In Eden


This is the fourth in the series of stories written in collaboration with Alphamagus about Robert and Juliana and their love. Robert and Juliana had already been in the Maldives for a week. He had booked the trip as he knew how drained Juliana had been recently. They had both been under the pressure of projects, deadlines and keeping clients happy in their respective work, for months. It was time for a break before either of them burned out. They normally spent vacation time in Europe, but that was a much more active holiday. What was needed was a complete getaway. The islands were stunning, set in the Indian Ocean; they were isolated, serene, hot and beautiful. For the first week they had eaten in either the resort’s restaurant or, the rest of the time, they had feasted on the food delivered to their beach hut. This was in reality a luxurious, self-contained suite, set on the beach of a still, crystal-clear ocean – anything but a hut. They ordered their food from an extensive menu. It was delivered and put away for them, as if by magic, as soon as they left for a walk on the beach or to sunbathe. They spotted other couples during the course of the day, but they were far enough away to not invade the solitude that Robert and Juliana craved for this vacation. Robert gave the boatman a large tip. He had taken them to a deserted island where the resort had erected a luxury cabin. It was one of the perks of the resort that guests were allowed to stay overnight in the fully stocked dwelling, without anybody else seeing them or being allowed to disturb them. There was a phone, with a direct line to the resort if they ran into difficulties but, apart from this, there was absolute isolation. As soon as the boatman was out of sight, Robert pulled Juliana to the beach, kissed her deeply and started removing her clothes. He took out the sunblock he had carried for her and when she was totally naked, liberally applied it to her fair skin. She had tanned during the week, but had to be careful in the sun. “Now we will get rid of the white bits,” he said, smiling. She looked up at him and returned the smile, then gently kissed him, before removing his clothes too. Robert had an olive complexion and never seemed to need sun block. He tanned quite easily and never burned. He picked up their clothes and semi-erect, walked in the direction of the cabin. Juliana was beside him, holding his hand and taking in the scene. As much as she was a Ataşehir escort bayan city girl and loved what they had to offer, this was paradise. She could not remember the last time she had been outdoors, nude like this, and looking at Robert, already becoming aroused, she knew that this place was having a similar effect on both of them. It was completely away from the outside world and everyone in it, just the two of them with the time and freedom to indulge themselves completely. It was worth the long flight to get here for this, Juliana thought and smiled. After placing her clothes on the bed in the cabin, Robert walked into the fully stocked kitchen area. He noticed with satisfaction, that there was a wine refrigerator filled to capacity with a variety of reds and whites, just as back at the resort. There was champagne in the fridge and a bottle of vodka in the freezer. He chose a bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio. He quickly located the glasses and poured both Juliana and himself a large ice cold drink. There was a platter of fresh tropical fruit waiting for them on ice. He walked outside to find her dusting off a large double hammock. He watched the curve of her buttocks as she dusted and he found his arousal was getting bigger and bigger. He put his glass down and walked up silently behind her. He reached in front of her with her glass and held it to her nipple. Instinctively, she took a step back onto his stiffening penis. She laughed and taking the glass, turned around and gave him a tender stroke. Raising the glass to her lips, she took a long mouthful, then pulled Robert in for a kiss. As she kissed him, she transferred some of the ice cold liquid into his mouth spilling a large part down his chest. The sudden coldness startled him, causing her to laugh out loud. Her hand went to his cock and softly stroked it to full hardness. He loved her touch and responded to it always, just as she loved touching him. Even in this time and place where there were no distractions, they still could not get enough of each other. All they had done in the first week was make love numerous times daily, eat and drink, spend time in the water and occasionally sleep. It was bliss, feeding every appetite, especially knowing that there was no clock to watch, no clients to deal with; just pleasing themselves by pleasing each other. Robert let Juliana take the lead now, a turn on to be made love Escort Ümraniye to by the love of his life. His cock throbbed in her hand as she kissed him deeply. She pushed him back so that he was resting on the hammock, then, falling to her knees, she took more of the ice cold wine into her mouth and spilled it onto the head of his cock. He gasped once more, as her tongue licked around his head before she took a deep lick up and down his stiffened shaft. Gently, she then slid him as far into her throat as she could without gagging. She could feel his hands go into her hair as he started gently thrusting in and out of her. He could feel the cool wine, the warmth of her mouth, her tongue and her lips around his cock, circling it lower on his shaft with each thrust. In and out, sucking him, then stopping, kissing and licking his shaft and his balls, before resuming the pressure all around him, deep in her mouth. Juliana heard his quiet groans, as his member moved in her mouth more rapidly. She looked up into his eyes to let him know that he should come there. There was time for that today and for more orgasms in other erogenous places. Robert felt his balls tightening and knew he was about to come. He murmured, “Oh, God. Darling, it’s so good,” as she started pumping his shaft, while her tongue carried on its mission. Suddenly, she reached behind and gently inserted one finger into his anus. It was too much for Robert. Lost in the incredible sensation, he released several spurts of hot, creamy semen into her mouth and throat. Juliana swallowed as much as she could, then still with him deep inside her mouth, she carried on licking and sucking his ejaculating member. He was still thrusting deep, even though his orgasm had passed and he knew that he would not return to a flaccid state while she was doing this. Looking down at her, he saw her eyes gazing into his intently and he felt a jolt of electricity flow through him. She knew exactly what she was doing. Her tongue continued to work its magic and even with tiny dribbles of his semen running from the side of her mouth, he knew that he had to have her now. Robert was so turned on that there was no need to wait. His cock was still hard, full for her and he wanted more. He raised her from her knees, kissing her deeply, tasting himself in her mouth. He decided that his taste was not as sweet as hers, but would research evidence of that point later. Bostancı escort For now, he wanted to be inside her. He embraced her, allowing his hands to move all over her body, caressing her everywhere, feeling her silky skin, the weight of her breasts in his hands as he kissed them all over, sucking on her soft pink nipples. One hand went lower, playing between her legs and found that what she had just done had aroused her as well. Juliana was hot and wet below, ready for him now. He lifted her onto him, allowing her to straddle him and slowly lower herself to be impaled on his cock, which was fully erect again. Robert mused that even in his twenties he did not recall having almost zero recovery time. Such was his desire for Juliana. His stamina and ability to perform with and for her seemed to border on priapism. This happened not only in her presence. Her voice on the phone during the day at work or even seeing her name on an incoming email or text caused his cock to stir and stiffen. It was as if a spell had been cast on him by this beautiful, intelligent, loving, and yes, challenging woman. He never wanted the spell to be broken. Juliana looked down at Robert as she rode him. The hammock provided almost all the motion they needed for slow, lazy lovemaking. She loved this feeling of utter abandon. Imagine being nude in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the day, fucking out in the open, she thought. She loved this man who had come into her life unexpectedly and had made himself her lover, her friend, her partner, her protector, her everything. Juliana had thought herself to be fairly sophisticated, but Robert had taken her to new places sexually, breaking down barriers and allowing her to become utterly uninhibited with him. Funny how his tender love produced the same from her in return but also wanton sex such as she had never known. She moved her hips in rhythm with his, as his cock reached ever deeper into her, their pace slowly increasing as she neared orgasm. Robert was sitting up with her on his lap and able to kiss her passionately as he fucked her, caressing her breasts, moving his hands on her back, taking her in with all of his senses. And then, with the change in her breathing and those small moans he knew so well, he knew she was there and pushed her over the edge. He met her spasms with his own and filled her inside as he had her mouth earlier with, impossibly, even more semen. She trembled in his arms, as their climaxes subsided and he held her close, stretching out with her on the length of the hammock. The sea breeze cooled them, as they lay very still, their limbs tangled together, spent. They lay like this for a few minutes before both falling asleep, arms wrapped around each other in the shade.

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