On The Way to My Lady’s Weekend Estate

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After two great years of submiiting to the various fetishes of My Lady’s guests, she told me that she was leaving Australia to take up a very prestigious opportunity in New York. Accordingly she asked if I could get away for a weekend at her family home in the Southern Highlands. She would be inviting some of the guests I had already met and entertained, along with some locals she had known for years. This would be both a farewell party for her, and a celebration of my subservience. She gave no other details, but my expectations were high, knowing how much I had loved the two years of our relationship. I think I counted down the minutes until the weekend arrived.I had been told to arrive at her North Shore apartment at the usual time, six pm, naked of course, but with a tennis racquet and sandshoes and socks. I could park next to her Mercedes under the building. My Lady was already home, packed, and accompanied by the three younger women I had met several times before, and with whom I had enjoyed being their plaything.Downstairs, we all piled into My Lady’s Merc. She drove, with one girl beside her in the front. I was in the back, naked between the other two girls. Being late summer, and with daylight savings in operation, it was still quite light outside. It was not long before I realised how exposed I was. We had to drive through a busy shopping area towards the harbour tunnel. There Gölbaşı escort bayan were quite a few stoppages due to traffic, and twice we pulled up at pedestrian crossings as people crossed in front of us.  There were lots of people lining the road, waiting for buses to go home, or to take them to their evening entertainment.In these circumstances, most pedestrians tend to ignore the traffic, trapped in their own thoughts. But a few observe the passing cars, or the ones waiting for them to cross in front, especially if the car is a large, shiny Merc. What do they notice? That bloke looks like he has no clothes on!. So they grab the attention of the person(s) they are with to witness what they have seen. They try to get a better view so as to confirm their suspicions, or to enjoy them more. I knew that it was easy to see I was naked, but much more difficult to see what they were looking for, in order to capitalise on their discovery. My balls were buried between my legs, and my deflated cock resting innocently below most line of sight. I was comfortable that no-one would challenge the car or its driver. It was exhilarating none-the-less. It was that feeling of vulnerability, even humiliation. Inside the car, the girls were delighted. They pointed out people who were looking, they laughed at some of the reactions. They asked My Lady to pause so that Escort Keçiören a spectator might better satisfy his or her curiosity.Soon enough we pulled up beside a bus that was taking on passengers. It appeared to be reasonably full. We were stationary right beside it. In a bus, people sit higher than those in the car. They had a line of sight straight down to my lap, and could easily make out the cock nestled quietly upon it. Our eyes could not meet, but the body language confirmed that some commuters had witnessed a naked man, surrounded by women, in the adjacent car. The three girls were having great fun chattering about the reactions of those they could see staring into the car. Even though I could not see the eyes of the observers, the two girls nearer the bus could, and they were quick to inform the other three of us, exactly what was happening.As the Merc moved on, the girls asked My Lady to find another bus to entertain. A hand reached down to my nutsack to pick it up, and then push my legs together, so that my balls gave a better platform for my cock to be seen. Additionally, my predicament was beginning to arouse me, so that those in the next bus were given a more confronting spectacle. Even if commuters had not initially seen my situation, the noise of giggling, laughter and shouting emanating from the car did much to get their attention. Kızılay escort At the next bus stop there were two buses, and as the Merc inched forward past them, spectators with good eyesight could stare at the bubble of liquid resting on top of the penis, that was now pointing straight up, standing at attention, for casual and unfettered inspection.We entered the harbour tunnel, exiting on  to road to the Anzac Bridge, and heading for the freeway leading to the Southern Highlands. The traffic moved much more freely now, and stationary buses were no longer available to be entertained. However there were plenty of trucks, tour buses and SUVs to pass. My Lady edged slowly past each, giving the driver, or any driver-side passenger, the view that had been available to the stationary buses. Now that we were moving quickly, the girls felt more comfortable to interact with the people we passed, and most drivers laughed and shouted encouragement to the girls as My Lady kept the Merc alongside for a while.The girl immediately behind My Lady expressed a wish to change places with a girl on the passenger-side window, so as to better observe the reactions of our audiences. My Lady pulled into the break-down lane, and told us to get out of the car and change places. So the four of us got out of the car, standing momentarily on the side of the busy highway, as we rearranged ourselves to re-enter. Darkness was now descending, and for a short time I was captured in the headlights of cars as they sped past, at about a hundred kilometers an hour. Soon I was back between two girls, now suitably rearranged, as we headed off to My Lady’s country home.The traffic was thinning the further we got from Sydney.

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