Caught in the Act Ch. 03

Group Sex

“Fucking hell, Scott,” my father Keith said, as the shower jets rained down on us, “that sure was a really big load you gave your mum just now.”

“Yeah,” my mother Susan agreed, licking her lips, her face still covered in the sticky mass of my sperm as she carefully avoided the cascade of water, determined to enjoy what I had given her for as long as possible. “It felt fabulous, sweetheart,” she went on, smiling her wonderful smile at me through the goo to show how pleased whe was, “you shot such a lot.”

“He certainly did,” said dad, clapping me gently round the shoulders and smiling at me as mum had done, his pride in me plain to see and, in turn, making me feel proud, too.

“Why don’t you wash my face, honey?” mum said to dad, “I’m sure you can do the job better than the shower jets.”

Dad winked at me and leaned in, giving mum a quick kiss on the lips, then I watched fascinated as my father began to lick his own son’s spunk from his wife’s face, little murmuring sounds emanating from him as he lapped it up, making a real meal of it, and savouring the taste of my outpourings at the same time. My cock instantly began to rise again as I watched and I gave it a few strong tugs to help it on its way back to a very full erection.

By the time dad had washed all of my spunk from mum’s face with his tongue, I was on the horn again with no shame nor guilt whatsoever. I admit I had felt a tad of embarrassment when, earlier that afternoon, dad had caught me in the act sniffing mum’s panties but the surprising events which had followed had allowed all thoughts and feelings in that direction to dissipate completely. To my great delight, I now felt supremely confident being naked with my equally naked parents as the three of us went for it big time, sticking two fingers up at society’s rules, and having the times of our lives as fully consenting adults do.

After dad had finished cleaning mum’s face, he rinsed himself off and stepped out of the shower, reaching for a towel and drying himself down.

“I’ll go and get some drinks,” he said, turning on his heel and heading for the door, aware that mum and I were watching his arse cheeks working together as he walked away from us.

When dad had gone, mum and I were left alone in the shower. Now, mum lifted her face up to the jets to wash it properly while I stood next to her and soaped myself down, every now and then reaching out a hand to fondle mum’s arse.

“Ooh, that feels nice, sweetheart,” mum cooed as I ran my hands over her arse and ran a finger up and down the dividing line of the cleft between her buttocks, “the arse is just as potent a sex organ as my pussy and yours and your dad’s cocks.”

“Yeah, mum,” I said, “dad has a great arse, too.”

“So do you, sweetheart,” mum replied. “Let me show you something else that you’ll enjoy.”

With the water from the shower still cascading down on us like a miniature Niagara, mum moved round behind me and told me to lean forward. Then she dropped to her knees so that my bare bum was directly in front of her face. She reached out a hand and began to fondle my cheeks, cupping them in her soft gentle palms, then, without any warning, she leaned in and began to cover my backside with lots of loving little kisses as the steam from the shower rose around us.

Mum was still kissing my bum when dad returned a few minutes later, bearing three tall glasses of ice cold orange juice on a tray. “Here’s the beşiktaş escort drinks,” he began and then stopped dead in his tracks when he saw what mum was doing to my backside. “Oh, fucking hell,” he continued, placing the tray of drinks on the floor, “let me have some of that.”

I looked over my shoulder and smiled as dad knelt down next to mum, pleased that my arse was giving my parents such a thrill. I had never thought much about my bottom being a sex organ, as mum had described it; indeed, whilst fully aware that many people are turned on to the visual delights of the arse, I had never found them to be that exciting, maybe because they were a part of the body that was common to every other human being, in the same way as our arms and legs are. But now, in the sanctity of the family bathroom and with my parents paying so much attention to my backside, I was beginning to revise my opinion.

“Our beautiful son doesn’t only just have a nice big cock,” mum said, relinquishing her kisses and smiling at dad. “Here, honey,” she beckoned to dad, “have a taste of this.”

The drinks lay quietly forgotten as mum stood and turned off the shower jets. Dad, having recently dried himself, was now soaked to the skin again but it didn’t seem to bother him, not when he was so excited and had better things to do than dry himself all over again. Nevertheless, mum stood and turned the handle so that the jets came to an abrupt halt and she reached for the towel and began to dry herself, happy to hand my arse over to dad. I still had my head over my shoulder and was able to watch mum intently as she rubbed her gorgeous jugs together with the towel, before lowering it to dry the triangle of hair between her legs.

“Lick our boy’s arse, honey,” mum said, lustfully, “show him what it feels like to have a nice hot tongue up his hole.”

“For that, son,” dad said, after he had finished similarly kissing my cheeks as mum had done, “you need to spread your butt wide. Take your cheeks with your hands and then pull them apart.”

“Fucking hell, dad,” I said, smiling, “I had a feeling you and mum were kinky but I didn’t realise you were as kinky as this.”

“You ain’t seen the half of it yet, sweetheart,” mum said, throwing the towel to one side and sprinkling a liberal helping of talcum over her now dried body, “before this day is through, we’ll show you just how kinky your dad and I can get.”

“Sure fucking will, son,” murmured dad, in full agreement.

“That’ll be good. dad,” I said, “can hardly wait.”

“Spread your cheeks then, Scott,” my father said, not wanting to waste any more time on banal small talk, “I want to make love to your arsehole.”

“Like this, dad?” I asked as I reached round with my hands and gripped my buns and started to pull them apart as dad had instructed.

“Perfect,” said mum, kneeling down next to dad to get a closer look as my exposed arsehole came fully into view, “what a beautiful tight hole.”

“Sure fucking is,” dad said, as I spread my buns as wide as I could to open up my hole to its maximum extent to show it off to my parents. I could hardly believe what I was doing, exposing my inner sanctum to the people who had given me life but, by then, I was so horny and excited that I just didn’t care anymore what I did. I had gone into this with both eyes open and if mum and dad had a thing for my arsehole, then who was I to deny them their şişli escort pleasure?

Pleased that I had just had a shower and was completely clean, I winked my hole for a few seconds, then dad stuck out his long wet tongue and began to run it up and down the cleft between my naked buttocks. Mum started to play with her tits and pussy again witb her hands as she watched dad slurping his tongue up and down the walls of my pink-puckered arsehole, then, suddenly, it felt as if I had died and gone to heaven as dad sent the tip of his tongue deep into my anus.

“This is called rimming, sweetheart,” mum said.

“I don’t care what its called, mum,” I said, inbetween grunts of pleasure, “it feels fucking fabulous.”

“Mmmm!” cried dad, the only sounds he could make as he buried his tongue deep inside me and began to lick more hungrily, sending all kinds of tickling sensations coursing not just through my arse but my entire body. Having never had my arse licked before, it felt so fucking good and I closed my eyes as I savoured the thrill of my own father eating my hole and thinking what a fantastic stroke of luck it had been, taking the afternoon off from work. I was discovering new pleasures all the time as mum, dad and I made our first ever threesome the one we would remember for the rest of our lives.

Dad licked my arse for what seemed an hour or more though in reality it could have only been for five minutes or so, all the time his tongue working in and out and when in, as deep as he could get it, until it felt as if it would come out of my mouth. Eventually, dad had to come up for air and as he rested back on his haunches, he almost sent the drinks spilling out over the bathroom floor, just managing to save them in time.

“I need some of this,” he said, picking up one of the glasses and drinking down half the contents in one gulp, “why don’t you have a go, honey? Scott’s arse is superb.”

I was still soaking wet from the shower and my knees were starting to hurt from where they rested on the enamel floor of the unit and I placed a hand on my mother’s head to stop her from carrying on immediately from where dad had left off.

“I need to change position,” I said, standing and reaching for the towel. “I’m getting stiff in all the wrong places.”

“Can’t have that, son,” said dad, “but as long as you’re stiff where it counts, that’s all that matters,” he continued, grinning broadly and I grinned back at him, all of us now very much in tune with one another.

“That’s OK, honey,” my mother said as she waited for her turn to rim my arsehole as I quickly dried myself, “there are other positions we can show you. Lie on your back and lift your legs in the air and then spread your cheeks again.”

I finished drying myself and did as mum said, lying down on the bathroom floor and lifting my legs high in the air and parting my cheeks again. Mum lay down flat on her stomach on the floor in front of me, her tits squelching against the linoleum, as she crawled towards me with her mouth open and her tongue hanging out with eager anticipation. Saliva escaped in little streams down her chin as her excitement gained momentum while dad took another sip of orange juice, holding the glass in one hand and giving a little tug on his cock with the other as he watched.

“Want your mum to lick your arse now, son?” my father asked.

It was too bad if I didn’t, I giggled to myself, bahçeşehir escort since mum was determined to have a taste of my bottom as dad had done, come what may. Not that I didn’t want her to, of course, it would, I thought, be interesting to compare my parents’ tongues and their rimming techniques.

“Yeah, dad,” I said in reply to dad’s question and before I had even finished speaking, mum’s tongue was lapping at my slit, working its way over the long thin lines that had formed either side of my hole as I gripped my cheeks with my hands and again spread them as wide as I could. “Oh, fucking hell!” I cried, as mum worked her tongue as hard as dad had done, “this is too much.”

I began to tug on my cock as mum continued to lick me out and I could sense my balls had replenished themselves after my killer cumshot over mum’s face earlier. I didn’t want to cum again yet, not so soon after the last time, even though the pleasure of wanking was giving me such wonderful sensations, and I let go of my cock which bounced back on my stomach, while my balls continued to bubble up indiscriminately.

Dad was now back on heat, too, his rigid cock standing proudly to attention and throbbing in his big clammy hand. He moved over and stood above me, placing his legs either side of my prostrate body and treating me to a superb pornographic style view up between his spread legs. His sweaty balls danced backwards and forwards as he upped the pace of his wanking; I could see all the thick veins that lined the shaft of dad’s delicious-looking prick and I ran my hands up and down his strong ex-rugby-playing legs, gasping as mum’s tongue continued to tickle my anus with all the expertise she had in her possession.

“Take a look at this son,” dad said, his voice heavy with lust, and I gazed transfixed as dad too clasped his arse cheeks and spread them wide. His pink hole came into view immediately and my mouth watered some more as my eyes explored all the finer details of his fuck box.

“That looks great, dad,” I said, wondering whether I should return the compliment and lick dad’s hole as he had mine and as mum was still doing. I had never licked arse before but having enjoyed being on the receiving end, it took only a few moments for me to decide to go for it, answering my own question with a resounding “yes”. I still wasn’t too sure whether I would like it or not but I’m the type of guy who will try anything once.

“Sit on my face, dad,” I said, “let me lick you, now.”

“Wow!” dad said, “hark at that, honey. Scott wants to show me what he can do with his tongue, too.”

“One good turn deserves another. dad.” I said giggling.

“Yeah,” said mum, suspending her first-class rimjob for a moment or two to speak, “he has a very hot tongue, gave my pussy a really good going over in the bedroom. Don’t just stand there, honey,” she went on to dad, “get that arse of yours down there. Now!”

I gave my cock another tug as dad lowered himself southwards and I watched his bum drawing nearer and nearer until he settled himself on my face. Dad was a bit on the heavy side but none of that seemed to matter as my tongue seemed to find its way of its own accord into the dark sweaty mass of dad’s fuck pit.

Mum went back to licking my hole while I began to work my tongue around dad’s. His clean hole had a rubbery feel to it which felt very nice and, by following dad’s guidelines, I was able to rim him as he had rimmed me, first running my tongue along the walls and its thin little lines before burying the hot tip deep into dad’s tight sweaty hole. The three of us, mother, father and son, were now joined together as one in an orgy of hardcore taboo sex and I knew that, from this moment on, things could only go on getting better and better …

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