Big Beautiful Cass Ch. 03


Sam had noticed that Cass dressed very nicely, but a little different than any woman he’d known. Everything she wore was stylish and looked custom-made and expensive, but her skirts were cut a little higher and tighter and her jackets and blouses were cut a little lower in front. She was taller than most women, but she also wanted to be noticed. It was easy for any woman, and quite possibly many men, to be intimidated by her appearance. She not only looked coiffed, but also strong, as if she didn’t need a man to tell her what to do. She marched to her own drum.

Cass insisted on driving; she knew exactly where she wanted to go, and Sam was a co-pilot, though he gazed at her like a lost puppy wanting a new home. She stopped at a deli where a picnic basket had already been prepared for pick-up. He asked her where they were going. She said told Sam to be quiet; it was a surprise. She was driving with the top down; only a scarf kept her hair from blowing in the wind. It’s just as I dreamed in the showroom, he thought. This appeared to be a rare time a dream actually happened.

Cass found a tree grove off a beaten path; the trees were arranged so they would mask the two of them from the passers-by. Sam felt a bit overdressed to lunch outdoors in this secluded place, but he decided to go along escort kocaeli with the flow. After Cass parked Sam’s convertible, she arranged the picnic lunch. She had managed to select sandwiches and fruit they both liked. She had also brought a bottle of expensive-looking wine, which was prohibited—and certainly not suited for public drinking.

Sam didn’t care. His friend, Joey, had a space in the back of the Peacock Club where gentlemen could imbibe all they wanted with or without female companionship. Sam had never gone into the back space, but he had seen politicians, cops and respected business people go in, along with some ravishing ladies, probably selected by Joey. Joey had told Sam that he’d always be welcome if he ventured out back, but advised against it. It didn’t take an education to see why.

Cass poured two glasses and made a toast. “To us,” she said, though Sam was not sure why. He knew the lady enjoyed sex, but was not sure that she wanted to make a commitment to him.

“Now, some business,” she said. “I want one of those.” She pointed to the parked convertible. “Can you take care of that for me?”

“Sure, but if you just wanted a car, then why did you look at the truck catalog?” he asked.

“That’s the business, now I have to ask. What are the women like around kocaeli anal yapan escort here?”

Sam was puzzled. Is she into women too? He wondered. “They’re nice, well most of them, anyway. The ones who come into the showroom on their own are kind of stodgy. But I’ll sell a car to anybody, as long as the check clears.”

“You think they’d buy clothes like mine? I’m sure the women around your pal Joey might be interested.”

Sam shook his head. The ladies who ventured into the Peacock Club were attractive, and they liked nice clothes, but he’d never seen any of them dressed like Cass. He didn’t know if the women would have the money, or if their husbands would let them buy clothes like these. “Don’t know,” he answered. “I just look. Don’t pay much attention to what they wear.”

“Only to what they’re not wearing? Right?” she teased and kissed him open mouth. He started to undo her blouse as they kissed, but she stopped him. She stuck her fingers in her wine glass and very gently dabbed some wine on each nipple, enough to give them a new taste, but not enough to stain her top. “Okay, sweetie, now do your worst,” she said and smiled.

Sam opened her top. He licked the wine off her nipples while she massaged his shoulders.

“Mmmm, izmit yabancı escort that feels so good,” she said as his tongue tasted each tip. She ran her fingers through his hair while he sucked them very deep. “Ohhh yesss, I love that.” She dug her fingers deep into his scalp, urging him to take in more.

“There’s still some wine left,” he murmured.

“Oh, I know just what to do with that,” Cass rolled a wine-coated finger along her belly, then down further south. She ran it in rings around her juicy lips.

Sam quickly picked up on the scent and followed where her fingers had been, slowly kissing and licking his way to where her tastes and the wine would meet. The harder he pressed his lips or licked, the louder she purred.

“Oh mmmy, yes..” She shuddered and shifted as she felt his lips tracing her. “Ohhhh” Then she spread her legs while massaging his neck. The first droplets of nectar appeared.

Sam’s tongue reached for them like a frog on a fly. He explored her blend of wine and natural flavors, not wanting to stop for a split second. He’d always pleasured Edith this way; the technique not forgotten.

“Mmmmmm, more sweetie..It’s been too long..” Cass spread her legs further. As Sam’s tongue rolled deeper she rubbed the tips of her nipples. She felt another hardening, this one from his longer licks. “ohhhhhh, yeesss, sweetie, mmmm”

Cass’s juices poured and poured too fast for Sam to take them all in. But she had a big smile on her face as she released. And Sam had not stopped tasting her.

“Oh baby, where have you been?” she asked.

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