with another softer kiss. I was on fire, drunk with desire.

I had no clue what was happening. Just as I tried to bring my arms around her, I felt the tightness of leather restraints on my wrists. In all that heated passion, I didn’t know how she had done that. I didn’t protest, but now my anticipation was mixed with just a small smattering of fear.

“Now Cary baby, don’t fear honey,” she said picking up on my fright, no doubt from the surprised look on my face, “Candi is just going to give you what you need baby. I promise not to hurt you at all…just want to play with you darling.’ I hope you don’t mind, but I have invited my friend Alice to help me.”

“Alice? Who’s Alice?” And that would explain me not seeing Candi’s hands tie me down. There had been another person in the room the whole time. But now, the stakes were getting bigger and there might be more to lose for a dyke like me, and where the hell was Jac?

From out of the rooms darkness came a tall Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan brunette, maybe 6 ft tall. She was dressed in a silver lame cape and silver heels. Her pelvic area was covered with chains, sometimes allowing a view of tangled curls when she walked. Her breasts were high up on her chest, and I could make out the tautness of her nipples through the sheer cape.

In a husky voice that made me wonder if in fact, this Alice was a man or a womyn, she said, “Hello Cary. Why don’t you tell Alice what your pleasure is?”

“I sort of am just an old fashioned lesbian..uhm..I don’t think I know much about this stuff, and I,” and she cut me off guard when she pushed me back against the rack. Very quickly Candi and Alice bound me to the rack. I know I was telling them to stop, but it just made them move more quickly.

Soon, I was trussed up just fine. No clothes on and tied up like a stuffed chicken. But not to make light of this little scenario. Part of me was thoroughly excited and yet another part of me shrieked inside at the unknown. I wondered next what they had planned, though I didn’t have to wait long. I watched as Candi brought a lit candle near to me and in a sugary sweet angelic (yeah right)! voice said, “OK Cary Baby, this is just what the doctor ordered.”

What doctor? What was she talking about? I watched her, never removing my eyes from her long slender fingers, but where was this Alice. Once before she was stealth in this room where I was and I never saw her, now what was she up to?

All of a sudden I was brought up to reality when I felt drops of hot liquid wax hit my nipples. I cried out but as soon as I did, I realized that I enjoyed that maybe a little too much. Seeing my enjoyment, Candi let a few more drops drip onto me. First my other nipple and then into my navel. The closer she got to my mons, the more it began to sting and burn.

Then there was Alice and she too had a candle in her hand, though it wasn’t lit and I was trying to think…but my thoughts weren’t registering. Instead I felt as Candis’ fingers toyed with my tangled mass of curls, sometimes dipping into my wet. Closing my eyes for a second, just enjoying the intensity and then I was brought up short when Alice tried to push the unlit wax phallus into my pussy. I tried bringing my legs together, having forgotten that I was strapped to this rack.

Alice was strong, but she needed Candis help to enter me. I cried out to them that I was really small inside and wouldn’t be able to accommodate them. They both laughed and in that instance, I was frightened. This seemed to fuel them. Candis mouth quickly went to mine and she started fucking my mouth with her tongue. Her hands cradled my face, holding me tightly. I could feel her breasts pushed up against mine. I could smell her perfume, like some sort of trancing drug, and then I felt it smooth and full, filling me up. Still her tongue forged in my mouth and then I heard Alice say, “She is all yours Candi.”

Then I heard the rooms door open and close and Candi pulled away from me. I started to protest, when she turned the rack and locked it in place. I was laying horizontal, but when I lifted my head, I noticed that the candle was in fact a black two headed dildo that was jutting out of me. It didn’t appear to be too tight, but fit rather Escort Anadolu Yakası snugly. I watched as Candi climbed up a small foot stool and then lowered herself onto the other head of the dildo. Rushes that raced through me. My mouth salivated and then becomes parched in one breath. She ripped the teddy away from her body, exposing herself beautifully, She leaned down and kissed my mouth, biting again into my lower lip. She must have had a thing for blood, because I could feel it running from my lips and she just getting more and more excited.

“O. Baby, you taste so good. Now Candi is gonna show you how its done,” and she grabbed that toy with her cunt and pushed it into me further and then pulled up just slightly and drove it back into me. I raised my hips up to meet her thrusting pelvis and every time she slammed back into me, she let out a shrill cry. She fucked me like that for about a half hour and then with no control left in me, I started cumming. I begged for her to set me free and when she was tired from the hump and bump she acquiesced. She slowly got off the table and turned the rack erect. Slowly she unbound my wrists and then my feet. It felt good to bring my hands down to my sides and I decided to show her my gratitude.

Immediately my hands went around her waist and I brought her to me. Tenderly I kissed her. I heard her moan a soft low sound and I continued kissing her, sometimes running my tongue just up under her upper lip and then raking it across her teeth. I felt her hands running through my hair, but there was no more of that harshness that was so visible before.

I kissed her neck, leaving a small bite mark and then returned my lips to her shoulders and then down to her cleavage. Her breasts swelled with each breath. I heard her tell me, “Take me Cary baby, take me”

I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the massage table across the room.

Her mons was neatly shaven revealing small labia that seemed to glisten in the dimly lit room. I pushed her legs back up and knelt down between her legs. Quickly she wrapped her legs around my neck and held me there as my tongue made its way around her clit, bringing it up fully. She tasted so sweet and I even chuckled to myself about her name. I flicked wide across her clit till she started moving up and down on my face. Her moans were becoming louder with each thrust of her hips. Soon I couldn’t hold back anymore, and found myself diving into her cunt. My tongue reaching for her core as I plunged over and over into her puddle. Then I felt her hands tugging on my ears and hair. Wincing I didn’t let up, but still managed to fuck her pussy wildly with my tongue and 2 fingers that slipped inside so wonderfully.

She let out one of those shrill cries again and announced that she was coming. It was a powerful rush for me to feel her as she erupted all over my face, showering me with her wet beauty.

She pulled me to her and held me, laying atop her heaving breasts. I smiled in the knowledge that I had brought her to this place.

I slid off of her and slowly put my jeans on. My shirt had been ripped from me, so there wasn’t much left to put on. I looked around for my vest and put that on. She just lay there watching me with a contented smile on her face.

“Cary, do you think we might see each other sometime?”

“Uh, yea…but maybe you could come down to my place instead of here, maybe?”

“I would love that!”, and she got up from the massage table and came and put her arms around me. She kissed me very softly upon my bruised lips and told me she had a great time and there would be no charge.

I just sort of looked at her and then it dawned on me…

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