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Subject: Further Education – Part 1 Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. All names, places and descriptions are purely fictional, and are not based on any real person, living or dead. Please leave now if you are underage, or dislike vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and boys. Please send any comments to ook. And please consider donating to Nifty at fty/donate.html Gay – Adult-Youth: M+/b+ oral anal – – – – – Further Education – Part 1 It was just beginning to rain when I entered my favourite haunt. I was thirteen years old and ultra horny. I made my way up to the urinals, unzipped my fly and took out my four-inch cock. I didn’t have to wait long before another boy came in, on his way home from school. He was a skinny first year, with blond hair and blue eyes. He stood on my left and unzipped his shorts. His uncut cock was smaller than mine and ultra stiff. My cock twitched as I looked sideways at the boy’s stem, which was poking out of his grey shorts. Grey and blue were the colours of his school uniform, so he was from St. John’s School. I began stroking my cock as he looked sideways at my growing length. We both stood there, fondling our cocks. I so wanted to touch his cock, and I knew he wanted to touch mine. However, the rule was clear: ‘keep your hands to yourself’. The toilet block was approximately halfway between St. John’s School and Heaton Cross, which was my school. It also stood opposite the railway station, so it was the perfect place to visit before going home. Lots of boys came and went, but the golden rule was clear: ‘you can look, but you don’t touch’. Luckily, Martin came in and stood beside me, on my right. His cock was quickly out and rock-hard within seconds. Wide-eyed, the boy watched as Martin and I stroked away in unison. We were an established double act, and the regulars just loved to watch our after school performances. Unfortunately for the boy, we had other plans for that afternoon, so we eased up and kept our powder dry. Martin and I zipped up and stepped away from the urinals, leaving the boy to his own devices. Outside the toilet block, Frazer’s four-door Sunbeam-Talbot was waiting for us. Martin, dressed in his grey and blue uniform, got in beside Frazer; while I, dressed in my claret and gold uniform, got in the back, beside Graeme. The two men, who were in their late fifties, helped us settle into our seats by squeezing and rubbing our crotches. “Ready, boys,” said Frazer, as he handed Martin’s satchel over to Graeme. The two satchels ended up on the car floor, like they always did when Frazer and Graeme decided to unbutton their flies. I began stroking Graeme’s cock the minute we were out of town. And Frazer decided to take the scenic route to his cottage when Martin reached across and took charge of his cock. Driving along narrow country lanes was ideal: it allowed the men to be wanked off by their two thirteen-year-old companions with little chance of being seen. It was only when we reached a remote level izmit escort bayan crossing, where Frazer had to give way to a tractor, that things became dicey. Did the tractor driver see me in the back, with my head in Graeme’s lap? And did he see Martin holding Frazer’s cock? The driver did look back, according to Frazer, but the moment to take a second look had passed: the Sunbeam-Talbot had sped away at an over-the-limit speed. “That was bloody close,” said Graeme. “Two schoolboys and two retired teachers! That would make for a dreadful headline in tomorrow’s newspapers.” “Calm down, Graeme,” said Frazer. “That farmer probably fucks sheep. So, if push comes to shove, we can ask the boys to bend over for him, wearing only woolly jumpers.” Martin and I laughed as we eagerly went back to doing our homework. * * * The Sunbeam-Talbot pulled up outside Frazer’s cottage some ten minutes later. “Here we are, boys,” said Frazer. “So who wants to walk through the front door bare-arsed? It’s only a few yards; so c’mon, who wants to show off their pretty bum-cheeks?” I tried to imagine myself walking up the path, wearing no shorts or Y-fronts, and showing off my “pretty bum-cheeks”. Old Frazer was definitely putting some lewd ideas in my head. “Take no notice of him, boys,” said Graeme. “He’ll get us all locked up. He’s bonkers!” “Nonsense!” snapped Frazer. “Now let’s get these two dunces inside and naked.” Once inside the cottage, Martin and I were told to strip naked and stand in the centre of the living-room. The two men then went to work on our cocks. They knelt down and gently sucked in our hard-standing stems. I felt my knees buckle, and really thought I was going to climax right there and then. I then heard an eerie creaking noise, coming from the staircase behind me. I turned my head and saw three naked men on the stairs. I already knew Eddie and John, and the third man I had seen standing outside the railway station several times. Howard, the third man, was our official photographer for the day. He held a very expensive camera, which had an ugly looking flashgun attached. “They’re good-looking boys,” said Howard. “I must get some pix of their bums for the album.” There was a click and a bright flash of light. The camera continued to click away as Graeme pulled me down, onto the floor. Martin was also pulled down by Frazer, as Eddie and John came over to join in. Eddie and John prised Frazer off Martin, which took some doing, and told him to come back when he was naked. Martin was then stretched out on the floor and expertly examined, inch by inch, by the two men. “That’s a great shot,” said Howard. “Now let’s get the other boy involved, while Graeme gets naked.” In seconds, Eddie and John had me just where they wanted me, and were extremely keen to take full advantage of my naked body. John kissed me full on the lips as his friend squeezed my nipples, caressed my ball-sac and licked the tip of my cock. After several minutes of this sexual ecstasy, I decided to izmit eve gelen escort do the same to Martin. * * * Some fifteen minutes later, I was hauled to my feet and led out to the garage by Frazer and Graeme. Luckily, there was access to the two-car garage via the rear garden. Also, there were no other properties in the area, so we could not be seen by any nosy neighbours. A sturdy wooden butcher’s block stood in the centre of the near-empty garage – it was some two-foot square and topped by a black leather cushion. “Spread your legs and bend over the block, Alan,” said Frazer. “Your arse is about to be tenderized by your elders and betters.” I did as I was told, believing that my arse was about to be caned by the two retired teachers. Little did I know that I was about to be gang-banged by several hard-standing cocks. Using short lengths of rope, Graeme tied my ankles to the legs of the block; and as he did so, Frazer positioned my body on the leather cushion, so that my head hung over the tabletop edge. I only put two and two together when something was pushed into my arsehole. “We’re going to finger-fuck your hole, Alan,” said Frazer. “And if you’re really good,” put in Graeme, “we’re going to swap fingers for cocks. But that’s only if you’re really good.” The two men laughed as I tried to make myself comfortable on the cushion. “Stop wriggling about, boy,” said Frazer. “It’ll hurt if you keep moving around like that. Just relax and let your elders and betters take care of your bum-hole.” I knew Frazer was right, so I stopped wriggling, which allowed Graeme to push an oily finger into my arsehole. It hurt a bit, and I moaned when it went in deeper. “He’s real tight down here,” said Graeme. “Get the amyl nitrite, Clive.” Clive opened a small bottle of amyl nitrite and waved it under my nose. My head began to swim the instant the vapour hit my sinuses. “Who the fuck is Clive?” I thought, as the bottle was waved under my nose again. These extra lessons were getting out of hand. My parents had paid for additional English and Maths lessons, but now I was getting additional cocks as well. “That’s it, boy,” said Eric. “You just relax and let us do all the work. Think of your bum-hole as another mouth that needs feeding.” “So open wide and get ready to pleasure your new friends,” added Jack. I felt warm and relaxed, and quite out of it. The vapour coming from the small bottle smelt peculiar, but I didn’t care. I thought I was floating in mid-air, and could see, in my mind’s eye, my anus opening up to accommodate a variety of man-size cocks. * * * Jack’s cock was buried deep inside me when Graeme slapped my face and brought me round. I truly thought the man was ripping me in two. “Hold him down, boys,” barked Jack. “And give him some more whiff; before he breaks the bloody block.” I was sweating like a pig, and the pain was getting worse, so I called out for a respite. “That sounded so polite,” said Eric. “I love it when they talk izmit otele gelen escort like that.” “Yes,” said Clive. “Posh boys are so-o-o well mannered.” “Well mannered, yes,” said Eric. “But is he gonna be tight when I mount him? Sloppy seconds isn’t all that great at the best of times.” “True, true,” said Jack. “But this boy is real tight, so you’ll be well satisfied… Ah, fuck! I can’t hold on any longer.” I could hear Jack grunting and groaning with pleasure, but I was too focused on my own problems to care – my main concern was the changeover, and how painful it would be. “Oil him up some more, Graeme,” said Frazer. “We don’t want him going rusty on us.” “If he goes rusty,” put in Eric, “he’ll be shitting bricks for a week. And when out walking, he’ll squeak.” The men laughed as I was made ready to receive another hard-standing cock. “Hold him steady,” said Eric, as he eased his cock-head into my arsehole. I was completely wiped out by the man’s frantic fucking motion. He shunted me, the block and Graeme toward the main garage doors by almost a foot; as did Clive, when he stepped in to take over from his exhausted friend. “Fuckin’ hell!” shouted Clive. “That was awesome. Fuckin’ awesome.” I just grunted, having no more puff in me to do anything else. The men had broken me. I was now their bum-boy; their sex pet; their obedient creature. The warm oil was used again when Frazer stepped into the fray, slipping his finger into my well used hole. “Sloppy seconds,” he mused. “I always get sloppy seconds.” He withdrew his finger and rammed his cock into my inner sanctum. I let out an exhausted gasp as he grabbed hold of my hips and thrust forward. “Tighten up, boy,” he growled. “Make me work for it!” He increased his stroke-rate as the block continued to edge forward, toward the main garage doors. He also managed to get me to grunt again, by raising himself up on tiptoe and plunging down with an almighty thrust. “He clearly loves being gang-banged by men with vigorous cocks,” he said. “And his hole is so-o-o accommodating.” “Yes,” said Graeme. “And with a dozen cocks to service, he’ll be bending over for us morning, noon and night. Isn’t that so, Alan?” I let out an affirmative grunt as Graeme ruffled my hair with his oily fingers. I was so knackered, but Frazer was right. I truly loved being “gang-banged by men with vigorous cocks”, and my hole was “so-o-o accommodating”. Frazer was getting close to shedding his load; he was swearing like a trooper and squeezing my hips real hard. I hung onto the block for dear life as he collapsed on top of me. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he shouted. “He’s wiped me out. The little sod’s wiped me out.” “Pump him full of spunk, Frazz,’ encouraged Jack. “I want to see it dripping out of his hole when you pull the plug.” “Yeah,” added Clive. “Fill him up with spunk.” I gasped for breath under the man’s heavy weight, hoping that he would “pull the plug” there and then. However, he continued to grind away at my arse for quite some time. * * * Later, the men made a real fuss of me, especially when Howard began taking photographs of me being licked into shape. My arse was off limits for several days after that visit to the cottage. However, Martin and I were humped by a dozen men during our next visit to the cottage.

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