Invisible Girl: An Erotic Romance, Part Four


Chapter FiveThe intensity of the experience had shaken them both. Sometimes as they walked along the dark streets, talking quietly, their eyes would find each other, and although the topic under discussion would continue unchecked there would be a silent question exchanged, along the lines of, Did that really just happen?, followed by the equivalent of Wow.  As if they had been caught in a forest fire or a landslide and had barely escaped.Eventually, though, there was too much that she didn’t know, and it was too much to contain.   She asked him, “Peter, can anything we’ve been doing…make me…pregnant?”They stopped right in the middle of the road, and he hastened to reassure her, explaining that she could only get pregnant if he had put it—and fumbled for a moment, knowing that this wasn’t the time for sex slang—between her legs.  “That‘s why I put it…you know…where I did.  And…also…you’re still a…a virgin—so am I, really.  And that’s something I wouldn’t…take from you like that, without asking.  That wouldn’t be right.”She thought about that for a moment, and then said, “But it was all right to put it up my…my behind without asking me?”He had no answer for that, and they had walked along in silence for a while.  Then he stopped again. She heard him say “Damn” under his breath, shaking his head slightly.  Then he turned to her, and, forcing himself to meet her eyes, said,  “You’re right.  I should never have done that without asking you.  Even if we’re pretending that…you know, you have to do whatever I want…that wasn’t right.”  He looked down, then looked up at her again, his expression dejected. “I’m really sorry, Jane.  God, I’m always…I try to act like I know what I’m doing, and I don’t, and you know it.  Look, maybe we should just stop.”She was silent for a moment then said, “Do you want to?”“Oh, no.  You know I don’t.  This is…  You’re the most exciting…  I never thought…  But what if I really hurt you?”She leaned over and put her arms around him then, and said,  “You know, if you’d told me what you were going to do I would have been scared to death.  But I think I would have probably said yes anyway.  I know you’d never really hurt me…even if you do keep spanking me.”  She smiled timidly at him as she said this, then glanced down as she continued,  “And I really think you’re very nice.”  She looked up, saw his disbelieving expression, and kissed him quickly before nodding her head emphatically and saying, “Yes—really.  But from now on, if you’re going to do something like that, ask me.  And don’t put anything in my mouth!”And with that she deftly plucked the valentine panties from his jacket pocket, then mopped his astonished face all over with them and honked his nose before dropping them and running down the road as fast as her stiff condition would allow, laughing out loud.The crashing sound she heard was her bike falling over as he took off in hot pursuit, calling her a little creep and threatening to make her eat her panties.  Of course, she was too stiff—and laughing too hard—to get very far, but it was so much fun to make him run after her.  When she heard his footsteps getting close she whirled and struck a fake karate pose, saying, “Hah!”  He immediately dropped into a similar posture and began threatening her in Asian-sounding gibberish, and they danced around in fake combat in the middle of the road for all of about thirty seconds before he snaked out an arm and grabbed her, bent her backwards in his arms as if for a big romantic kiss—and then placed his mouth on her neck and used it to make a loud farting noise.  Which also tickled like crazy so that by the time she had recovered from giggling, he was already back at the bike, raising it from the ground.  And of course, retrieving her panties.After that, they talked about whatever came to mind.  She found out he lived near the school too, though on the other side.  They talked about teachers and classes and other students they both knew or knew the siblings of.  He talked about his plans to go on to a four-year college that fall.  They discovered they were both the only children in their families. She told him about her father and what had happened to him and asked about his parents.  He replied that he lived with his father…and trailed off into silence for a long moment.  Then he explained, averting his face as he did so, that his mother had had some Bostancı Escort kind of breakdown a long time ago and he hadn’t seen her since he was eight.  He sounded deeply ashamed as he told her and asked her not to tell anybody.  “My friends think they’re divorced.  They don’t know.”  She quickly assured him, “I won’t tell.” And knew that she had found his sadness.When they reached her house he helped her walk her bike all the way up the gravel drive and held it while she retrieved her garment bag before leaning the bicycle against the porch.  The porch light was on but she knew her parents wouldn’t be waiting up.  She looked at her watch and was astonished to find that it wasn’t all that late.  She felt like one of the characters in her favorite book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, who would walk through a magical wardrobe into another world, have adventures that went on for years, and then return to find that only a few minutes had passed in the ‘real’ world.It must have been the magic bra and panties, she thought, giggling to herself, half-asleep.  They were both dead on their feet—and he still had to walk home.  Still, he walked her up to the front door and they put their arms around each other and kissed, just as if he’d taken her to the dance.  Then he looked at her, his face close to hers, and said quietly,  “I’m glad…” And she replied, “Me too.”  They hugged once more, then he smiled at her and walked off into the darkness.When she got to school Monday morning, she discovered that someone had been there before her and pasted a red heart to the door of her locker.  When she looked more closely at it she discovered it had been cut from a piece of cloth—and that it had a tiny stain on it.Chapter SixDuring the next week, they continued by unspoken agreement to pretend at school that they didn’t know each other.  She loved having their times together be completely separate from the ‘real’ world; a private Narnia they could visit where everything was different, and magic could happen.Another agreement they made without even realizing it was to take things more lightly for a while.  On afternoons when he didn’t have other commitments, such as the yearbook committee, he took to waiting for her around the first turn she made on her way home.   She would find him sitting under a tree there, and she would get off her bike and he would walk her as far as her driveway, and then a little way in from the road. There she would put down her bike’s kickstand, and they would hold each other and kiss and press themselves against each other for a few minutes, but that was all.What Peter didn’t realize was that what he probably thought of as ‘taking it easy’, Jane thought of as ‘getting him off guard’.  So when she told him about her parents’ Saturday-night meetings (he had been lucky that first time) and invited him over, she figured that he was probably expecting nothing more than a little snuggle and smooch, maybe with some light groping thrown in.His first intimation that maybe the evening was going to proceed a little differently than he had imagined was when he walked up the porch steps, shortly after her parents’ car had vanished down the drive, and found the front door swinging slowly open before he could knock…with nobody waiting inside.  He stuck his head in, called softly—“Jane?”—advanced a few more steps, called again, a little more loudly…and realized, actually an instant before he heard the door swinging shut behind him, that he had fallen for the oldest trick in the book.Which, as it turned out, he didn’t mind very much—or, to be honest, even remember what he’d been thinking about an instant before—when he had whirled around to find her closing the door by leaning against it, arms crossed, and wearing only a pair of frilly pink panties. And an expression of pure mischief.He had barely enough time to register this surprise when she gave him another by jumping up and throwing her arms around his neck while simultaneously swinging her legs off the ground so he would have to catch her in his arms.  When he had done so and was staring down, open-mouthed, at what he had caught, she kissed him greedily, slipping her tongue into his mouth for a moment.  When she withdrew, leaving him wide-eyed and gasping, she leaned towards his ear and whispered, “My bedroom’s at the top of the stairs on the right.”  Said Bostancı Escort Bayan the spider to the fly, she thought to herself.  And then lay her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes as if going to sleep.When they were in the dimly lit bedroom and he had gently lowered her onto her bed, she slowly opened her eyes like Sleeping Beauty, stretched provocatively, arching her back and then running her hands down her thighs, and said, “That was so nice. I think you deserve another kiss.”  She reached up and took his hands in hers and slowly drew him down to lie beside her.  Gently rolled him onto his back then climbed on top of him and straddled his chest.  She took one of his wrists in each hand and slowly stretched his arms over his head as she leaned down to kiss him, running her hands up and down his arms.  Then she slipped the loop of nylon, which she had fashioned earlier out of her much-despised pantyhose then fastened to the headboard and hidden behind the pillow, over his hands and quickly tightened it around his wrists. Quickly she jumped off the bed and snared each of his ankles in similar loops hidden at the foot of the bed…leaving him spread-eagled, helpless, and speechless with astonishment.When she was satisfied that he was securely tied, she once again straddled his chest, looking down into his stupefied face.  She leaned down close to him, sliding her hands under the pillow beneath his head as if embracing him.  She smiled teasingly, and said, “Why, Peter, I don’t believe you’ve said one word to me since you got here.  Aren’t you even going to say hello?”  And when at last he opened his mouth to say something—not ‘Hello’, was her guess—she had swiftly withdrawn her hands from under the pillow and stuffed into his mouth a pair of her oldest, rottenest, most stained and otherwise disreputable panties, which she had hidden there.  Which, moreover, she had taken the precaution of wearing day and night all that week.  His response, although certainly energetic and possibly eloquent, was in fact indecipherable.  She waited for him to finish—or give up, it was hard to tell—and said, “Why, Peter, I thought you liked panties.  You certainly seemed to like those other ones of mine.  Do you like these?”  She rose to her knees and struck his favorite pose, rolling her hips sinuously back and forth so that they almost touched his face, and giving him a good look at her small—but nicely shaped, she thought—naked breasts.And now she saw in his eyes a hint of a smile: an appreciative look that said, ‘Okay, I get it, this is a payback’.  And he managed to nod.  But she was far from done with him.  She said, “I thought you might.  They look really nice from behind, too.” and, reversing herself, leaned her elbows down to the bed on either side of his pelvis, putting her frill-covered behind in near communion with his nose.  She waved it lazily back and forth in front of him, saying,  “Do you still think I have a cute little ass?”  Then:  “Peter, I can’t understand a word you’re saying.”From her current position, she could hardly help noticing that he had become aroused.  No surprise there.  She said, “Peter, you really should learn how to iron your clothes…there’s a big lump right here.”—placing her hand on his zipper and moving it slowly up and down as if trying to smooth it out.  His response to this would have been understood in any language.  She opened his pants, unzipped them, and pushed them down onto his thighs, leaving his erection still trapped inside his white briefs.  “Darn!” she said.  “It’s still there.  Maybe we need to apply more pressure.”  And with that she had reversed herself again, now straddling his hips.  She settled herself onto the bulging outline of his cock, drawing a predictable response.  She smiled at him and said, “Why, Peter—you look all over-heated.  Here…” She pushed his t-shirt up to his shoulders, then pulled it over his head and up to his bound wrists.  She allowed her fingers to trail sensuously back down his arms and onto his now exposed chest, running her fingertips through the curly hair there, then beginning to circle and lightly pinch his nipples as she began moving her hips slowly back and forth on top of him.He had by now closed his eyes and was beginning to speak in a language that was familiar to her, the words of which were mostly spelled with the letter ‘n’.  Escort Bostancı For a moment, she too allowed herself to close her eyes and enjoy feeling him slide back and forth underneath her.  She even began to answer him in the same language.  But she didn’t allow herself to surrender completely, and when she sensed that he was close to climaxing she suddenly jumped off him and stood beside the bed.  He stared at her in disbelief.  She said, “Well, Peter, if you’re not going to even talk to me, I’ll go find something else to do.”  And she marched out of the room, to the accompaniment of a somewhat muffled scream.She was actually gone only long enough to make a short visit to the bathroom.  When she returned she was holding a jar of Vaseline.  She sat down on the edge of the bed and rested a hand on the front of his briefs, giving the still-burgeoning erection beneath a short caress.  “Poor thing,” she cooed, “he’s all cramped in there.  Don’t you think he’d like to come out?”  Peter nodded with comic vigor, now almost cross-eyed with desire and frustration.  Jane smiled sweetly and said, “All right.”She put the jar on her night table and straddled his thighs before gently lifting the elastic of his briefs and pulling them down over his cock, leaning forward and giving the head a tiny kiss as she did so.  Then she untied one of his ankles long enough to slide his pants and underwear free, leaving them bunched at the foot of the other.  After she had retied his ankle she went and stood at the foot of the bed.  And just looked at him for a while, enjoying the sight of him stretched out naked in front of her with a huge erection and completely at her mercy.  She saw that he was grinning at her—no small trick with his mouth full like that—and was sure that he knew exactly what she was thinking.She went and retrieved the Vaseline from her night table and, reseating herself on the edge of the bed, opened the jar and applied just the tiniest dab to the head of his cock, using the tip of one finger to smooth it on, making little circles around the edge as she did so, and then grasping the shaft lightly with the other hand to make sure she could reach the part in back.  This caused Peter to begin speaking in the ‘n’ language again and she knew he was dying for release.  But she continued to smooth on the jelly in little dabs with the tip of her finger, gradually coating the shaft, and then his sack—nearly driving him mad as she did so.  But he definitely took notice when she slipped a grease-covered finger between the cheeks of his rear end.  If he’d been able to think at that point he might have been glad that she kept her nails short—especially when it began to slowly worm its way into his passage, and then just as slowly out again, before repeating the process.He was beginning to writhe a little, and his vocabulary had expanded to include the letter ‘e’…which Jane took to mean the word ‘please’.  But he had no words left at all when she reached over to her night table and picked up a wooden hairbrush and, kneeling between his legs, laid it, face up, next to his cock.  It had a long cylindrical handle, rounded at the end, and was thus quite similar in size and shape.  And in case he hadn’t made the connection yet, she picked it up…and began coating the handle with Vaseline.When he saw this his vocabulary suddenly expanded again, to include ‘o’.  As in: No. Oh no.To no avail, of course.She did unto him pretty much as he had done unto her.  And once he—and his passage—had gotten used to the idea, he obviously actually found it, as she had, erotic in the extreme, especially when she used her other hand to encircle his cock and slide up and down it in the same rhythm as she was using with the hairbrush.  Which gradually increased, until he was thrashing around on the bed as much as his bonds would allow and screaming in the ‘n’ language.  And when she sensed that he had nearly reached the point of orgasm, she slid her free hand down onto his sack and…squeezed.  The resulting climax propelled drops of his juice as high as his forehead, and more certainly would have landed in his gaping mouth if it hadn’t already been full.When he had finally subsided, she removed the panties from his mouth and solicitously wiped the come from his face and chest with them, saying, as if reciting a language lesson, “You came all over yourself.  There is come on your face.”  Then she sat on the edge of the bed, and looking down at him with a somewhat malicious twinkle in her eyes, asked, “What do you think?”He looked back, his eyes still slightly unfocussed, smiled weakly, and said, “I think I need a new slave.  And some mouthwash.  And probably a laxative.  Whew.”  

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