A Weekend to Remember…


A girlfriend, Susann, and I both were sixteen. We were in the same grade and in the same classes in school, and she came home with me one Friday afternoon in order to spend the weekend with me.We were together in the living room of my house, both naked, lying on the floor on some throw pillows masturbating together as we often did, when my stepbrother, who’s a year older than us, caught us at it.He said, “Why don’t you two just go upstairs to your room to continue doing that?”Red in the Escort Yakacık face, we got up to go upstairs, when Susann turned around and said, “Well, why don’t you come along and join-in with us as we ‘continue’.”My step-brother looked straight at her as he answered her saying, “Well, why not! Okay then, I will!”That really surprised me but the three of us all headed upstairs to my bedroom where I have a king-sized bed. Susann and I, already nude, got Atalar escort on the bed first while my stepbrother got himself undressed before he too joined us on the bed. She had already told me that she really wanted to get to know my brother better, so this seemed like the perfect time for her to do so if a little unorthodox.The three of us were now all in my bed, naked, with my stepbrother in the middle. He lay there on his back with his cock fully erect Kadıköy escort bayan and with the two of us on either side, facing him and each other. Susann and I took turns stroking up and down on his erect cock as well as giving him some oral, with both sucking him many times.He and I had been together like this a few times before, usually in the afternoon before our folks got home, or sometimes later in the evening after they had gone to bed and were asleep. We both enjoyed masturbating, not only solo in our own rooms all alone but also enjoyed joining each other some togetherness as well.Now, however, brother had himself two wet pussies to enjoy touching, fingering, looking at and playing with! I could see he and Susann were infatuated with each other’s sexy nude bodies.

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