Friends With Benefits: Marita


“Please come and visit me tonight,” Heather pleaded on the phone.”Alright, I will come out and see you,” I replied with a slight chuckle.Heather had recently begun working as a stripper and she was still trying to find her comfort zone. She felt that having friends around would help with that transition. Her ex-boyfriend had recently visited her prior to going back out into the field for a four-day tour. Having spoken to both of them, they were still on good terms. They just wanted to see other people. I had returned the night before and kept my off-duty schedule as close as possible to my work schedule. At this particular time, I had been working nights and as a result, I had acclimated myself to a night owl lifestyle during my breaks.”Are you sure you want to go and see her?” asked my buddy Chuck. “Yeah, I’m sure,” I replied. “Hey, why don’t you come with me?””Hmmm…giving out my money to random girls who pretend they like me instead of using my hard-earned money to buy important things like beer?” was his retort.”Okay, forget I asked,” I said. “I know how much you like to stay home.”It was true. Chuck really didn’t go out anywhere unless he was getting the newest anime on the market or video game. He really hated the bar scene and we would have to twist his arm to get him to go out with us. When he finally did, he got so drunk in the first two hours, Jose and I put him in a cab with instructions to his place. When he arrived, he was so drunk that he walked into the wrong unit. To Ankara escort say the occupant of that unit was not pleased is an understatement.I returned to my dormitory and got ready for the night. Heather would start her shift at eight o’clock and expected me to be there within the first hour or so. I shaved and showered; put on a pair of slacks and black button down shirt. Stepping out into the cool night air, I made my way to the bar/gentleman’s club. It was a different set up than most places I had been to in the past. This place had a bar, dance floor and pool tables on the first floor. You could be eighteen and patronize the place. However, the second floor required customers to be twenty-one years of age and that was where the gentleman’s club was located. I paid the cover and made my way to the bar. I ordered a beer and downed it before going upstairs. When I got to the top, Heather was on stage and was swinging around the pole. She smiled when she saw me. I went to the stage and she crawled towards me, her perky breasts hanging out from the schoolgirl outfit she was wearing. I pulled out a stack of one-dollar bills from my pocket and offered her one. She took it in her mouth and then rolled onto her back, her head dangling just off the stage. I smiled at her and began placing a bunch of singles on either side of her. Some of the other guys there began tipping her as well and she got up to make her way around the stage so the customers could Ankara escort bayan slip a bill or two into her thong.When her set ended, she winked at me before going off stage. I went over to the bar and ordered another beer. I had almost finished it when Heather came out to the floor. She had changed outfits. Now, she was wearing a white, see-through nightie with a white thong and matching white heels that made her almost as tall as me. Her blond hair had been tied back into two pigtails and I felt myself aroused at the sight of her. I had not seen her look like this before.We went to a nearby table where Heather sat close to me and we began catching up. We had spoken intermittently via text over the last couple of weeks but I had not seen her since the night I was called by her friends, who were concerned about her well-being after she had been drinking heavily and appearing depressed. When I showed up at the diner where they were at, her blue eyes lit up and she smiled. After a couple of hours, I offered to take her home. Her mood had improved in the two hours I was with her and when we arrived at her house, she kissed me outside the car on the driveway. The smell of liquor emanated from her breath and was so strong, I made the kiss short.”I really want you to come in and fuck me,” she said.I shook my head. “That is the alcohol talking,” I said. “It wouldn’t be right.”She had this look on her face that showed she was disappointed. “Call Escort Ankara me tomorrow?” she asked.”Yes, I will call you tomorrow,” I replied.I kept my word and checked in with her the next morning. She was better despite a nasty hangover. We had planned on getting together, but things didn’t work out for us over the next several days. When we were sitting at the table, she brought up that night and thanked me for looking out for her.”I really appreciate what you did for me that night you took me home from the diner,” she said. “I was not in the right frame of mind and the way I was feeling, I would have let anyone take advantage of me. I’m glad my friends called you. You were the perfect gentleman.”I leaned back in my chair and smiled at her. I would have hugged her, but these places have rules about touching the girls; I wasn’t about to test those limits with the tall, burly bouncer standing just a few feet behind us. Heather knew me well enough that she knew what I was thinking. She put her hand on top of mine.”You know, I kinda wish you had dated me instead of Stephanie,” she began. “I know what I said beforehand, but it really pissed me off seeing how she treated you when you guys became serious.”Heather referenced our friendship before I had met my now ex-girlfriend. I thought it was weird being set up by the same girl whom I had slept with just a few weeks ago. It was even stranger to me that Stephanie knew about our history and was cool with it. Things between us were good for the most part until some things in my personal life went south and took a toll on me in the process. As a result, she dumped me instead of talking things out. The split also severed our little clique that included Heather. It wasn’t until some time afterwards, that Heather wanted to hang out again.

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