part 2 caught by my stepbrother


part 2 caught by my stepbrother
As I mentioned in my previous story, I caught my stepbrother, Bryan, wanking in my room with the use of my underwear. Now for part two.

A new year had started I was in my 2nd year at varsity and Bryan in his matric year. Bryan still his usual self bunking the occasional day, and we had put our little past incident behind us and had a great friendship between us.
He was still with his girlfriend and I had been dating a guy, well my boyfriend Kyle.

Kyle and I had met at varsity and been dating for close to 7 months. He has come over to meet the family and had a few family dinners with us and got along well with everyone. We had the same classes as we were both studying accounting, same aged as well.

We had a Thursday off from varsity and it was coming up to our first set of tests and exams. So Kyle came over Thursday morning so we could go through our work together. It was a hot day and after two hours of concentrating we decided we were going to take a swim to cool off and refresh our brains. I quickly got changed into my bikini while Kyle poured us something to drink and off to the pool we went.

We both jump in the pool, and refreshing it was. We splashed around a little and soon Kyle and I were in each others arms kissing passionately. We moved to steps where Kyle sat down and I sat on top of him, continuing to kiss. Soon my bikini top was off and I could feel his big dick was growing and soon to be hard. From kissing he moved to sucking my hard nipples and caressing my boobs. My left hand grabbing his hair as he continued sucking my nipples and my other rubbing his hard cock above his jocks that he decided to swim in.

I moved off Kyle to sit next to him on the step so that I could play with him easier but he stood up, I quickly got my hands to his wet jocks and pulled them down, his big hard cock at my eye level ( now to put his dick into perspective, it was 20cm long as we measured him once) I gripped it with my one hand and started jerking him off and my other hand round his ass to pull him nearer so that I can start giving him a blow job. Licking his head and then sucking him up and down as he stood there enjoying every moment with moans. His hand on my shoulder gently squeezing as he was enjoying his pleasure.

Eventually I stopped and pushed him away and said if you want more you will have to catch me, which he agreed to. I dived and swam around and eventually Kyle caught me in the corner of the deep end of the pool. Under the water he went and off came my bikini bottoms. As Kyle reached back up to the surface I wrapped my legs around his waist and his cock entered my pussy.

Hanging onto the top of the wall in the deep end, we decide while he was still in me to try push ourselves to the shallow side, which fail badly, Kyle ended up under the water, I kneed him in the belly and his cock obviously exited me. But we eventually both reached the shallow end and Kyle quickly lifted me back up wrapping my legs around his waist his cock back in my pussy and started pounding away.

Suddenly he exited me again lifted me out of the pool placing me on the edge. He threw my legs over his shoulders and started to lick my pussy. He spent a lot of time licking my clit and soon I orgasm. After I reached climax from being muffed I really wanted to ride him hard. I pushed him away, hopped back into the pool and directed him and sat him down on the step. I sat down on top of him guiding his cock back into my pussy and started fucking him hard as we tried to kiss in between my back and forth thrust on his dick.

He then picked me up and made me kneel on the step. As his cock started entering my pussy, Bryan walk through the door to see me kneeled down and my boyfriend bout to fuck me from behind. I quickly moved that Kyle’s dick was out of me, stood up and dived back into deeper water, Kyle quickly dived backwards also to cover himself, although for me my stepbrother got a good view of my hard nipples and boobs and shaven pussy.

Bryan then quickly went back inside and Kyle and myself were able to get our towels to cover ourselves up and collect our clothing from around the pool. We went inside dried off and once dressed we went to find Bryan. He was in the kitchen and as he walked in he shouted busted. Kyle and myself rather embarrassed all I could say is shut up.
Turns out he decide he was going to bunk the last half of his school day and ended up walking home.

Kyle and I went back to studying for another two hours before Kyle headed home. When saying bye to my stepbrother Kyle was still rather embarrassed but asked Bryan please not to tell my mom. After seeing Kyle off I walked back inside to a big smirk on Bryan’s face and a comment of naughty girl. We had a chat and he laughed about it and kept teasing me with little compliments about my boobs and shaved pussy.

After about 30mins of being teased once again Bryan and myself came to an agreement to never chat about this incident again..

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