E067: Emma’s necklace completed


It is after two o’clock when Donald wakes.  He slept so well that when he arises, the heartache of yesterday has diminished.  But then he sees that Emma is not there and a new terror runs through him for a minute wondering where she is.  Has she left him?  He knows he is being foolish, but the thought of her not there anymore is too much for him to consider.And then the bathroom door opens, and Emma is standing in the backlight glowing.  The glitter lotion is rubbed all over her, the nipples and clit clamps are in place, and as she turns around for him, he sees the plug is back in her — the golden weights hanging from each nipple swing back and forth.  Her hair is done in a full style, and while not as severe as yesterday, the brown shades of make-up are on.  What is she doing?  She looks just like last night, is she taunting him?Emma comes over to the bed, helps him to sit up on the side as she kisses Donald deeply, then bends and takes his cock in her mouth fully and sucks on him.  Over and over she goes up and down his shaft as her fingers at his base squeeze him — her other hand is caressing his balls.  Then her mouth is on his balls one after the other as she jerks his shaft.Donald moans as Emma does this.  After a while, she lifts herself enough to press one of her tits to his face.  He grasps on to the nipple, with the clamp still on, and suck on it long and hard. He is nibbling at it a little too, before kissing and licking all around her areola and breast. Then he takes each of the weight balls hanging from her nipple in his mouth and pulls on them a little.  Emma moans in a very lustful way.  Encouraged, he takes all of them in his mouth at once and pulls on them as he sucks on the small globes filling his mouth.This tips Emma over the edge as she yelps. He moves to the other and does the same, which bring the same results.When it appears Donald, and she, have their fill of this delight, Emma helps him to lay on his back on the bed and between his legs goes back to sucking and jerking him. She is running her tongue up and down his shaft, pressing against the vein at the back to make him cry out.  Then she is back sucking his head, moving down Escort Anadolu yakası to take him all in until he cums with abandonment.Emma licks him clean, and then moves up and kisses Donald over and over.Then Emma stands and leaves the room.Donald is unsure what is going on, or where Emma is going.  He hurries to the bathroom for a much needed first pee of the day and to quickly brush his teeth.  Donald is back on the bed as Emma enters the room with a bottle of wine and two glasses.  She fills them and holds one to his lips for a few sips.  She moves them to the nightstand and kisses him with great passion again.“Donald, since I just pleasured you, would you like to do the same for me?” Emma asks him.In reply, he pulls her down on her back, lifts her legs enough, and his mouth is on her pussy in seconds.  He sucks her outer lips until they are red and swollen, then the same for her inner lips.  Then on to the wonderful juices flowing on her slit.  Up and down he goes, when he reaches her clit, in the lasso and already rather swollen, he licks and nibbles at it to her great delight.  Her back arches and she cries out as her body shakes letting him know she is having an orgasm.Donald does not stop; he moves his tongue to her vag and presses in as far as he can to lap and lick her honey cavern.  He feels Emma still throbbing against him.  He keeps going searching for her g-spot with his tongue, hoping he can reach it.  And the clenching, crying out and shuddering of Emma’s body tells him he succeeded.Donald slows a little now, and runs his tongue up and down her slit, stopping to suck on a labia, her clit, or circling her vag gently.  Emma moans and whines at the attention. Emma twists him around and begins to suck him as he does her, they lay facing each other each with one leg back some, the other leg over their necks.  A wonderful sixty-nine position to spend some time pleasuring each other.Which they do, taking their time over this until both begin to shudder and tremble from each other’s thoughtful attention.  Together they both slide over the summit and cum simultaneously.They fall away from each other Kurtköy escort panting.  Emma rolls to lay face to face with Donald and again kisses him over and over.  They taste their combining cum that they just have been sucking in.Emma tells him she will be right back and goes to the bathroom.  She comes back with two warm wet rags in a bowl and sits them by the bed.  Donald wonders what that is about.She lays next to him and again lowers his face to her breast to suck her nipples.  He does for a bit on each, and then Emma whispers to him, that perhaps he should take her clamps off and her plug out of her.Suddenly, Donald comprehends what Emma is doing for him.He does as she asks, and then taking one of the rags has her roll over on her stomach and wipes up and down her crack, and then around her starfish and in it some.  Emma moans at this start.Donald spreads her legs and presses her knees under her to raise her some, then lowers his mouth to her crack and begins to lick up and down it.  After a bit, he begins to rim her around and around her hole, and then presses his tongue up in her, just a little before he circles again.  He repeats this dance several times, each time pressing into her a little more, until in her as deep as he can as he flips his tongue to and fro to boogie against her walls.Emma sings out in enjoyment.She rolls over after a bit, kisses Donald, and tells him, to roll over now and place himself in the same position between his legs now.  He feels the warm cloth cleansing him to start.  And then Emma’s tongue is doing the same dance on his ass and in his rosebud.  It is wonderful. While a little spent right now from the last two episodes, the spasms crashing though Donald’s body is electrically charged from feeling Emma do this to him.  He too sings out in response.When he can’t take much more, he falls on the bed.  Emma is quickly beside him, kissing him with such fervor.  He aches from his craving for more and more of her lips on his.Emma gets up and tells him why doesn’t he get a nice hot shower? She will fix something for them to eat as neither has had anything since last night and then Maltepe escort bayan neither of them had eaten much. Donald nods his agreement and heads to the bathroom as Emma does to the kitchen.In the shower as the water and steam wash over him, Donald wonders why Emma is recreating his dream for him to enjoy it all himself?  It is wonderful, and he hopes they can complete the remaining three, but why?  Is she trying to punish him?  It is not much of a punishment as he is enjoying every second.  He understands that when she is ready, Emma will explain it all to him.He laughs to himself, thinking about how last night he was ready to toss the clamps and plug away forever, but now, he wants them for him and Emma to play with again and again.Clean now, and shaven, he returns to the bed, which he sees has been changed.  Leave it to Emma to have one of the girls do so while they were away.  She is getting to learn how to request this as well as he does.Emma returns a tray in hand with a plate of sandwiches on it.  She sets it between them as Donald begins to drool seeing what they are.  Homemade fresh bread which he can smell the warmth still coming from, buttered to perfection, turkey and cheese or ham and cheese, with yes, just the right amount of homemade mayonnaise on each. The sandwiches cut in quarters triangles for easy eating.Emma refills their wine glasses, and places them on the tray first, after holding one for Donald to take a sip.  She lifts a sandwich and holds it to his mouth to bite.  He realizes that today, besides everything else, Emma is caring for him, feeding him.  He enjoys this sensation.He does wonder about the dynamics of the roles they are in now.  Is Emma still his subservient doing these things to please him, or is she now his nurturing caregiver?  What does it matter, it feels so good, after all they went through yesterday?He lifts a sandwich to her lips to eat, and they giggle together feeding each other. The food finished and cleared away, Emma begins to jerk him to hardness now.  It doesn’t take much as she has been stroking him while they ate.  He is already starting to grow,When he is in the ready position, he turns Emma on her back and spreads her legs.  Donald can see how wet she is already, so uses those juices, running his firm cock up and down her slit before entering her.  He thrusts deep up in her, and then leans and kisses her with such passion.  She moans as she searches his mouth in return, their tongues teasing each other.

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