I Watch Country , Chris


One of my lady friends is a big fan of country music. She doesn’t like her given name so she goes by the name “Country”, and all her friends, including I, call her that.

Country is not an exhibitionist, as the term is usually understood. She does not sit in a window seat in a restaurant, playing with herself so people going by can see her, nor does she go out on windy days wearing a short skirt and no panties so the wind can blow her clothing around and expose her pussy and ass. Sometimes, however, she likes to play with herself and have me watch her as part of our love-making. The first time she did this it felt strange when, just as I was about to start eating her pussy, she stopped me and got a vibrator out from under pillow and put it to use. Since then, I have accepted this, and she doesn’t do it all the time.

Country has always been very strongly bi-curious and we have discussed what we could do about this. Some of my lady friends are bisexuals and I have participated in threesomes sometimes but Country didn’t like the idea of a threesome. “I don’t like the idea of sharing you with another woman, and I know I wouldn’t like the idea of sharing her with you”, was her response. Country was aware that this was lacking in logic because she knows I call on many other women, but she couldn’t help the way she thought.

Then one day, after one of our love-making sessions together she made a suggestion. Country had met a woman online who lives in a nearby city. Her name is Chris and she is a lesbian, but she has straight male friends who sometimes watch her having sex with other women. Chris has a beautiful body, which the men admire, and she likes being the center of attention, and would be agreeable to my watching her and Country. The two women had exchanged quite a few emails, and had discussed their sexual likes and dislikes and they semed to be a good match.

They had also exchanged nude pictures, of course, and Country showed me the picture of Chris. She is tall and blonde and shapely, with blue eyes and very fair skin. Her hair is short and the blondeness is natural, judging from her soft, downy pubic hair. Country is Hispanic, with long black hair, dark eyes and light brown skin, about five feet, four inches tall with a voluptuous build. The contrasts in their appearances probably contributed to their attraction for each other and it would probably make for more enjoyable watching for me when they got together.

When that day arrived, I drove Country to the next town to Chris’s house. Country rang the doorbell and when Chris opened the door, they hugged and kissed; they had grown fond of one another on the internet. When I was introduced to Chris, she held out her hand and I shook it. She has a firm grip and was somewhat taller than I had expected, especially since she was barefoot. As soon as we entered the house, Country and I also removed our shoes and Chris turned to me. “George, you know the rules, don’t you? No touching but you can look as much as you want and as close as you want; just don’t get in the way. The main thing is, hands off!”

“No problem”, I replied. “What about advice? This is the first time for Country, and she may want some advice or suggestions.”

“That’s okay, up to a point. I don’t want your advice because I do things my way, but Country might. The right thing to do and the right way to do it are what you and your partner most enjoy, and that is learned by trial and error, so keep your advice to a minimum.”

With the ground rules established, we headed for the bedroom. While I stood near the door, Chris and Country stood beside the bed facing each other. “First thing we do is we undress each other. That is, you and I undress each other. George can do whatever he wants, as long as it doesn’t involve us.” Having said that, Chris reached out and started to unbutton Country’s blouse. Chris was wearing a cotton shirt and Counry had some problems with the buttons because she was not accustomed to unbottoning another woman’s shirt, but she managed. When Country’s blouse was unbottoned, Chris peeled it off her, and Country did the same to Chris’s shirt.

The two women moved into an embrace and started kissing. While they were hugging, Chris started unhooking Country’s bra. Country could feel what was happening and she did the same to Chris, and when they stepped apart, They pulled each other’s bra’s off. “You’ve got some really nice boobies”, said Chris. “I knew that from your pictures but they look even better in person. I like big nipples”. Then she reached out and gently caressed and kissed the objects of her admiration.

Not to be outdone, Country replied “You have a teriffic figure, Chris. I really love your pretty pink nipples, and I know the rest of you looks just as good.” This was folllowed by licking those pretty pink nipples.

Next they unfastened each other’s pants. Chris pulled down Country’s pants and she stepped out of them. I noticed that Chris removed the pants separately, and when she removed the panties, she took advantage of the opportunity to caress Country’s ass and hips and smell escort izmit her fragrant pussy. “I’m glad you don’t use any perfume on your pussy”, said Chris. “It smells great the way it is, and I can hardly wait to start licking you there. You have a beautiful ass, too, like a woman should have.”

Country removed Chris’s pants, and then her panties with the same kind of caresses. “I really love your body”, she said. “Next to you, I look like a cow.” Both women had spoken the truth, at least about each other. They embraced and kissed, and then the two beautiful naked women got onto the bed.

“Since you are the guest, I will go down on you first”, decided Chris, and she started licking on Country’s adorable nipples, holding one luscious globe in either hand and licking with broad strokes of her tongue. I moved up closer so I could hear and see the action, and I could hear Country purring contentedly, as she does, and see her smiling. Chris licked not only the nipples, but most of Country’s luscious globes, and she moved her mouth back and forth after only a few strokes on each of Country’s titties. “I really love your boobies”, Chris told her. Your big nipples feel really great. We are both going to really enjoy this.” From the way she was purring, I could tell that Country was enjoying the attentions, but I also knew that she started purring very easily.

Chris interrupted her licking and lightly bit Country on her nipple, and kept her teeth in place. Country was a bit startled at this, but after a few seconds, her purring became louder, and her smile became wider. Chris lightly bit the other nipple and Country started thrusting her chest out to meet Chris, who released the nipple, drew the lovely mound into her mouth and started sucking on it. Country enjoyed this even more and her pussy was squirming, and had started lubricating. When Chris moved her mouth to the other succulent mound, Country’s pussy increased its squirming and its production of juices.

Chris was aware of this and started licking and kissing her way down Country’s voluptuous body, starting at the channel between her lovely breasts. She rubbed both the gorgeous twins against her face and licked between them, down to Country’s navel. Chris flicked her tongue in and out there, and then continued down, across Country’s pubic hair, stopping at her mons.

“You don’t want to 69, do you?”, Chris asked. “Since we have all day, I’d rather take turns.”

“Whatever you want. I’d rather take turns too.”

Chris got off the bed and then got back on and knelt between Country’s spread legs. She asked “Do you want me to stick my finger in your ass while I’m eating your pussy?”

“No. I don’t like that. I’m very sensitive there and it hurts.”

“Your choice. Now, raise your legs.” When Country raised her legs, Chris put one shoulder against either one, just below the buttocks, and wrapped her arms around Country’s thighs, leaving her hands on the pubic hair and her mouth in a position to start eating. Like all the experienced pussy eaters I have ever known, Chris started by sucking the juices out of Country’s pussy and then licking to be sure she had them all. “Delicious. Your pussy tastes as good as it smells.”

“I’m glad you like it. Your tongue feels really good too.”

I had been standing several feet from the women and so far I had not seen anything that I thought was better than what I like to do. I don’t bite nipples, preferring to use my lips, and I don’t ask if the woman wants my finger in her ass, preferring to let her tell me. Although I am not much of a voyeur, I do like to watch pussies being eaten. Mostly, I think of myself as being a student of the art, and I want to watch to see if I can learn new techniques so, after admiring Chris’s ass and pussy that were sticking up in the air, I moved in close, where I would best be able to watch what Chris did with her mouth, if she didn’t object too much.

Although Chris didn’t jump for joy at my close presence, she also didn’t object, and the next thing I saw her do with her mouth was to run her tongue along the inner edge of Country’s outer pussy lips, which is much like what I do to start. When Chris’s tongue reached the point where Country’s inner and outer lip are close, she restarted at the bottom of the inner lip, and licked her way slowly past the wet love hole, back to the place where she had left off. At that point, Chris started licking both sides of Country’s inner lip, moving from the inner side to the outer and back, and when she was at the outer side, she also licked the outer lip. Country’s purring was louder now, and she started slowly humping her pussy into Chris’s face while Chris licked both lips, up to the point where the inner lip meets the other inner lip to form Country’s clit hood. Past that point, she only lcked the outer lip, until she reached the end, and then she came back and gently caressed the clit hood with the tip of her tongue. That caused Country to purr more loudly, almost moaning, and to hump her pussy more strongly into Chris’s face. So far, Chris had avoided direct contact with Country’s izmit escort clit, which is my usual preference too, at least until I have spent a long time eating the pussy.

Like everybody else likes to do, Chris next sucked the fresh juice out of Country’s love hole, and then she started licking the other outer pussy lip. Her technique when she licked this pussy lip was the same as it had been for the first side, including licking across the lower lip until she reached the end of the outer lip. By then, Country was moaning loudly and her pussy was fucking strongly into Chris’s face. This time, when Chris brought her tongue back to the clit hood, she licked the top first, and then probed her tongue under the hood, gently caressing the precious clit that sheltered there. The thrusts of her tongue were gentle at first, but when Country started fucking her pussy into Chris’s face even harder, Chris started using firmer strokes of her tongue, poking and prodding at Country’s sweet love button. The result was predictable; Country started cumming.

Some of my lady friends announce when they are cumming, but not Country. Not that she makes any secret of it because she plunged her fingers into Chris’s short, blonde hair and pressed Chris’s face into her pussy, while her legs squeezed around Chris’s head and helped hold her in place. Nobody wanted to break the connection anyhow, especially not Chris, who kept a tight hold around Country’s legs while Country’s pusssy was grinding into her face. I could see Chris’s face, plastered against Country’s pussy, with her mouth working on the clit. With her heels dug into Chris’s back for leverage, Country’s ass was almost lifting off the bed as she continued to jam her pussy into Chris’s face, and Chris’s face into her pussy. This went on for about a minute, and when Country climaxed, she actually did lift her ass off the bed with one great thrust, and then she relaxed on the bed and her hands and legs released their grip on Chris.

After removing Country’s legs from her shoulders, Chris feasted on the juices so plentiful in Country’s pussy, turned to me, her face smeared with pussy juice and said “Now, that is the way to eat a pussy.” Then she lay down next to Country, waiting her turn. Personally, I would have made it last longer, and stretched out the pleasure and not had Country cum so soon but I could see no point in disagreeing so I nodded my head in agreement.

Country sat up and said “Ooo, that was good. I hope I can do the same for you.” Then she turned to Chris, cupped her hands under Chris’s titties, and started licking the pretty pink nipples she had admired before, using the broad strokes that Chris had used, then changing to the short strokes with the tip of her tongue only. Country switched from one nipple to the other and alternated between the two kinds of strokes. After a few minutes, Chris was smiling and purring.

She was smiling even more when Country took one of her lovely globes into her mouth and started sucking on it, then a surprised look crossed Chris’s face and her smile got broader, she started purring louder, and began thrusting her chest into Country’s face. Probably Country was simultaneously sucking on the titty and licking the nipple the way I like to do and the way I had shown her earlier. Both of Chris’s lovely mammaries got the same treatment and her pussy was squirming and producing fragrant juices. “Oh, Country, I love what you are doing to my boobies. You are a natural”, was Chris’s happy exclamation. Country continued to suck and lick until the time came to move her mouth down Chris’s body.

When she sucked and licked her way down Chris’s flat belly, Country also stopped at the navel but just to suck lightly on it, and then she moved on, licking and kissing her way right over Chris’s soft, blonde pubic hair, all the way to the mons. After licking and sucking there, Country got off the bed and got back on between Chris’s legs, in the same position that I use and that Chris had used, including the placement of a pillow. Up until now, Country had never tasted a pussy, being squeamish about tasting her own, but she knew how much I love the taste and how much Chris had loved it, so she dipped her tongue into the plentiful juices in Chris’s pussy. “Oh, Chris, you are delicious”, was her response, and then she devoured the rest of the juice and licked around the sides of her love hole to get it all. Chris continued contentedly purring, but even louder, now that Country’s mouth was active.

Although she had never eaten a pussy until today, I had eaten her pussy often enough and Country knew what she liked. Before coming over, I had described what I do, using closeups in a porn magazine, and Country would eat Chris’s pussy the same way. After licking out the fresh juices from her pussy, Country started licking the inside of one of Chris’s outer pussy lips, licking slowly up to where the inner lip started, like I had shown her. So far, it had been enjoyable to Chris; she was purring and her pussy was squirming under Country’s mouth but she hadn’t started humping her pussy yet. izmit kendi evi olan escort As I watched closely, Country was following my suggestions exactly.

Where the inner and outer lips are close together, Country moved her tongue slowly, licking both lips, up to the point where the inner lip ends. She licked her way to the end of the upper lip and then brought her tongue back and caressed the top of Chris’s clit hood. With this new contact, Chris’s purring started turning to moans, and her pussy started humping into Country’s face. There were fresh pussy juices also. Country enjoyed them, and then started licking the beginning of the other outer lip. She licked this one the same way, to the end of the lip, and then caressed Chris’s clit hood with her tongue. This time, after she licked the top of the clit hood, she curled her tongue under and gently caressed the sweet love button itself, then returned to Chris’s dripping love hole. After Country licked out all the fresh juices again, Chris’s pussy was fucking up into Country’s face and her purring had changed to moans. Then Country did something that I had described to her, but had not been able to demonstrate.

Holding one of her luscious globes in one hand, Country leaned forward, reached into Chris’s pussy with the other hand and peeled back the clit hood from the precious clit it was protecting. Then she very gently touched her nipple to Chris’s clit and rubbed it back and forth for a few strokes. Chris’s moaning increased in volume and her pussy started fucking up into the hand that held Country’s titty, smearing her pussy juice on the hand. When Country held her other globe and touched it to Chris’s clit, and then rubbed it, Chris’s moaning turned to whimpering and her pussy started slamming into Country’s hand. Both nipples had another turn being rubbed on Chris’s clit, and then Country, after licking the juices off her hand, returned to pleasuring Chris’s pussy with her mouth. By then, Chris’s thighs had rotated outward, and her pussy was fully presented to Country’s mouth.

“My clit. Wanna cum. Suck my clit”, was what Chris was begging while whimpering and slamming her pussy into Country’s face. First, Country feasted on the available pussy juices, then she probed her tongue under Chris’s clit hood, then she sucked the adorable clit into her mouth, and sucked on it while caressing the top and sides with her tongue, as I had showed her how to do. “Yes. Yes. That’s good. Yes. I’m cumming. I’m cumming”, was the resonse after a few minutes of the combination sucking and caressing.

While Chris’s pussy was almost trying to wrap itself around Country’s face, her hands had hold of Country’s head and were jamming it against her pussy while her legs held Country’s head in a tight grip. Chris’s whole body was thrashing around on the bed as she continued to tell Country to suck her clit. Country was doing just that, first because it was so enjoyable and she wanted to suck on it until Chris finished cumming, and second because Chris had such a firm grip on Country’s head that her mouth was almost locked onto Chris’s clit. This continued until Chris climaxed, arching her back and giving one last strong thrust of her pussy into Country’s face.

After Chris climaxed, she released Country, who had the presence of mind to feast on the pool of juices in Chris’s pussy, and then back away, leaving Chris totally relaxed on the bed with a big smile on her face and her blonde pubic hair matted with her own juices and Country’s saliva. I told Country that she had done extremely well and Chris, when she recovered her breath in a few minutes, agreed wholeheartedly.

“Country, you were fantastic. I can’t believe this is the first time you ever ate a pussy. Either you are a great natural or George is a better teacher than I give him credit for. I have some girl friends who get together sometimes, and I would love for you to join us. But not George.” Chris looked at me as she said the last, but not with hostility. Some lesbians hate men on principle, but not Chris. “Now, since we have all afternoon, if you’re not too tired, I have something else I want to share with you.”

“I’m tired and I’ve got all day. And I’m having a really great time. What do you have in mind?”

Chris went to her bedstand and brought out a big double-dong. It was pink, and the cocks on it were close to eight inches long, and cleverly veined, for more pleasurable contact. The hinge between the two cocks was flexible enough that two people could use it for any positioin or one woman could use it for a double penetration. “I have a smaller one, if you’d rather, but this is my favorite.”

“That’s pretty big, but it looks like fun”, Country replied. “Let’s give it a try.”

The cocks had big, flared heads. Chris put one head against her pussy and pushed it in partway but she was a bit dry. Country had eaten all the natural lubrication so she rubbed the head against her clit to get herself flowing again. After a minute of rubbing, she put the cock head into her pussy again. It slipped in more easily and she pumped it in and out until most of the cock was imbedded in her pussy. The other one stuck almost straight out and Chris looked like a man with a big erection. “Are you ready for this”, she asked. “If you are, lie down and spread your legs like in the missionary position.”

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