First Tri Comes from Older Bi


It had happened a bit ago when I was home alone on a Saturday night going from one chat room to another looking for interesting people to chat with. The usual one liners crossed the screen of one night stands and girls who wanted to suck cock to instant message them. Sad but nothing else was keeping my interest so I laughed at all the comments and scanned people’s profiles. One line did come up that caught my attention. It read, “older married couple looking for a third for some fun tonight.” Interested I shot them a message saying that I was interested but figured they were looking for another woman to help her with her curious side. The response I got was a not necessarily.

“Do you have a pic?” they asked.

I sent over a recent picture of me and the response came back and said that she would be home soon. We continued to chat and I found out their names to be Steve and Carol. I received a pic from them and they were a nice looking couple. He was 51 and a successful sales rep and she was 47 and managed a clothing store. She was beautiful and I hoped to heck that they would say yes.

She came home and came on and we chatted for about twenty minutes when they asked me to meet them in a hotel bar. I agreed and we set a time for an hour. I quickly showered and groomed myself nicely wearing a button down shirt and khaki’s. I arrived first and ordered a cocktail and sat in a dark booth. They showed up about ten minutes later. He in a casual suit and her in a blouse that was cut low and showed off the biggest set of tits I have seen yet. She finished her outfit in a skirt with high heels. Our eyes met and we all gathered for a few drinks. After some chit chat and drinks we all decided to head back to their place for a nightcap. After arriving she ran off to the bathroom to change as Steve and I popped open a few beers. She later came out wearing a see-through nightie and thong set. My eyes popped istanbul escort out of my head as she walked off to the bedroom.

“Shall we?” Steve moved us to the bedroom.

Inside the bedroom candles were lit all about and the room smelled of fresh flowers. Steve found a seat in the corner of the room as Carol came to me and our lips locked hard. Our mouths flew open with passion as our tongues danced and wrapped themselves around each other. My hands immediately found her perfect tits as I fondled one to the other finding each nipple growing hard instantly. I licked down her neck as she groaned when my mouth found the tops of her peaks. We flipped her top off and within seconds my mouth was sucking those hard nipples. Her hands mashed my head into her huge chest as my free hand worked its way into her panties. Her legs spread immediately and my hand found the wetness between her legs. Her juices were flowing overboard as my fingers found her hard clit. She started to shake hard as I rubbed quicker. She came right then and there throwing her head back. She brought me up to her face and kissed me hard before dropping to her knees and unzipping my pants. As my pants came down my cock nearly slapped her in the face from all the excitement. She opened her mouth and sucked me in. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock as her hands worked my balls.

I started taking off my shirt when I noticed Steve in the corner jerking away to the show his wife and I were giving him. He got up and walked over as she felt him behind her. She turned to him and swallowed his small cock whole. I finished getting undressed and positioned Carol on her hands and knees. With her mouth full of cock I laid down on my back and slid under her legs. I was face to face with that wet pussy that I couldn’t wait to taste. I pushed my face up and slid my tongue over her slit as she jumped when I ended at her throbbing esenyurt escort clit. I wrapped my hands around her ass and sucked her pussy for all its worth, not letting up until I tasted that sweet cream. She was moaning hard on her husbands cock as she felt my tongue wiggle in and out of her pussy. My hand found her crease as my fingers dipped into her wet hole.

The perfect rhythm of my tongue on her clit and my fingers in her pussy brought her to another huge orgasm. She got up and laid bent over the bed waiting for someone to penetrate her. Steve smiled and gave me the nod. With one foot on the bed and one on the floor I entered her hot box with ease. My cock slid in deep and my balls rested on her clit. I started pumping this horny vixen as she screamed with pleasure telling me to fuck her harder. I pulled her hair from behind as she got off being treated like whore. This freaked me out a bit but I went along with it. I rolled off of her and laid on the bed as she straddled me and rode my cock hard, pushing those giant tits in my face.

Steve came from behind us and grabbed a tube of lube. He greased his two fingers up and slowly slid them into her tight ass. She came instantly as she flew off of me and sucked me in her mouth to taste herself. This woman blew my mind as Steve continued to finger her ass. I was getting the blow job of my life that I didn’t see Steve mount her from behind and slid into her ass. She looked at me with her eyes filled with lust as she started too really go at it on my cock. I knew she wanted my cum as she grunted on very thrust. My balls started to tighten as she gripped them and squeezed my cum out. My cock exploded into her waiting mouth as she happily swallowed every drop. Damn I yelled as she smiled at me. I got up and ran off to clean up in the bathroom.

As I was washing up she came into the bathroom beylikdüzü escort a few minutes later.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked as she grabbed the shower curtain and started a shower. She closed the door and pulled me into the shower with her. Between the lather of the soap and the hot water my arousal state came back in a hurry. This woman was hornier than I was. She grabbed my cock and spun around bending over as she lined it back up with her pussy. My cock slid in again with ease as she bucked back and forth against my body feeling my cock slide in and out of her pussy. My hands found her tits as I grabbed hold and slammed into her hard as she yelled for me to keep going. I could have gone all night if she needed me too as her screams turned to moans and she came once again all over my cock. She came down off her high and turned around and knelt in front of me. Cum all over my tits she told me as I grabbed my cock and jerked off for her. She loved watching my play with my huge member as it swelled in my hands. She licked her lips and talked dirty to me as I threw my head back and shot streams of cum all over her face and tits. I slid my cock between her tits and fucked them until I was drained. Once again we cleaned up and got out of the shower.

Steve was passed out on the couch as she pulled me to the bed. She laid down and spread her legs as I could never resist a spread pussy before me. I dove in head first and sucked her pussy well. She tasted so sweet and good that I couldn’t get enough. My mouth covered her pussy as my tongue flicked her clit. She pulled my face to her pussy as she came hard on my tongue. I lapped up every drop she gave me. What a gift I smiled to her as she laughed and kissed the rest of her juices off my chin. She asked me to stay but I told her I should go. We did get together a few more times since then and the sex has always been damn good. She certainly has taught me a few things in my young life that I am sure the next older woman will certainly appreciate. I later found out that I was her birthday gift from her husband. I laughed and told her I was glad she got the gift that keeps on giving.

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