Jessi’s debut – A true Jessi story


While what I wrote as how Jessi became an owned slut was fiction and fantasy, it inspired me to do what I did below. (Forgive the slow start but I want to tell the whole story for my own sake)Understand while I would not call myself a prude, I have never been a slut. At forty-eight (basically married for twenty of them) I’ve had three female partners, one male one night stand, and one regular hook up. While I have done some wild things with some of them, bondage, blindfold, spanking, I’ve never really let go. With my regular hookup I’ve played around with Crossdressing. But never tried to be passable. But over the last six months, I’ve fooled around with makeup, heels, nail polish, and a few nice outfits.Last night changed all that. I knew there was a party Friday night at the Red Barn in Berlin New Jersey, and T-girls and CD got in free. So, I kept myself horny all week and decided I was going to drive the hour down there and let myself have some fun. I went to work in a red lace thong to keep myself horny all day. I came home from work and immediately showered and shaved. As I am doing this my regular hookup who, due to mutual scheduling issues, we haven’t met in over a year, called, and said he was free tonight. I told him I was getting ready for a party and would send him a picture as soon as I was ready and could head to his place first if he liked what he saw.After I shaved, I painted my fingernails Torch Red, put on a coat of foundation as I have a 5 o’clock shadow as I shave, open the blush I just bought and apply it for the first time, then finish off with True Red lipstick. I put on my breast forms to go from a nothing to a solid C cup and try on some of the new lingerie that I ordered. None of the bras went well with the breast forms. So, I went with just my basic black bra. Then I added a thong that barely qualified as underwear. If it rode up at all, my package would come free, and the back was no thicker then a shoe string.I put on a pair of fancy-looking fishnets with built in garters, then put on my black leather Side escort Bayan mini skits and a shear cream top that only covers my belly if I hike the skirt up high, so I hike the skirt up and I am now almost ready. For shoes, I decide to go all out and put on my knee-high black leather boots with five-inch stiletto heels. To finish off the look, I put on a dirty blond wig that goes down to the middle of my back and cascades down the sides of my face.I take a selfie and send it to my friend he replies, “Fun party, I’d hit that” and with that, I head out the door and drive over to his place. He lets me in we small talk a little he tells me to spin around so he can get a good look.I make one request of him I ask him not to make me cum, because the only way I will go to the party is if I am crazy horny, otherwise I know I will chicken out.He says, “You look amazing, it’s just a shame I will have to mess up that lipstick. “I laugh, “I have it in the car so I can touch it up.”With that, he pulls down his shorts and shows me his cock held out by a chrome cock ring. I drop to my knees right there and kiss the tip of his six-inch circumcised cock. I lick my way around his head, then down and back up his shaft, then I take him all the way in as I deep throat him her tells me to look to the left, I comply and see that he is taking a video, so I look lustfully at the camera and make a show of bobbing up and down on his cock taking him all the way in each time. He pulls away and comes out with an audible pop. He orders me over to the couch where he sits down and I crawl between his legs and really go to town on his cock, eventually I focus on sucking on the head of his cock while jerking him off.He moans, “Oh, you want to make me cum.” I redouble my efforts stroking faster wanting my tasty reward. Soon he grunts and I feel him unload his seed in my mouth. I hold it there and when he tells me to stop, I pull off and show him my mouth and swallow. As I gently stroke him, I notice a drop of cum on Escort manavgat the tip of his cock and I lick it up.I drive the hour to the Red Barn in Berlin New Jersey. I pull into the parking lot and find a space right up front. I am nervous as I said in part one, I am not a prude but have only every sucked two cocks, if I go in I know that number (among other things) will grow. I took a Viagra about thirty minutes before I got here, so that I am horny and worked up in an effort to get me to follow through. As I have never gone anywhere dressed like this before and I can only imagine what will happen if I let it.About ten minutes pass and I fix my lipstick. As I am doing this, a gentleman in a car slowly drives by and waves, I wave back, as he drives by and leaves. I lock my phone and wallet in the car, taking only my ID, a credit card, and the fob to get back in my car. I take a deep breath and open the car door fixing my leather skirt and pulling down my top. I walk to the door my blond wig blowing gently in the crisp autumn breeze, which also send a cold jolt up my skirt. I reach the door and I open it and maybe a new phase of my life. I turn the corner into the store part of red barn and see two men and two beautiful women. As I start to head to the door for the booth and theater area, the beautiful hosting in a stunning pink dress says, “You can go right in, honey.” (since I am dressed as Jessie I get in free, SIS men have a $10 cover charge)I do my best to raise the pitch of my voice and say a soft girly “thank you” as I open the door. As I have never been here before I don’t know what to expect layout or atmosphere wise. As I cross the threshold, I am stuck by how dark it is, and I am entering in the middle of a long hallway lined with booths. When the door behind me closes, the only light is from the TVs in the few open booths.I look to my right then my left and a man says, “Hello, beautiful,” and I am stuck with terror. So, I dart into the right in front of me. I shut the door alanya escort and notice it doesn’t latch. I am now wondering if he is going to come down and join me ignoring the one person per booth sign. I see the screen and there is a hot young white guy on his knees sucking a big brown cock. I start to watch, and my nerves start to calm.Then I see light as the door to the hallway opens, then shuts and I hear footsteps. This repeats three more times, the third time is just as the cut young man is open-mouth, tongue out waiting for his reward. I stand up and open the door to see a blond woman in a black dress walk down the hall to my left (the right from when I came in). I follow her and she makes a few turns. And we are greeting from the light of an 80+ inch TV showing straight porn to a room of several benches. I walk down the hall to see what the other small theaters look like and stop at the second one which is empty and showing gay porn, I feel several sets of eyes on me, but everyone keeps a distance.I sit down on the bench and a towering man (I’m 6 ft 2.25, and he has to be at least 6ft 5) stand in the entrance way. I am siting very tight, legs shut, arms resting on my legs the only way I could look more nervous is if I was shaking. I focus on the small TV and notice the small low to the ground chair to the side of the TV, all the while keeping an eye on this man out of the corner of my eye.He wanders on to another area and a new man move into the edge of the room.  I start to let myself relax. I move my arms to my side resting my right hand on the bench next to me and open my legs a little to seem more inviting. I start to alternat watching the TV and the 5ft 9 man in jeans and a dark tee-shirt inch a little closer and fully enter the room. He starts to fiddle around with his crotch, and I just stop the pretext of watching the TV and just watch him. He notices and pulls out four inches of hardening cock and turns towards me. He steps closer and closer, eventually, I reach up with my hand and take a hold of his cock.As I stroke him, he fills out to a good 6 maybe 6.5 inches, and while staring at this stranger’s cock in my hand I say, “I’ve never been to a place like this is it ok if I suck your cock.”He says, in a tone that can only be described as said with a soft smile, “You can do whatever you want, sexy.”

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