Brothers , Sisters


It was a cool but sunny summer day as the train entered the small rural town of Empire Falls. Kari and Troy were excited at the thought of seeing their cousins again. This was the first part of their annual visit. Becky and Tom would be returning the visit later in the year.

Kari and Troy had boarded the train late evening yesterday. They found seats in the darkened end of the car and immediately sat close together. As it was cool in the car, they covered up with a light blanket. It felt good for Troy to have his sister in his arms again. They had become very close within the last year. As he drifted off to sleep, his thoughts reviewed the events of the last few months.

They had a couple of hours alone together after school each day. As they became increasingly aware of their sexuality, they began to experiment. It began with some hugging and kissing but soon progressed to touching.

One day, Kari asked her brother if she could se his penis. She had felt it through his jeans several times and was curious about how it looked. She had seen pictures in Sex Ed. class but wanted to see the real thing. Troy agreed and they went to his bedroom. Kari watched closely as he first took off his shirt and jeans. She could see the bulge in his boxers and knew it would not be enough to just look at it. She moved closer as he lay on the bed and removed his boxers. His penis was erect as she moved even closed. With a shaking hand, she reached out to touch it. It was warm and firm but yet so soft. She commented it was the first time she had touched a penis and he replied it was the first time a girl had ever touched him. A short moan escaped Troy’s lips as she wrapped her slender fingers around his erection.

She immediately took her hand away and asked if she had hurt him. He responded that it felt very good so she replaced her hand. After a few minutes kocaeli escort of squeezing and feeling his cock, she noticed a few drops of moisture on the end and asked what it was. Troy explained it was pre-cum and that if she continued, he would soon cum. This prospect excited Kari and she asked how to do it. Troy reached in the bed side table and removed a small tube of lube; squeezed a few drops on his erection and instructed her in how to masturbate him. She was a quick learner and soon he could feel the familiar sensation of his balls starting to tighten. He warned her he was about to cum and a couple of strokes later, the first of his cum shot into the air. She didn’t stop until his cock started to soften.

They were surprised how much time had passed so they both cleaned up and Troy got dressed again. They smiled as they sat across from each other that evening for dinner and shared their secret with a wink.

The soft tap on the bedroom door startled Troy. He looked at the clock and it was 1:00a.m. He had been reading and lost track of time. The door opened and Kari entered. She was wearing a long t-shirt that she always slept in. It wasn’t hard to imagine that she didn’t have anything on under it by the way it clung to her body. They talked about the afternoon and then Kari asked if he would like to see her pussy. Of course he would!

She pulled the shirt over her head and stood before him naked. Once on her back on the bed, she spread her legs and directed Troy to kneel between them. Her slender fingers opened her lips and she explained and showed him the parts of her pussy. Troy noticed the glisten of the moisture of her pussy. She then asked him to touch her. She instructed him to insert a finger into her and coached him to fuck her. She was getting wetter as he moved his fingers in and out of her. Next she demonstrated rubbing darıca escort her clit and then let him try. By now, she was very excited and wanted an orgasm.

As Troy continued to rub her clit, she took his other hand and inserted two fingers into her vagina so he could fuck her at the same time. Soon she was arching her back and thrusting her hips to meet his hands. Deep inside her she felt the stirring of an orgasm and soon her entire focus was on her pussy as the waves of passion flowed through her body. She lay in Troy’s arms and they kissed softly as they drifted off to sleep.

It was a couple of weeks later that they were home alone for the evening. After eating pizza and soda in front of the TV, Troy leaned over and kissed his sister as his hand slid to her breasts. Kari returned the gesture by rubbing his cock until it was hard. Without a word, they walked to her room. Troy unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. They dropped to the floor together. At the same time, Kari unsnapped his jeans and together with his boxers, pulled them to the floor. Troy slipped his t-shirt off in time to help her remove her shorts and panties. Both hugged and Troy could feel the warmth of her pussy as his erect cock pressed against it. They moved to the bed as Kari took the erect cock in her hand.

As Troy lay on his back, Kari straddled his legs and stroked his cock. She moved up to kiss him and he could fee her pubic hair on his cock. She raised a little and his erection slipped between her legs as she lowered back onto him. Her hard nipples were on his chest. They lay like this for a while until Kari whispered that she wanted to try something.

She was on her knees straddling his legs. Troy could see that her pussy was wet as she moved over him. She placed her hand on his cock and held it as she moved her pussy directly gölcük escort over it. Slowly she lowered herself until the head of his cock pressed against her pussy lips and pushed they aside. He could feel the moisture of her pussy on his cock. She could feel the hardness of his cock and lowered again as she felt it open her and slip inside. She was fucking for the first time. Troy felt the warmth as her pussy took his cock. He raised his hips and moved deeper into her. His first fucking was feeling good. Both were glad they were brother and sister.

As his cock slide deeper into her, their motions became in rhythm and soon his cock was thrusting into her. She could feel his balls against her ass and knew she had his entire cock. Soon she felt his cock grow even more and it began to jerk inside of her. Troy said he was going to cum. Kari increased her efforts and soon felt the warmth of his cum fill her pussy. They lay like this until he softened and then hugged as they fell asleep.

The room was just starting to lighten from the dawn when Kari was aware of movement in the room. Troy was returning from the bathroom and she could see he had an erection. She spread her legs and he was on his knees between them. She raised her legs and his cock found her warm pussy. With one stroke, he was in her and together they began their second fuck of the night. Troy could feel Kari’s pussy grabbing his cock and suddenly she shook and her pussy pulsated on his cock. He waited until her orgasm was complete and resumed thrusting into her. She said she wanted his cum again and soon he was shooting a second load into her. They continued to fuck, she could feel his cum being pumped out of her and running down her ass.

As they sat together in the darkened train car, Kari’s hand found Troy’s cock and soon had it erect. His fingers slipped up the leg of her shorts and discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties. They knew it would be a fun night as they looked forward to visiting their cousins for a week.

Let me know what you think of the story so far. Who do you identify with; Kari or Troy? Has anything similar happened to you?

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