The New Neighbor Pt. 02

Big Tits

Amber looked at her bed in shocked disbelief. Her sheets were fucking soaked. After getting back to her temporary house, she masturbated and made herself cum more times than she could count. Amber always liked to give herself multiple orgasms, but something unusual happened when she tried to go to sleep that night. She was so curious and excited by everything going on… The image of Ms. V’s beautiful body was racing through her mind. Amber had no idea what tomorrow held for her, she felt like a little kid trying to sleep on Christmas Eve. She had mixed feelings about the situation…the money, Ms. V’s dominating nature, how badly she wanted it to go farther. Amber was laying there in bed touching herself, remembering how soft Ms. V’s skin was. Amber wondered how she would have reacted if she had pushed her fingers a little deeper. She found herself wishing she had parted open Ms. V and dove in headfirst. Every time Amber had been with a girl, it was some sort of odd circumstance that led to experimenting with a friend. She never felt comfortable expressing how much she liked it, or going all out. Now, she found herself laying in bed desperate to openly devour this woman.

Amber continued to make herself cum, hoping it would help put her to sleep. Mostly just playing with her clit, she started to feel like she was floating. Amber was writhing in the bed, every muscle trembling intensely. Pretty soon it was like one continuous orgasm. Her vagina was clenching and releasing involuntarily, making her belly spasm. She so rarely played with toys or did any type of penetration, she usually preferred clitoris stimulation. But Amber was getting off on being able to feel how hard she was cumming, so she kept thrusting fingers deep inside herself and rubbing her clit with her other hand. Then all of a sudden she was gushing liquid. She got scared at first, having never done this before. She thought she was peeing and tried to stop. But after the initial shock, and her slowly rubbing her clit to soothe herself…she started to realize what was happening. Amber had watched plenty of porn and seen squirting videos. A lot of them were obviously fake, but some seemed pretty real. She kept playing with herself to see what would happen and found herself in pure ecstasy. Her whole body was shaking and her breathing was ragged. After she wore herself out, she realized she couldn’t fall asleep because she was laying in a huge puddle of her juices. Amber reluctantly got up and started to change the sheets. Curiosity got the best of her and she sniffed the pile of wet sheets she Avcılar Escort held in her arms. She couldn’t help but smile when she found she enjoyed the scent.

Amber awoke to Raphael knocking on her door. After her long night, it was late before she fully fell asleep. She rushed to the door as fast as she could, something told her that Ms. V didn’t like to be kept waiting. She flung the door open and saw Raphael, his usual mellow face broke into a big grin upon seeing Amber. She immediately realized that in her rush, she didn’t get fully dressed. She had been sleeping in a tshirt with no panties, and knew her hair to be a curly mess. Blood sprang to her cheeks as she jumped behind the door to hide. She knew Raphael probably saw that the curtains match the drapes. Amber had a slightly grown out curly bush. It wouldn’t show in a bikini, but it was definitely a little wild. She blushed even more thinking of herself in comparison to Ms. V’s immaculate grooming. She excused herself for a moment to get ready. Then Raphael led the way to the house just like yesterday. Today he made a little conversation though

“I am pleased to see you taking to Ms. V so well. I’m sure you will enjoy your time with her.”

Amber took this as an opportunity to express some of her curiosity. “Yeah, so uh- how long have you been…working for Ms. V?”

“Oh, I’ve had the pleasure of being with Ms. V for many years now.”

“Does she pay you well? What exactly do you do, if you don’t mind me asking? I was just a little surprised by yesterday…”

Raphael laughed “Ms. V doesn’t like us to discuss payments with others, she keeps those things personal. I do whatever Ms. V asks of me, or what I intuitively know she needs. But Ms. V can often be surprising and hard to anticipate.”

Amber gave a small smile and a quiet “Hmm” escaped her lips. She was now walking through the back door into the beautiful backyard. Ms. V looked even more stunning. She was submerged in the hot tub, the water coming right to the top of her breasts, making the brown skin of her collarbone glisten. The rest of her body hidden by the bubbling jets.

“Join me”

Amber obediently removed her tshirt and shorts that she had earlier thrown on over top a black bikini. Ms. V looked on disapprovingly.

“I’ve been wondering if you own anything that doesn’t come from a beach souvenir shop. Remove that bathing suit as well and come in.”

Amber hesitated, but only for a moment. Ms. V’s dark eyes were starting to narrow even more. Amber quickly Beylikdüzü Escort pulled the string, letting her large breasts bounce free. She carefully put the top on the ground next to the hot tub. Her large pinkish/brown nipples were hardening quickly. Amber wasn’t sure if it was from the fresh air or Ms. V’s intense gaze. When it came to pulling the bottoms down, Amber turned slightly to the side. She wasn’t sure what Ms. V would say or think of her unkempt bush. Ambers concerns were interrupted by Ms. V clearing her throat in such a way that immediately caused Amber to face her full frontal. Like she was being chastised for turning away. She did notice a more approving look from Ms. V when she turned to face her. Quickly, Amber got in to the water trying to hide herself, ignoring the incredibly hot temperature.

Ms. V started asking Amber questions; things about family history, her upbringing, medical past, schooling, extracurricular activities…Amber couldn’t help but to feel like she was at an interview. Then sexual history got brought up. Amber, though she had already adjusted to the hot tub temperature, felt her face start to burn.

“Uh, I lost my virginity at 19.”

Ms. V had a neutral face throughout this conversation. Her full lips relaxed, but closed. Not smiling or frowning. She asked,

“How many partners have you had?”

Amber never liked answering this question, but she had this strange compulsion to provide answers for Ms. V.

“Uh, well about 15. I don’t keep a running total, but I could sit down and list everyone if I needed to.” Ms. V moved closer to Amber. Their legs were now touching. Amber was wide eyed and openly staring into Ms. V’s chocolate brown cat like eyes.

“How many of these people were you in relationships with? Any one night stands? Or females?”

Amber knew she was blushing vividly now. Her pale skin always gave away the flush of blood to her cheeks. Her many freckles slightly blending into the rosy red.

“Uh well, I’ve had four exclusive relationships. A few flings that lasted for awhile, only a couple of one night stands. Actually, three to be exact. I have experimented with some girls, I actually count two of them in that number. But, uh, that’s about it.”

Ms. V paused for a moment.

“How many times do I have to tell you to stop saying uh and um?”

Amber said nothing for a second, her baby blue eyes widening further. Looking innocent and apologetic, slightly scared even.

“Sorry, Ms. V”

Ms. V smiled and then Esenyurt Escort said,

“Now go on home and get showered and dressed. I would like to take you shopping. I might need you to go on some outings with me and I’m tired of seeing your t-shirts and shorts. Raphael and I will be by to pick you up in a hour exactly. Be waiting by the door and come out to the car when you see us pull up.”

Amber hesitated for a moment. Ms. V smiled and gestured towards her aunt and uncles house


Amber scrambled out of the hot tub. Her naked body was flushed bright pink from the hot water. Her nipples were completely soft, spreading out over her large breasts, desert rose in color. They swayed and bounced as Amber grabbed her clothes, starting to get dressed. Ms. V interrupted

“No, walk to your house naked.”

Amber snapped into reality. That was a little much. It was a quiet neighborhood, but there were other houses in view beyond the privately fenced in paradise that is Ms. V’s yard.

“Excuse me? What if other people see me?”

“So what? You have a beautiful body, they would be happy to get a glance. It’s unlikely anyone is out anyways, on this sleepy street. You don’t need these clothes anymore.”

Amber stood with an open mouth. She was about to say “um” but didn’t know what to follow it with. She had a feeling Ms. V was going to enforce this walking home naked thing. It was a short distance. She thought it out…Once beyond the fence, Amber could run to the back door and only spend a couple of seconds in view of the street. She liked the idea of going shopping, truthfully all of this was exciting. She decided to go for it, instead of saying anything she just turned and slowly walked to the fence gate. Ms. V had a lovely view of her round ass and big thighs swaying and jiggling in the morning sun. As soon

as she was out the gate and out of sight, she broke into a sprint to her backdoor. Slamming it behind her once inside. She paused for a moment, her eyes unfocused but staring at the granite countertops in the kitchen. Her breathing was heavy, and her mind was a million miles away, or maybe just next door. Suddenly she became aware of the ticking second hand of a nearby clock and ran upstairs to the shower.

As the warm water rolled over ambers naked body, she couldn’t help but to feel overly sexual. Her hands spent extra time washing her vagina, her fingers playing with the lips…parting and closing herself. Barely inserting a finger inside. All of a sudden she realized she had spent too much time in the shower, she zoned out while getting herself on the edge of cumming. She got out moments later and started scrambling to get ready. She decided on wearing a sundress with a strapless bra (hard to find in her size) and no panties. She was feeling particularly naughty. With seven minutes to spare she sat by the front door waiting.

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