The Neighbor Came

Big Cock

I turned the knob on the tub so that the hot water was on all the way, put the drain plug in, and sat in the floor patiently. I’d already messaged my boyfriend to let him know I would be bathing soon. Luckily, he’d gotten into a new game recently and hadn’t been paying much attention to me. He’d simply texted me a simple “okay” as a response, and nothing else. I sighed in relief as I received the message. He certainly wouldn’t be a problem today. I stood up and walked across the long bathroom to the cabinet above the sink, scanning the items for some bath oils to fill the room with a nice, romantic scent. I finally settled on citrus and lavender after looking through my collection, and made my way back to the large tub.

It was almost a fourth of the way full at this point, so I put a few drops in and set the small glass bottles to the side, their sides clinking together as they met. I breathed in a nice mixture of flower and oranges, which made a small, blissful smile perch on my lips for a moment. I found my place in the floor once again, still fully clothed, and grabbed my phone from the small stand next to the tub. I began browsing through my messages, looking for some fun, as I realized he’d already texted me. He was not my boyfriend, but we’d talked a lot, and he was my next-door neighbor. I click on a name that is not his, one that I’d saved to my phone so that my boyfriend wouldn’t read the messages, and began to read his simple greeting.

“Hey,” he had typed, “what’re you up to tonight?”

I smiled at the question and typed my response to send. “Nothing much, about to take a nice, hot bath. And you?” I debated on adding a winking smiley face, but decided against it, as there was still much more time in the night, and it’s more fun if you lead into it.

“Ooh, that sounds nice and hot for sure.” He replied.

I giggled quietly to myself, feeling as though at any moment someone could hear me and tell, even though I lived alone and had not planned on anyone coming over. I thought over my response carefully, not wanting to rush into anything, but also wanting him here with me. “Oh, I’m sure it will be. I’m sure you would love to be here and enjoy it with me. ;)” I gave in to the smiley face idea as I pressed the little blue send button on the bottom of the screen. As I waited patiently for him to respond, I decided on a bubble bath from a different cabinet in the bathroom, and poured a fair amount of it into the tub. The water began to foam near the faucet as the water poured out. The room was warm and moist at this point, so I took off my socks, boots, and underwear. I wasn’t quite ready to pull myself out of my tight red dress that clung to my body just yet. I tossed the unwanted clothes into the hamper on the other side of the room, and placed my boots next to it carefully.

When I came back to my phone once again, he’d replied with a “Oh, I’d love to. But I’m awfully busy. I’d really need some convincing for me to drop everything and run over there.”

I rolled my eyes at him. He always was such a tease, and always loved a little teasing. I slipped my dress to the edges of my shoulders, pulling the lowcut V-neck even lower than before, showing off my cleavage, but nothing else. I posed and snapped a photo with the camera on my phone, showing my pale shoulders and well-defined collar bones, along with a small bit of the top of my cleavage in front of the pale blue water with mountains of bubbles. I captioned the image and sent it to him.

“If only you were here to slip this all the way off, then you wouldn’t have to worry about anything else.”

I Escort Beylikdüzü sat in front of the tub again, and it was already half-way filled up at this point. My phone made a tone, letting me know I’d received another message. I read it quickly, eager to reply.

“Mmm, and I would really like to not have to worry about the work I need to do. If only I could see a little bit lower, and maybe I’d ask if I could join you”

I thought of a response as I pulled my collar down farther, exposing my perky, pink nipples. I held the camera to take a picture so that the image was only down far enough to show the very tips of my areola, so as not to expose too much too soon. “If you were here, you could see –and touch—all you want.”

“Would you like me to come over, Abbigail?”

“Oh yes.”

I felt anxious as I replied. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this to my boyfriend, but I also really couldn’t help myself. My boyfriend was sweet and caring, but my neighbor was sexy and exciting, and I wanted them both! I heard a knock on my back-door, so I sent a quick text to my boyfriend letting him know I was going to read while I bathed, so I would text him when I was finished. He responded quickly with another message of confirmation, and I sat the phone to the side, and set it to silent. I then pulled the dress up to my shoulders how it was supposed to be worn, turned off the faucet, and proceeded to answer the door.

When the door was opened, there he stood, blond hair pushed to the side, muscular but thin, and obviously with something on his mind. I smiled and asked him to come in. He did so, and shut the door behind him, not taking his eyes off my body the whole time.

“Hello” I said politely as he removed his shoes, pushing them to the side as I walked backward toward my bedroom. He followed, and backed me up against the bed, pressing his body against mine slightly. I could tell his erection was already forming underneath me, and it turned me on immensely.

“Hey there, baby girl.” My heart sank as he spoke. I could never understand how he could be so sweet and so sexy at the same time, but he was. I bit my lip as he leaned closer, running his tongue lightly across my lower lip, a sweet smirk painted on his face. I had a feeling that smirk would be with us a lot tonight.

I moaned lightly at the feeling, and pulled him closer as I placed my arms around him, on his hip. I pulled his lower body closer to mine, and lightly thrusted into him, feeling his cock grow harder as we touched more.

He finally kissed me, letting a sweet moan escape into my mouth as he did so. I kissed him back passionately, letting our lips rub together in an exciting way. We kissed for a while, letting our hands roam a bit, and he finally pushed me backward so that I was lying on the bed. He climbed up as well, straddling me in his blue jeans and dark grey t-shirt. It was the first time I’d payed attention to what he was wearing that night, but damn, did he look great. The darkness of his jeans and shirt contrasted beautifully with the harsh paleness of his skin, and his blond hair was clearly fixed carefully with gel or some other product. His blue eyes were glowing, and he was smiling down at me.

I reached up and grabbed ahold of his collar, pulling him down toward my face. Less than a centimeter away, I ran my tongue across his lip, eliciting a slow shiver, and making his eyes roll back. I smirked back at him, and he began to pull the collar of my shirt down to my stomach, exposing my breasts. He bit his lip sexually, and began to suck Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan slowly at my neck. I groaned at the feeling, and felt his erection pulse underneath me. He moved down slowly to my nipples, making sure to give every inch of skin he passed his undivided attention. Once he reached one of my nipples, he ran his tongue around it slowly, teasing me, and making me moan out for more.

“Please?” I asked through a moan right before he took the nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. He rolled his tongue around it skillfully as he sucked gently, making it harder and much redder in color. He moved his attention to the other nipple, and did the same, as I ran my fingers through his hair, grasping at it firmly to pull him back up to my lips.

As he kissed me, I reached down and began to fumble around with his belt. It, however, was not a normal belt buckle, and I absolutely could not figure it out. I admitted defeat, and he chuckled slightly as I pulled his dark grey shirt over his head, and tossed it aside. His chest was amazingly pale, and speckled with small darker spots all over. I bit my lip at the sight, as he backed slowly off the bed, rubbing his erection against me as he did so. He undid the buckle himself, and I also scooted into the floor, settling onto my knees in front of him.

He laughed at my actions. “Eager to play, are we, baby girl?” I loved it so much when he called me that, and it just tore me up inside to hear it with such a provocative tone. I nodded as I unzipped his pants and slid them down to expose his grey boxers, and an obvious erection underneath. There was a small spot of darker grey, where his precum had already soaked through his underwear. I moaned under my breath at the sight of his cock, and put my mouth around it under the underwear. This elicited a deep moan from him, and he fell back toward the bed a bit. After catching himself, he thrusted toward my mouth subconsciously, and I tightened my lips around it, moving the pressure up and down it, teasing him through his boxers. I pulled away, and began to use my hand to stimulate him, rubbing up and down his cock, feeling just how hard he was for me. I stood up, and kissed him again, and he pushed me backward onto the bed. He straddled over me again, but this time, he went down farther, and began kissing my thighs, pulling my dress up bits at a time as he kissed higher and higher. He finally made it to my pussy, and raised an eyebrow at me, a smirk on his face.

“No underwear today?” He laughed a bit, and went back to kissing all around where I wanted him to. As he kissed around, I saw no reason to respond until he stopped again, and mandated a response. “You need to answer my questions, no matter what I’m doing, baby girl.” He kissed closer and closer to my clit as I began to form an answer in my head.

“Um, I t-took them off, unh,” I moaned loudly as he began to suck on my clit lightly in a teasing way, “right before you got, oh,” it was getting harder and harder to talk as he sucked, “here,” I finally finished, letting out a groan at the end of the sentence, as if it were punctuation.

He chuckled as he sucked at my ever-so-sensitive clitoris, making me squirm with every movement. He began to wander around with his hands, lightly touching my thighs, and making his way toward my vagina. And then, of course, another question. “What do you want me to do to you, baby?”

His hand feeling around had made me completely tune out his words at the end. I tried to form an answer, but to no avail as he began to rub the outside opening Beylikdüzü Escort to my vagina with his middle finger. When I hadn’t answered for a moment, he stopped all that he was doing, and rested his finger on the opening, teasing me lightly. He kept his mouth where it was, but replaced the sucking motions with those of speaking.

“Abbigail, I said you had to answer me.” He demanded.

I moaned at the sound of dominance in his voice. “I-I would love for you to- “

“Yessss?” He held out the word, and ran his tongue in circles over my clit afterward. God, did that make it hard to answer him.

“t-to fuck- ohhhh” He began to suck again, and inserted a finger into me as I attempted to answer. “f-fuck me, please!” I finally managed to get out, as he began pressing his finger in and out of me, sucking on my clit in a rougher fashion, making me moan loudly once again.

He stopped, then, and stood up. I sighed of both relief, and disappointment, as if he’d continued for just a few moments longer, it would’ve pushed me over the brink easily. He pulled his boxers down, and stepped out of them. He then walked over to my bedside table, and opened my drawer, pulling out a small cock ring that vibrates. Clearly, he’d known exactly where to look. He slowly placed it over his long, hard cock as I observed, taking in all the senses I could in at this moment. He then climbed back into the bed, straddling me once again. He pressed the button on the side of the ring, and allowed it to begin to vibrate. I reached down, and began stroking him, making his mouth open into an o-shape, letting a moan escape into the empty space between us. I stroked slowly and easily at first, but soon it changed into a quicker pace, with a much tighter grip. I was enjoying myself so much, turning him on, that he had to tell to stop, or he would cum all over me right then. I stopped abruptly, and pulled my hand away, the biggest smile on my face.

He waited a moment and pressed the tip of his cock against my vagina’s opening, making me groan quietly. He inserted himself slowly at first, but soon found a nice rhythm, letting the cock ring hit my clitoris with every thrust. We moaned out together, as we thrusted into one another, my breasts bouncing, and his hips hitting mine every time. It wasn’t long before he was warning me that he wouldn’t be lasting much longer. I asked him to pull out, and he did so as he began to touch himself with his hands, stroking himself right in front of me. I moaned at the sight, and began to rub my finger over my clit in circular motions, watching as he masturbated over me.

“Can I cum all over you, baby?” He moaned as he asked me.
“Yes, please,” I begged him as I came closer and closer to being pushed over the brink by the combination of my skillful fingers on my clit, and the sight of him finishing himself while watching me. He finally orgasmed, letting his cock explode all over me, covering my chest, dress, and clit with his sweet, sweet semen. He moaned my name as loud as he could, grunting afterward as all the tension I’d built for him was finally released. I moaned with him, also hitting my limit, as I squirted a bit onto my bed, our fluids mixing, as we moaned for each other. Once we were both completely finished, he leaned down and kissed me sweetly. I smiled into the kiss, and tasted the flavor of myself on his lips. I couldn’t help but be ecstatic and feel amazing after that. We laid there for a while, just kissing and hugging in the bed, until we fell asleep.

We woke in the morning to my alarm clock. He seemed very embarrassed that he’d stayed over, but I really didn’t mind. I got ready as usual, and let the water out of the bath tub. As we both left, and parted ways, he gave me a goodbye kiss.

“Next time, maybe you’ll get your bath.” He smirked, and we went our separate ways, and the thought was in my mind all day about how I couldn’t wait until we met again.

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