The Triplets


My name is Mark, and I am not like normal people, I have the rare honour of being one of three; I am a triplet. My siblings, born on the same day as me, are the two most beautiful girls I know – besides my mom, of course.We were born over the span of six hours; my sister Lisa is the oldest and I the youngest, a fact my sisters keep letting me know. We have always been really close, and mom and dad made sure of this by giving us all the same bedroom.“If you all sleep in the same room, you can’t go to bed angry at it each other. It will help you bond more.”Well, she was right, we bonded and the three of us are inseparable. It was a bit difficult when we all went through puberty. Especially when I started having wet dreams and waking up with morning wood. My sisters would tease me and make fun of me, but that all passed.By the time we all turned seventeen our beds had become a bit small, so the three beds were pushed together and my sisters and I slept together in one larger bed. It was completely innocent and we thought nothing of it. It just meant that we had escort beylikdüzü a lot more extra room in our bedroom, so we put in a couch in front of our tv so we could sit on it instead of sitting on Lina’s bed like we used to. Mom and dad didn’t seem to mind and just told us to remember that as much as they liked that we were so close, and as much as they knew that sometimes thoughts ran through our minds as hormonal teenagers, we should still give each other some space.It was shortly after our seventeenth birthday, and as usual Lisa, Lina and I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep; for some reason I was really horny and under the covers, trying not to wake my sleeping sisters, I started to jerk off. That night I was sleeping in the middle, with my sisters fast asleep on either side of me. I knew one false move and I would wake them, but I needed relief. I knew they masturbated at times, and mom and had already had that discussion with us. It wasn’t a big deal to them, and they just told us to make sure we each had our own “alone” time.I threw my boxers escort akbatı over to the washing basket and started to stroke myself. I had my eyes closed, envisioning a sexy girl from class as my hand slid up and down my cock. I felt Lisa stir next to me, so I stopped. She seemed to move closer to me, so her head was touching my shoulder. When I felt that she was fully asleep again, I carried on stroking. It felt so good and knew if I continued I would come too fast. I pinched the tip of my cock and tugged at my ball sack. I had read somewhere that this would prolong my orgasm, something called edging.I lay still for a few seconds, my hard cock making a tent in the bedsheets. Then I felt it, Lisa’s hand slid up my thigh and cupped my balls. She kissed my bare shoulder and looked up at me with her amazing eyes.“Mark, why did you stop jerking off? The motion was putting me back to sleep. By the way, you have a beautiful cock.”She kissed my shoulder again as her hand slid up over my balls and around my shaft. She started to stroke me slowly, sliding her escort beylikdüzü hand all the way up the shaft, twisting around my bell end, and then back down to the base. She started stroking me faster, making me groan. I closed my eyes, savouring the pleasure I was getting from my own sister.“What the fuck are you guys doing?”My eyes flew open as I could see the bedside lamp switched on. I could see Lina looking at us, more in amusement than anything thing else. Lisa stuttered and then spoke boldly to our sister.“He was jerking off. He needed help so I was helping him. He’s my brother and if he needs help cumming, I am here for him.” Then, as an afterthought she said, “and so should you be.”Lina laughed and kissed me on the cheek.“Yes, I should be here to help him, but don’t you think it’ll be easier to suck him off than just jerking him?”I couldn’t believe my ears. I believed it even less when Lina kissed down my chest and belly, then took my cock into her mouth. She started to suck me off, my first blowjob. As Lina sucked on my cock, I watched as Lisa started to pull off her clothes. She lay close to me, her soft teenage breasts pressing against me as she kissed me on the lips. I felt her tongue push into my mouth and soon we were making out. It felt weird making out with my triplet, but I loved it.

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