London’s Burning


From inside the pressurised, air-conditioned solitude and comfort of the black cab, my feet alighted at last on the wet street. Damp was something London did well. My bones shivered in their skin to feel the heavy weight of the city’s gloom on them once more; it was not a feeling I relished. I looked up, casting my eyes about the grey and ominous sky with trepidation. There was a large sigh from the depths of my chest and a sag to my shoulders as I stuffed my wrinkled hands into my trouser pockets. The smooth velvet lining provided at least a little comfort to a travel-weary old man. The roaring taxi, pulling away from the kerb, gave me one good splash of murky water before we parted for good. Such a feeling of melancholy weighed on my shoulders, arching my back. ‘Why not,’ I reasoned. ‘What better welcome to London could I have possibly wished for?’ Huddled up against the cold, the damp, the wind and even my own misfortune, I shuffled down the pavement heading north. I should have known better, if I was honest with myself, but I had hoped that this trip to England would not be quite as miserable as all the others. I laughed quietly, remembering one previous trip. At least this time I wasn’t about to be tied to a post and burned; I hoped. I laughed that day also, especially when they saw I had returned again. It wasn’t long before the large, ornate stone building appeared in sight. My heart lifted a little at the prospect of leaving this deplorable weather. I should’ve stopped the cab closer to my destination, I know, but old habits die hard and I have always liked to make the last part of any trip on foot. I brushed the shoulder of a woman walking the other way. She turned to look at me; her beautiful, wrinkle-free face frowned at the contact as she carried on walking. I felt my body pulled towards her retreating form; I smelled the sweet trail of perfume, cast around her as though an aura. I laughed. I was in the right place, for sure. I’d know her kind anywhere, I thought to myself with a chuckle. If I were as weak as a human, I’d be chasing her down the street by now. I turned to continue on my way. Perhaps I would introduce myself at a later date and see how powerful she really was. I had to stop outside the grand stone entranceway to my destination and look around at the depressing climate one last time with these eyes. I couldn’t help the smile that pulled at my unwilling lips, while I assessed the hurried passers-by, the endless drizzle and air of despondency that plagued the atmosphere. I almost expected Mr Hyde to barge gruffly by. The thought gave me a smile, knowing where I was headed. I wondered if Robert Louis Stevenson had ever visited this place. I straightened my creaking back and gave a resigned sigh before stepping over that daunting threshold. The immediacy with which the wind and weather disappeared behind me, as the door quietly clicked shut, was almost like being reborn. Almost. Warm air and a pleasant, clean aroma greeted my senses. My feet welcomed the soft, cushioning carpet beneath them as I walked towards the mahogany desk ahead of me. I allowed my sight to flit from wall to wall, admiring the wood-panelled walls, stained dark. High ceilings, decorated with plaster arches, housed old, brass lights which cast a strange hue across the room. I slowed my pace to admire the rich, artistic landscapes which adorned to the walls in their ornate frames. I was pleased to find the image of European sophistication ruined by the petite Asian girl seated behind the main desk. More accurately, the image was ruined by the Mandarin gown she wore, bright red and flecked with silver decorations; so out of place in such a specially styled foyer. Her figure was lithe and slim, from what I could see, although well defined in the necessary areas. It was a dress style I had always admired; she wore it well. “Good evening.” I started adjusting my tie before I’d even reached the desk. I wasn’t usually so eager these days, but I always came to life around beautiful women. “I believe I am expected, I have a room booked under the name of Dominik; with a K.” I knew my air and grace well, it was a performance I had perfected over the centuries to steal the hearts of women. A smile pulled at my lips. I was aiming for confident and suave. Looking up at me for the first time, her eyes cast over my suited figure and flashed up to meet my gaze. Her brown, almond eyes looked deep into mine with a self-assurance I had not expected. They looked almost bored; something I was not used to when people looked at me. At my age, I should’ve been past such petty disappointments. However, the apathy with which this petite girl saw me cut like a knife. “Yes, we’re expecting you, sir,” she intoned, sounding as bored as she looked. “Your room is waiting for you upstairs. If you’d like to spend some time in the lounge with our other guests, you’re more than welcome to. Otherwise, you may feel free to access your room immediately.” I was slightly miffed, I admit. I was used to the sight of me giving weak knees to women and men alike, although often for different reasons. I was recorded in history as a lover of women, a heartbreaker and a gentleman. Here, of all places, I expected a little reverence. However, this diminutive human girl had shrugged me off like a chill in the air. She never looked up again as I made my way around her, towards the grand staircase behind the front desk. My step and heart were heavy as I climbed the stairs. Stopping at the door, marked with my number, I simply waited, key in hand. I was about to do something I had done hundreds of times before – willingly or not. It should’ve been routine and boring, a chore to be endured, but I wasn’t so sure anymore. I didn’t want to release myself from this life; from this love. I still had so much more to give, if only I could. My eyes took in the sight of my wrinkled skin, blemished by several liver spots, and the frailness of my body. I sighed, my breath shuddering a little and wheezing with the effort, remembering the Asian girl’s unimpressed gaze. I held a lot of love within this body; a lot of memories and affections. It had spent years in the arms of a beautiful woman, toured the sights of Europe and brought happiness to the both of us. It was her body, as much as mine. My love was gone and all claim to this body had gone with her. ‘Time to be reborn,’ I determined, throwing open the door and stepping inside. Bare was not the word to describe my room. I had wondered what to expect, but it made sense when I thought about it. The room was quite literally empty, except for a steel area escort avcılar of floor in the centre of the room and a bright industrial spotlight in the ceiling. I stood looking at it for a few seconds, playing with the cuff of my sleeve. My resigned attitude had not been lifted any by the lack of amenities, that was for sure. It was basic, but necessary and effective. Sighing for the thousandth time that evening, I stepped onto the steel plate and sat, cross-legged, upon it. I thought for a second about removing my suit, but dismissed the idea. I had never liked it, after all. A new birth; a new life and a new suit. It seemed fitting, if you’ll excuse the pun. I took one last look at my wrinkled hand, its blotched and creased skin a sign of just how long it had been since I had last burned. A deep breath fell from my lips as I closed my eyes and focused hard on the swell of energy within me. It had been so long since I had last called upon it; I wondered slightly if I would even remember how to do so, or if I’d have to get the cute Asian girl to come and ‘light me up’. My body ached and groaned as it was wracked with an involuntary chuckle. It was definitely time to leave this body behind. *** My eyes opened slowly, blinking at the bright spotlight I had forgotten to turn off, quietly cursing. The voice my lips exuded, lighter and sharper than I had grown accustomed to, confirmed it for me. I was reborn. There was a distinct grumble to my tone, in keeping with rebirth tradition, as I stretched to relieve the ache of my new form. Part of me always wondered how a new body, born from dust and ash, could be so pained by a few days of sitting upright. It was a question I had never had satisfactorily answered, to my grievance. Few doctors are privy to the workings of a phoenix. For a few minutes I held my pose, cross-legged on the numbingly cold steel floor while I cast my eyes over the body I had almost forgotten the sight of. It had been such a long time since I was so young. I marvelled at the backs of my hands, now taut and, somehow, tanned attractively. Looking over my naked body, I re-familiarised myself with it; an odd sensation to most, but one I was familiar with. My scars, regrettably, were removed; my muscles were re-defined, toned, and there was a lightness and agility that I had entirely forgotten. With a single bound, I leapt to my feet, holding a gymnast’s pose. How could I not let the smile that crossed my lips warm my heart, at last? Twisting and stretching on the spot, I allowed my hands to glide over my youthful skin, revelling in the feel of it. It felt strange, even after so many lives, but intoxicating. There really is no feeling quite like that of a brand new shell. My mind was filled with an assuredness I suddenly realised I had been missing for a while. Determined to correct this, I walked purposefully, stark naked, towards the hotel room door and cast it wide open. Stepping into the artificial, glared lighting of the hallway, I looked left and right before stomping back in the direction of the foyer. It seemed only minutes since I had come this way. It had been at least a week. With a total lack of obeisance, I took the steps down into the hall at a trot, two at a time. I was thoroughly enjoying the energy coursing through me, filling me with such reckless abandon and joy. My manhood bounced with each step, slapping against my thigh as I pounded down the stairs. I grinned as I imagined the look of the pretty Asian girl when she saw me again. Arriving at the front desk, I felt my heart sink to find her missing. In her place sat a rather stunned blonde, her figure fine and slender; beautiful. She wore her hair to her shoulders, upon which sat a delicate white blouse. My mood immediately recovered. The top buttons were undone, showing off her delicious looking cleavage and the expanse of pale, flawless skin. I swore, internally, that the desk was hiding the rest of her body. Her shadowed eyes raked over me, settling rather fixedly on my cock as it bounced to a halt from my frantic approach. I placed my hands firmly on the desk, causing her to jump and follow my chest up to look into my eyes at last. The staggered, deferential look in her gaze caused my mood to soar. I couldn’t resist taking it a little further and, making sure to narrow my eyes, staring confidently and challengingly into hers. They were sky blue and piercing; now wide and dilated at the sight of me. We watched each other for a few seconds until her eyes fell away, embarrassed and submitting. “H-h-hello, sir, I…” She was apparently unable to fully digest the situation and remain articulate. I decided to lend a hand. “Hello,” I cut her off slightly, my tone firm and level. “As you can see, I am requiring the attentions of a tailor.” My mind drifted, considering whether it was the tailor’s attention I needed or the attention of gorgeous, glowing girl in front of me whose eyes couldn’t stop from glancing at my shaft. I reached out and gently took her hand in mine, causing her a slight shock. She settled when she noticed the key to my room had been placed in her hand. “I will also be requiring a new room.” My lips pulled into a slight smile as she stammered and tried to compose herself. “If you could get a tailor to call around too, I would be very appreciative.” My tone was low and trailed off slightly, emphasising the last few words. Her eyes flicked to mine and sparkled; my heart raced. Watching her trembling fingers dial the number of a local tailor was a delicious treat. Her shaking voice and staggered breathing made me want to tease her all the more. Hanging up the phone a few seconds later, the poor girl took a breath to steady herself before facing me again. I was surprised to see her so overwhelmed by the situation, given the place I was staying. Perhaps she was new, I pondered, as her eyes slowly rounded towards me at cock height. Again she stared for a second before her gaze slid up to mine. “Your tailor is on the way, sir,” she finally managed to say to me directly. “They will be here within an hour or two.” Her eyes cast down over my body once more, her ruddy cheeks flushing even deeper at the sight of me. “Is there anything we can do for you until then, sir?” My thoughts immediately flicked elsewhere and I struggled to hide the grin that threatened to consume my features. I could think of plenty of things this beautiful woman could do for me right now. From her longing glances, I figured she would be willing. Determination had returned to me; I was going to use it. “Well I am in need of a new room.” Settling back, I crossed my escort bahcesehir arms slightly. “Perhaps you could show me to it now.” A worried line etched across her face as she gnawed hard on her bottom lip. I recognised the conflict and turmoil burning behind her bright blue eyes. “I would hate to walk into the wrong room, looking like this,” I gestured to my unclothed body, noting how her eyes followed my movements with glee. She looked towards the doors and passages, checking we were alone, before she looked me over once more. I loved the way she bit her lip as she watched my length twitch. I saw the moment her mind was made up, clicking into her own determined state with a slight nod of her head. Stretching her legs, she turned towards the bank of keys behind her, standing tall. Finally I had a view of her lower half, clad in a dark thigh-length skirt and black nylons. My act was halted for a few seconds as I admired the sight and curve of her body, filling her tight clothing so exceptionally well. Tall, firm and beautifully proportioned, she definitely belonged on a catwalk. I shook my head, biting my lip at the thought of the treasure housed beneath such flimsy covers. She turned and immediately stepped from behind the desk, at pace. Her feet carried her past me as she turned to look into my eyes. My years on this Earth have not left me ignorant enough to not recognise the burning passion that lives behind a woman’s eyes. Her eyes seared into me with that determined arousal I knew so well. “Come with me.” Her voice was low and firm. The professionalism had disappeared, the shyness and discomfort also. She was left determined, aroused, confident. Mine. I would make sure of it, I told myself, as I stepped quietly after her, my bare feet padding silently on the carpet. We climbed the staircase without a single word exchanged between us. Occasionally she would glance behind to be sure I was still following, her eyes always dropping to the sight of my springing, stiffening shaft. I confess that this made me smile. As if I wouldn’t be following her right now. I caught the scent of her perfume, the vapour trail she left in her wake as she quickly walked down the wide hallway, her hair billowing. She smelled delicious; mixtures of fruit and wild flowers. I licked my new lips slowly as I salivated over the thought of tasting her quivering flesh. The door appeared ahead of us after a time I couldn’t quantify, I was so lost in the aroma of this beautiful creature. At last my mind cleared as I noticed her stood still in front of the solid wooden door, key in hand. Inches from the lock, she had frozen, as though caught between two minds. With a smile, I crept up behind her and placed my hand over hers. A shudder slid through her body as she felt my naked form pressed gently against her. With delicate touches, I guided her key into the lock and turned it slowly, to hear the satisfying click. That one sound broke her reverie as she turned towards me. I was sliding past her, my chest brushing hers, into the room as her eyes locked with mine. Our gazes remained fixed as I stepped backwards into the room, holding her hand until the last second; her fingers slipped from mine as she watched me go. The passion still lingered there, but there was a hesitation to her. “Are you going to show me around?” I flicked the switch for the lights behind me. There was a second’s pause before she stepped across the threshold, her hand immediately placed on my chest pushing me in ahead of her. Her other hand snapped the door shut behind us. Gentle, caressing fingers teased my chest, lightly sprinkled with soft hair; a smile was on my lips. “Do I get a guided tour of the place?” My finger was on her chin to guide her gaze. “Uhh…” she stumbled, as her eyes repeatedly slipped to my body. She cleared her throat, closing her eyes to focus. “This is the bedroom, sir,” she intoned, refusing to look at me or even towards the bed she pointed to. That did cause my lips to curl, satisfied. I walked towards the bed as she wandered into the various adjoining rooms, declaring their functions. I marvelled at the size of the ‘room’ for a second as I ran my palms over the silky sheets, tightly made up on the bed. I guess the supernatural demand a better class of accommodation; at least those who can afford it. Sitting down, I waited patiently on the foot of the bed for her to return. I wondered if she knew who she was working for. I guessed not, from her very innocent and naïve demeanour. There were worse than I in this building. Her head peered, almost sheepishly, around the nearby doorframe, wearing a frown that just made my heart sing. “You weren’t listening.” Walking into view, she was wearing something nearing a pout. How very adorable and human. “I assure you I heard every word you said, my dear.” I reclined to rest on my hands on the bed. I looked at her as she shuffled, uncomfortably, by the door to the bathroom. “A very professional tour of my room.” I paused, smiling, as I cast my eyes over the tantalising body she housed in such insubstantial clothing. “I wonder, though…” My tone, light and inviting, trailed off deliberately. Her eyes flicked up at mine as her toes dug a hole, prettily, in the carpet, looking coy and wringing her hands. “Yes, sir? Anything I can help with?” She was determined to sound professional. The poor dear could not make up her mind, it seemed. I’d do it for her. “Perhaps you would give me another tour, something rather less professional.” My lips curled, lasciviously, as my tongue slipped over them. “A tour of you and your gorgeous body.” I do find that I love the slack-jawed look of shock certain women can be coerced into. She gaped at me, shaking her head and stammering her words. She wouldn’t get a chance to speak. I curled my finger, beckoning her towards me silently, while our eyes connected. She obeyed. Silently, and without protest, she walked towards me, her small heels digging into the carpet with barely audible footsteps; the only sound in the room as we both held our breath. Nervousness showed behind her eyes, but the stare she fixed me with radiated passion. Only a few feet from me, she halted. Her lip cutely tucked in between her teeth, she watched my palm glide over the stiffening flesh of my cock. The adorable girl stepped closer. My gentle touch rested on the hem of her blouse, tugging impatiently. I nodded a silent command. I was almost delirious to see her hands obediently reaching for the buttons, unsnapping them one at a time. She was proving to be a lot more fun than I had given her credit for. Keeping the blouse beylikdüzü escort tight, it opened teasingly with every button to reveal more and more of her smooth, fantastic skin. I simply watched, my hand pawing at myself for her viewing pleasure. The last button fell open, the blouse fell away with a shiver of her shoulders and yet her eyes never left the gentle rubbing of my shaft. My own were fixed on the heaving of her breasts, so firm and tantalising. “You like to watch me, don’t you my pretty girl?” I could not mask my amusement, wrapping my hand fully around my stiffened length. Blood red, her face flushed and she wrapped her arms around her chest, nodding tentatively. My fingers reached out, caressing over her tight stomach and hip bones, working my fingers over the backs of her hands. “I’ll let you watch some more.” I waited for her widening eyes to find mine before continuing, “If you’ll show me the rest of your beautiful body.” Her poor lip was taking a real gnawing, but her willingness shone through. Dimpled cheeks pulled at her lips to watch me stroking myself, resisting the impulse to reach out for her glorious body. With a confidence I could barely have expected, her hips began to sway. Step by step, with the constant rhythmic sway of her body, she peeled away her clothes in front of my fresh new eyes; their first girl. She was a good choice. A shiver ran through me as she allowed her skirt to drop, leaving her in just her underwear. A matching set: bra, panties and suspenders in black, with grey trim, adorned her gorgeous body. She still wore the small heels. My finger teased slowly around the outside of her bra, brushing the delicate skin of her breasts. I ached to taste and feel her body. I found the quivering of her skin exhilarating; there’s nothing like a beautiful woman in passion to set a fire raging inside me. “This too, my dear.” My finger hooked the strap of her bra. Her soft, submissive eyes stared into mine with a heat to match the burn of her skin. Slowly, with care and a sensuality I craved, she unsnapped the clasp and teased the material away. Her perfect little nipples were too inviting; too intoxicating. With a ferocity I hadn’t felt in years, I dived forward with a growl on my lips. The warmth and soothing caress of her skin ignited a passion in me. It threatened to consume me as I kissed all over her chest before sinking my teeth into her firm mounds. The squealing yelps she poured forth, along with her hands wrapped tightly in my hair, only spurred me on. She guided my lips and teeth as I devoured her skin, sucking and biting her to the blissful tune of perfect moans. It took all of my resolve to pull away from her. “You like to be bitten.” I was not asking, but simply stating. She nodded, chewing at her lip once more. I thought about warning her not to release such information within this particular building. Some of its residents may find it all too encouraging. The coy, gorgeous expression almost set me off again. I wasn’t going to last long. With a concerted effort, I threw my body back onto one hand as the other took my shaft, firmly. Looking up at her and drinking in her body, my eyes dropped to her tiny black panties. I started to stroke. “One last thing to remove,” I said slowly, casting my eyes over the reddening flesh of her tits. She was already pawing at them, gently squeezing and twisting her nipples as I spoke. There was no trace of hesitation when she released her body; the sway returning to her hips as she ran her fingers through the waistband of her pretty panties. Teasing me with them, her red lips curved up as she eased the material slowly down. I stroked, as I watched her, knowing that it was firing her up more and more to watch me pumping my shaft. At last, she turned on the spot and bent at the waist, shocking me as she peeled those tiny panties over the glistening lips she’d been hiding from me, before letting them drop. Limber beyond my wildest dreams, she bent even further to look back at me through the gap in her thighs. My cock throbbed at the sight of her gorgeous body, clad in suspenders and heels, bent before me. The cheeky smile she wore topped off the deal. Clenching my jaw and diving forward, my hands seized her firm cheeks with a smack. The shocked shriek of delight that poured from her encouraged and excited me. I was going to take and devour this beautiful girl. Thrown over the precipice of control, abandoned to the craving and desire therein, my hands gripped her arse tightly. Leaning forward, lips stretched with a sadistic grin, my teeth connecting roughly with her tender flesh. Sinking in with a low groan in my throat caused her whole body to flutter, bringing staccato moans from her trembling lips. Roughly, I peeled apart her cheeks and buried my face between her spread thighs. The sweet nectar of her gorgeous young sex was intoxicating; better than any vintage, to a fossil such as me. She was sharp and sweet to the taste; my lips smacked to appreciate her flavour. I licked them clean, needing even more of her. My tongue probed at her succulence, delving deep into her core. Her impatient hips squirmed on my lips when she felt them so lightly brushing her. The temperature of pussy radiated against my face, heating me and my desire. Deeper my tongue pressed into her, collecting the sweetness that flowed like rivers. Her delightful moans were a sweet music to my ears, a chorus of approval to spur on my eager tongue and teasing lips. Brushing my lips over her labia, I sucked her and pulled tight the skin of her slit. As she quivered, distracted and happy, I allowed my teeth to rake over them, gently nipping at her lips and the insides of her thighs. Her squeals’ intensity redoubled. How I wished to bite her sweet clit. The rest of my body demanded the warmth of her flesh, however, with a craving built up over many years. I was not one to deny myself. I settled back, sitting on the edge of the bed as I reached out to grip her hips, spinning her on the spot. She turned to look at me, eyes glazed and dizzy from my oral assault. My fingers idly trailed down the smooth material of her suspenders. I took just a second to burn the image of her stunning body into my mind forever before I claimed it. Seizing her hips and settling back, I pulled her down towards me. With a plaintive, appreciative gasp and whimper, she settled onto my raging tip without ceremony, sinking deeper onto my length by the second. My fire was raging and there was no stopping me now. Relentless, merciless and with total abandon, I took her beautiful body for my own. Picking her supple form up in my hands, as though made of paper, I held her up as I raised my hips to fill her repeatedly, using her quivering, limp body for my own pleasure and immense satisfaction. Casting her down onto her back, my hands seized her smooth, stocking-clad thighs.

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