Community Involvement Ch. 01


I am just an average kind of guy trying to make my way in the world. Atfifty-five, I keep myself in good shape and I often have people, usually females (which are flattering), comment that I look in my late thirties. I have to laugh when males say that they are envious of my slight but athletic build and wish they had a flat stomach like me. I put it down to metabolism and their over indulgence in the amber fluid. That is not saying I do not drink. Some would say I drink like a fish but fortunately, I do not stack on the kilos. I am also lucky enough to be able to work from home and it was because of this last aspect that what follows transitioned from my wildest fantasy to an amazing reality. I hope you too enjoy the journey. *** Michelle had been the object of my licentious mind ever since she and her family moved in next door some fifteen years ago. I remember being in what is their house now, during an open house inspection, prior to their purchasing the property. We (my wife and I) were a bit disappointed with the owner (she had the place rented out previously and was selling to take the profit) as we would have made her an offer if we had known it was on the market. A week earlier would have made all the difference, but, as it was, this was the final open house before the off-site auction on the Monday. I was standing looking out of the large bay windows at the back of the lounge area when she walked in from the hallway, which leads to the front entrance. I had my back to them as I scanned the pool area but something made me turn around, some kind of sixth sense I will call it. The whole room seemed to light up when I saw her blonde hair and tanned face. Somehow, I knew they would be the buyers. The years have moved on, and whilst we have been neighbours for all that time, we do not socialise on a regular basis like some neighbours do. I have a sneaking suspicion is has a bit to do with some sort of jealously on my wife’s part, but that is all I will say on that front. Back to Michelle. She is quite attractive; petite, feminine build, about 5’ 4” tall, her features and figure do make you look twice if not a third time. Maybe it is her now mousy-blonde shoulder length hair combined with her well looked after figure, her pert rounded breasts and her bright smile. I know from personal knowledge that her bust size is 34C. How do I know? Well, I had to climb over the fence into their yard one time to retrieve my daughter’s netball. It had rolled across their yard and stopped under their clothes line and Michelle had some of her under garments hanging on the line, so I took a look at the labels. You have to take advantage of some opportunities when they arise, don’t you? To put a further perspective on Michelle and how she looks, a neighbour across the road recently commented to me that even after three children, Michelle had a good figure and was not showing any signs of her age. I agreed but I do know from personal observation she is starting to show some signs of ageing, particularly around the eyes. However, at the end of the day, if you took a poll, she would definitely rate in the desirable MILF category. Enough background bahçesehir escort etc. and now onto the main feature, as it were. I had noticed over a period of weeks just after New Year that one of the brake lights on her car were not working, but every time I thought to say something she was either out, or I simply forgot, or both. As the days and weeks slipped by, I dropped the notion of telling her, thinking that her husband would have probably fixed it. However, to my surprise one sultry humid Monday morning (it still being the height of summer in Sydney), I saw that he had not. I was out in the front yard retrieving the garbage bins when she drove off with her son and, as she braked at the roundabout down the street, I noticed only one of the three stoplights activated. I filed that piece of information away for later use, hoping to get the opportunity to say something to her. Later on, as I was labouring away in my upstairs office, the windows open to try to catch what breeze there was, if any (and my concentration waning), I suddenly heard the sound of a car door closing. I peeked out the window and it was Michelle. Normally I would have just resumed my work but something was compelling me to act. I glanced at the clock; it was close to 1pm. I quickly swilled some mouthwash to quell any onion breath from lunch, straightened the hair and raced downstairs. I took a deep breath to calm myself as I opened the door and nonchalantly walked toward our front gate as if checking the mail. “Hi Michelle,” I called as I stepped off the veranda and took a few small steps more. She smiled at the sound of my voice. “Hi Ray, how’s it going?” Turning, she hastily moved toward her front door and deposited the carry bags she had in each hand. I thought for a moment she was going to go straight in but to my surprise, she returned to the boot of her car. “Sorry, they were heavier than I expected.” She sighed. ”Phew, isn’t it hot? I don’t mind the heat but this humidity… I hate it.” Seeing her return to her, I quickly moved toward the low, three brick high border fence that ran along the boundary at this point. “Me too. It makes any exertion that much harder.” In fact, it was extremely hot standing there, in the direct sun, which arched down on us between our homes. Michelle was squinting as a result and I noticed a small drop of perspiration run down her neck, across her upper chest and disappear inside her pale yellow top. My eyes followed the drop as it coursed down, then, realising I was staring, I looked away embarrassed. She must have felt the trickle or was made aware of it by my staring because she brushed her throat slowly with her hand and wiped it away. “How is the house clearing going?” I asked, knowing she was in the process of clearing her recently deceased mother’s house. “Oh you know,” she laughed dismissively. “Some days good, some days bad, others extremely hard. You know what it’s like.” I did, having had to do the same for my mother only the previous year. She looked on the verge of tears so I quickly tried to change the subject. “Oh, before I forget, I have some magazines for you.” I quickly stepped beylikdüzü bayan escort up onto the veranda and picked up the bundle of glossy magazines I had set aside during the previous weekends clean-up. “They are a bit on the heavy side being full glossy productions. You could even use them as work out material if you like, as an alternative”. Michelle laughed her distinctive, rather loud, laugh come cackle. I took this as a positive sign as I had heard this same laugh many times previously coming from their deck / outdoor entertainment area, as it usually indicated Michelle being in very good humour. “Oh Ray! These are great. Wow, they are heavy… but greatly appreciated. Thank you.” She moved toward me a little to give me a kiss on the cheek, so I did likewise, and we both lent across the low fence and she gave me a quick peck on each cheek. As she leaned back, I noticed her top had gapped a little and was disappointed not to have been able to get a better look. We nattered on and I could tell from the way she spoke that she was touched and genuinely pleased with my little gift. “Oh, these will certainly come in useful,” she exclaimed, flicking through the top one. The magazines were getting heavy as she still holding all four of them, so she bent forward to place the bundle on top of the low fence and consequently her top gapped again, this time providing me a perfect view deep inside. My eyes locked in, admiring the slight tanned colour of her skin and upper breasts, the frequency of freckles on her chest, which diminished gradually the further into her cleavage I looked and the way her breasts filled the flesh coloured padded bra she wore. I wondered how far from the edge of her bra where her nipples and if her freckles continued to the underside of her luscious globes. “The engaged ones, that’s my pet term for my son and his fiancée,” she said straightening, “are in the process of choosing dates and venues etc, so these will give them additional food for thought.” “Nothing like looking at things that provide food for thought,” I added, as she looked me straight in the eye. I got the impression she was trying to determine if my comment was just a comment or if there was more to it. She smiled warmly and pushed a strand of her hair back from her eye. My eye line dropped so I could pay attention to the outlined curve of her breasts through the taut material of her top. She had picked up one of the thick magazines and weighed it in her hands. I was desperately hoping she would bend over again and pick another up. Noticing the way she held the magazine I commented, “As soon as they were decreed ‘no longer required’ I immediately thought of you.” “That was very kind of you,” Michelle said, looking at me with the tops of her eyes without lifting her head as she looked at the cover. “I’m glad they’re going to a good home.” We both laughed. Michelle leaned forward again to swap selections and picked up the other thick glossy edition. Her top gapped wonderfully again and this time I noticed Michelle looked toward the ground as she did, which gave me the distinct impression that she was making escort beylikdüzü sure it gapped for my hungry eyes. She shuffled the magazines a little, another seemingly deliberate move to prolong my viewing pleasure inside her top. The skin of her breasts curved into the valley created by the cupping of her bra. I marvelled at her glorious mounds, the way they slightly swayed, concaving a little at her chest then spilling quickly into the cups. I could only enjoy the sight and wondered if there was even an outside chance of an opportunity to delve into her deep cleavage, up close and personal. “They certainly look great,” she said just before standing. I was not sure if it was a double entendre but it certainly seemed that way. “They certainly do,” I agreed smiling with my eyes riveted to her chest. My mouth had gone dry at this point and my groin was getting restless as I replayed the recent vision in my mind. “I had best be getting on,” she said quickly picking the bundle from the fence top. In spite of the quickness of her movement, I still got another short glimpse of her breasts. It was wonderful titillation; pardon the pun. “Oh, before I forget again. I noticed that your brake lights on the passenger side are out. I have been meaning to mention it to you but …” I blurted, realising she about to conclude our chat and my wanting to prolong it. “Oh really! I had better get my husband to see to them on the weekend. He is away at the moment otherwise I would call him and tell him.” Again, her tone of speech told me that she was touched and genuinely pleased with my thoughtfulness. “I can give them a look over if you like? I have to go to the service station myself,” I lied, “and I can get the new bulbs while there and replace them for you. It’s no trouble.” “Would you?” She smiled one of her beaming smiles, she was quite a ‘looker’ and that smile could make butter melt. “I still have some bags to take in,” she indicated by pointing to the heavy ones already on the front door step. I offered to help. “No, I am fine. The heavy ones are over there, as you can see, and the rest is light stuff, but thanks again. I definitely need a long cold drink to clear the dust though. How about you come over in about fifteen minutes?” Reassuring her is was no problem to attend to the lights I, on impulse, made a bold suggestion. “Given it is such muggy day, how about we share some white wine, after I finish? I have a bottle on the fridge that I would like to try.” I went to hop over the fence but Michelle stopped me by raising her hand. She stepped forward and flipped me the keys. “If I knew you’d be so inexpensive I’d have hired you a lot earlier,” she laughed. “You may as well start when you can and then we can have that drink. No need to bring your bottle, I think I have enough here, but thanks for the offer. You can let yourself in after you’re done, I’ll leave the front door open.” Getting the old globe out was not difficult. Getting a new one was. The servo just up the road had sold out, as had the one up on the main road. I was on the city bound side of the main road by now and could not think of where to try next. Then I realised that I was not far from a Japanese spares outlet but it was on the other side of the road, which meant I had to drive around the world to get to it as there were no right hand turn areas for another two kilometres. Then I had to get into some side streets, as there was no parking available out front.

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