Exposing Cindy – Chapter 9 -educating our youth


Chapter 9 – they want to share me….Saturday was going to be a big day: Stephen’s 18th birthday: Saturday, February 22, 2008. It was going to be a big day indeed. Jim took us to dinner at the country club.Over dinner, Stephen and Jim joked with each other and they both flirted with me. Jim made it clear that he was comfortable with Stephen making sexual innuendos directed towards me. Jim referred to me as ‘their girl’ and ‘their date’ throughout the evening.Jim asked me over dinner, “How does it feel having two dates for the evening?”It was clear to me that Jim was trying to advance his fantasy of actually sharing me with Stephen. I must admit, the idea was growing on me a bit too. “I feel like a very lucky girl to be escorted with two such handsome and sexy men.”“Yeah some women might think you are ‘over the limit’ being out with two dates,” Jim quipped.I accepted the joke and responded, “They are just jealous that I have both of you tonight.” Jim was not being terribly subtle in where he was trying to steer the conversation tonight.“Stephen, what great insight do you have tonight as you turn 18?” Jim asked, engaging Stephen in the conversation.Stephen smiled, thought for a moment, and replied, “I do not have enough experience to have much insight, but I do feel very lucky to be here with the two of you tonight.”“Thank you Stephen. Cindy and I are glad you are with us as well. And I know Cindy likes having two men for her dates; she loves being the center of attention.” The sexual innuendo of Jim’s comments could not have been lost on Stephen.Stephen merely replied, “I think she deserves to be the center of attention. She is pretty much the perfect lady, you know.”“Thank you Stephen. That is very sweet. It is not a very accurate assessment; I am a long, long way from being perfect, I hope you realize. Nonetheless, thank you for the compliment.” I placed my hand on his thigh momentarily out of reflex as I spoke, and then removed it. We were in the country club with our friends, so I really did not need anyone seeing me with my hand on the 18 year old birthday boy’s thigh.The flirting and shameless compliments continued through dinner and desert. We returned to the house around 9:30 p.m., feeling good and enjoying each other’s company. And the sexually charged banter continued.Jim suggested we watch one of his favorite movies, Casablanca, with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. I thought it was an interesting movie choice, very interesting. Jim offered me a glass of merlot and offered Stephen his first beer in celebration of his 18th birthday. I protested, “Jim, Stephen’s parents expect us to use better judgment than getting their son drunk on his birthday.”“First of all, one beer is not ‘getting Stephen drunk’; second, if he has a third, fourth or fifth beer, he is having them in the safety of our home, not on the road with his buddies someplace where a lot of bad things could happen; and finally, he is 18 years old tonight, and I think he is now old enough to make this decision for himself.” Jim responded with authority, before continuing, “Stephen, would you like that beer or not? And don’t let Cindy dissuade you from having it if you want to.”It was ironic; no, actually it was silly, that I was expressing concern about Stephen having a beer in the context of the relationship I had allowed to develop with him. I knew it was silly as I was saying it.Stephen looked at me, to make sure he was not going to get a rebuke from me, and then turned to Jim, “I bayan escort beylikdüzü think I would like a beer.”“Good man! And you don’t have to stop at one. This is a big night for you, and I am pleased that Cindy and I are here to celebrate it with you.” Jim returned moments later with our drinks and started the movie.Jim sat in his recliner and Stephen and I shared the couch; however there was ample room between us. Over the next two hours, Jim kept my wine glass full and replaced Stephen’s beer as frequently as Stephen finished the last one. As the movie ended I counted that I had four glasses of merlot, and Stephen was nursing his fifth beer. Though not drunk, his face sported a smile that revealed a state of euphoria brought on by the alcohol. And I was pretty relaxed and mellow myself; maybe a bit too relaxed.Casablanca, for those who are not familiar with the film, is a love story set in northern Africa during World War II, in which Ingrid Bergman has an affair with Humphrey Bogart before returning to her husband at the end of the film.As the credits rolled at the end of the movie, Jim asked the open question, “So do you think she made the right choice? Or should she have stayed with Bogart?”I pondered the question for a second, and responded, “She had an impossible choice. She loved both of them. No matter what she chose, she was going to regret giving the other one up. She wanted them both.”Jim answered, “The guys both made a mistake too. They should have agreed to share her.”“Why do you say that?” I was honestly curious to hear his reasoning.“Well, she wanted both of them; she was in love with both of them. She was never going to be happy giving up either of them. She was always going to be longing for the one she gave up. She would grow to resent the one she stayed with. If they wanted her, they would have to share her.”I thought about Jim’s logic before answering. “You may be right, but do you really think two men could share a woman, one woman? Without killing each other? Or her?”Jim did not hesitate with his answer, “If they really loved her, they would want her to be happy. That is what would be important to them. Besides, a woman is biologically and emotionally equipped to handle two guys.” Jim chuckled. “Stephen, what to you think? Could two men share one woman?”Stephen was caught off guard by Jim’s question. “I don’t know; I guess so. It would depend upon the guys and the woman, I guess.”I jumped back in, “What do you mean ‘a woman is biologically and emotionally equipped to handle two men?”Jim smiled broadly, “Well, physically, a woman is biologically equipped to accommodate more than one man at once. Men cannot handle more than one woman at a time.”“Huh?” I was not sure what he was saying.“Men have but one penis; women have multiple places to accommodate a penis, or places to accommodate more than one penis.”I blushed deeply as I understood what Jim was saying, “Jim you are such a pig. I can’t believe you said that.” I just shook my head. “And emotionally?”“Women have a capacity to love multiple men; men have trouble loving anybody. If a man finds a woman he truly loves, he should not let the fact that she is also in love with someone else keep him from the one thing in his life that could make him happy: her.” Jim finished his beer, and got up to go to the kitchen. He returned with two beers and another glass of wine for me. He handed a beer to Stephen before continuing. “Stephen could you share escort bayan beylikdüzü a woman you loved with another man, if the alternative was losing her? “Stephen was obviously uncomfortable with the direction of this conversation. “I don’t know. It would be kind of weird and all. But if I loved her, I guess I would share. I don’t know. Could you?”Jim seemed to expect the question and was ready with an answer, “Yes. If I loved her, and if I knew she loved me, I could. If I knew that her involvement with this other guy was not a threat to our relationship or a threat to her love for me. Yes, I think I could share a woman that I truly loved. If that would truly what it took her to be happy; yes I think I could.”Jim took a long sip of his beer, and then looked at me. “Cindy, have you ever thought that you could get seriously involved with two men at the same time?”I blushed at the directness of his question. I felt my pulse quicken as I tried to think about my response. I know the alcohol influenced my judgment, but I was fairly candid in my answer, “I believe it could happen, but it would have to be two very special men.”I thought to myself, ‘Jim, you are a very bad boy.’ And I knew I was stepping farther and farther out on the thinning ice as the conversation progressed. But I knew that we were gradually approaching a critical junction, a decision point, that I was not ready to cross. I was nervous and conflicted. But I did care for both of these men deeply, of that I was sure.Jim stood up, and announced, “Let’s move this discussion to the hot tub. I have it all tempted up. Stephen, are you up for joining Cindy and me in the spa?”Stephen nodded tentatively, “I guess so.” I wondered what was going through his mind. I knew precisely what was going through Jim’s mind.Despite my apprehension and the internal conflict I was experiencing, I did not object. I knew Jim wanted to share me tonight. And I knew that by going into the hot tub with both of these men, in my inebriated state, and in their inebriated state, I was advancing Jim’s plan. And that once they shared me, Stephen would be emboldened to take me even when Jim was home, and he was going to be staying with us for another four months. If I proceeded with this, I was allowing a bizarre situation to develop in my home; and the thought of this both excited and scared me.But I said nothing, made no protest, and I complied. With my pulse racing, I put my bikini on and grabbed a few beach towels and joined Stephen and Jim, who were already in the spa. I saw that these two had gotten yet another beer and were in a deep conversation, when I climbed in the hot tub.As I climbed into the spa, I heard Jim saying, “Hell, I know you have a crush on her. Who wouldn’t? She is absolutely perfect, and she is gorgeous. If I were your age, I’d be in love with her too. I am more than twice your age and I am in love with her.” Jim took another swig of his beer. “And she is crazy about you too.” Jim interrupted his conversation as I entered the spa. “Cindy, you look fantastic.”It was clear they had been discussing me, my emotions towards them, and Stephen’s infatuation with me.“Jim are you drunk?” I was trying to figure out how to navigate these dangerous waters. Jim simply ignored my question about his sobriety.I felt my pulse quicken further, and my nipples grow erect as both me looked at me with a combination of lust and love. I must admit, I enjoyed their lustful and loving gaze. kayaşehir escort I wanted both of them, and really did not have the strength or desire to stop this train.“Cindy, I think you should give Stephen a birthday kiss. Stephen, do you think you deserve a birthday kiss?”Stephen looked at me questioningly and said, “That would be nice.”“Cindy, go over and give Stephen his first ‘post-eighteen’ kiss.”It was starting. I was being asked to kiss Stephen as Jim watched. Nervously, I stood up and walked over to Stephen and gave him a light peck on the lips, not really sure what to do. The kiss was soft and tender, but certainly not intimate.“Oh, boooooo! Hiss! That is the poorest excuse for a kiss I have ever seen. Stephen is that the type of kiss you were hoping for on your 18 th birthday?” Jim asked.“Not really.” Stephen responded, not exactly sure how to handle this situation.Jim looked at me and instructed, “Try again, and this time give him a kiss that he will remember.” Jim then reached up and started to untie my bikini top.“Jim, what are you doing?” I panicked as he began to expose my breasts.“I want to give you a little motivation here. If you don’t get this next kiss right, you will lose the bottoms too! Now give him a kiss he will still remember on his 68th birthday.” As Jim removed my top, he pushed me toward Stephen, my breast floating on the froth of the swirling water. Looking at Stephen, Jim said, “Stephen, enjoy your birthday present.”I approached Stephen and asked, “Are you OK with this?”Stephen smiled nervously. “I guess so.”This time, I sat astride his lap, my legs straddling his and kissed him, softly and nervously at first, then opened my mouth and gently slipped my tongue between his lips. Stephen responded slowly but began to return the passion, opening his mouth more widely, and accepting my tongue.Stephen slid forward slightly pushing his erection in contact with my crotch. I reached down and took his hand and raised it to my naked breasts. I could feel Stephen’s penis throb into my bikini covered vulva as he began to get aroused despite this surreal situation.We necked for several minutes, as Stephen gently pulled and teased my nipple as my husband watched from across the spa. I could feel his erection growing and pulsing against me as I ground into him with my aroused vulva. I wanted him; I wanted both men. My arousal and the alcohol were clouding my judgment, but I was hot and aroused, and I wanted to make Jim’s fantasy a reality. To be honest, it had become my fantasy as well.I whispered in his ear, “I love you. God, you make me feel so good. Would you like to join Jim and me in our bed tonight?”Stephen looked deeply into my eyes with an affection I cannot describe, and nodded his head as he continued to fondle my breast. I humped my aroused pussy against his erection and said, “Good.” And kissed him deeply again.Jim, seeming to know that Stephen had agreed to join our ménage, interrupted Stephen’s and my dance of our tongues, and said, “Could I suggest that we move this birthday celebration into the bedroom?”I looked at Stephen and asked, “Are you sure that you are up for this?”He looked at me and nodded silently. He wanted this too, but he was a bit nervous. His apprehension was understandable, and endearing to me.Stephen continued to tweak my erect nipple and replied, “Jim is right, if I love you, and I don’t want to lose you, I better be willing to share you, huh? If Jim is willing to share his wife with me, I’d be a fool to decline this offer. ”I stood up, my breasts bare and my nipples erect, placed my hands on my hips, and asked, “So what do you two think you are going to do to me if I going inside with you?”Stephen, who was still a bit nervous and awestruck, looked to Jim. Jim took control, “We will service you and please you.

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