Paula and Tina – Our first time


For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with Tina.Of course I didn’t always know her, wasn’t always friends with her. I bounced around when I was really young with a few foster families, spent a little time in a home with Nuns. But that time of my life is like a blur now. I don’t really remember much of it other than people always feeling sorry for me. I never wanted anyone to feel sorry for me.Tina was different. I met her at a church function when we were both just girls really, girls on the edge of becoming something more but not quite there yet and so still silly enough to have a good time without care. Tina stood outside with some other kids that I had been trying to impress with cartwheels. She watched and laughed, not saying much. Me, I was always seeking attention. Part of the only child package. Tina was beautiful. Smooth blonde hair and a Barbie doll face. I was drawn to her for reasons I didn’t understand at the time. I don’t even remember how we went from girls playing on the lawn to best friends, just the magic that happens in childhood.Our houses ended up being fairly close together. Not quite walking or riding bike distance unless you were ready for an hour or so travel time. Not much now as an adult but when we were kids it was a lifetime away.Being friends with Tina did two things for my childhood, gave me a reason to love that I didn’t understand and made me work really hard to keep my mother from getting into trouble and forcing me back into another home. The first is the reason for writing this story. The second is something I managed to do through most of my teenage years. It wasn’t easy.Tina’s life was completely different than mine. She had a loving family with beautiful parents and a lovely little pest of a little sister. The family came complete with a spectacular home with more than one level, something completely unknown to me in anything other than the home with the nuns. Oh, not just two stories, they had a complete downstairs as well. The downstairs living room was even known as the entertainment room. Entertainment room. That always cracked me up. We had an entertainment room as well. It also doubled as a living room, a kitchen, and when my mom and her latest boyfriend had too much to drink it became a bedroom. Nothing better than waking up in the morning on a school day and finding your mother either naked or half naked with a strange guy on top of her passed out. Talk about pissing in your corn flakes.Tina’s house was heaven for me for several years. Her parents always welcomed me unless they had some place to be and then it was back home or more than likely back to the back yard. I was too afraid to hang around the neighborhood so my swing set and I spent many quality hours together. I loved İstanbul Escort that swing set. The best therapist I ever had. I also masturbated quite a bit growing up. I’m not sure how that started really. How does anything start really? I think it was boredom or perhaps I read about it. I knew about sex fairly early in life. I don’t really remember how I started masturbating though but I was ashamed of it. I think that came from the time with the nuns. I’m pretty sure they found out from one of the other girls in the home that I was doing it. I was forced to confess. Only thing is, I never really felt like it was wrong, just that other people would think horrible things about me if they found out I did it.I had also gotten into trouble with two other girls because I couldn’t sleep at night without doing it. Just trying to go to sleep I would toss and turn and couldn’t relax until I took care of it. Something that continues to be the case today.I tell you all this because it’s important, I guess to me, that you understand where I was coming from and that you have a little segue into our relationship. By the time Tina and I were really good friends I had already been in trouble several times for things I did in the bedroom. My mother, who had no right to judge, seemed to be completely preoccupied with my activities. She was convinced that I was fucking every guy she dated and not only that but every boy she saw me with. She had little to be worried about. Men terrified me for reasons best left unsaid and my daily masturbation was simply release or boredom or both. Don’t get me wrong, I was a horny kid. But mostly harmless.Because of the trouble I had been in several times I restrained from sharing my sensual interests with Tina for most of our early friendship. Sometimes things work out like that. I think had I not gotten in trouble and went right into trying to talk Tina into masturbation and touching like I had with other friends, we wouldn’t have stayed friends. The powers do work in mysterious ways.But as we approached our later teenage years it was Tina, not I, that started talking about sex. The first time was down in the entertainment room. One of our many sleepovers where it was just Tina and I alone watching movies. We had kicked her little sister out because she annoyed the hell out of Tina. I personally didn’t mind her being around but Tina wouldn’t be comfortable until she was gone. They loved each other, seriously, but sisters can be that way.Tina and I had snuggled down into the big soft couch munching on cheetos. I think an Antonio Banderas movie was on. Tina and I thought he was hot. She talked about what he would be like to kiss.“I want to know what it would feel like to grab a slab İstanbul Escort Bayan of that ass of his.” I laughed.“Oh my GOD! Paula!” Tina said.“What? Like you haven’t thought about it.”“Of course but…”“Exactly, BUTT! MMMmm…give me some!” and I motioned like I was grabbing his ass.Tina and I giggled and I kicked out at her. She kicked me back. I threw a cheeto at her so she threw one back.“Melissa told me she has done it with her boyfriend.” Tina said. I could tell this was supposed to be quite the outrageous news! I didn’t really know how to react. I found myself much more interested in the fact that Tina’s nipples were erect and shouting at me behind her Duran Duran t-shirt. T-shirts were the sleep wear of choice for any proper sleepover. The bigger the better. I had to keep tugging at my shirt to keep from just flashing my crotch to Tina constantly because large t-shirts didn’t come easily in my house. Dad’s were a great source for big comfy t-shirts and Tina’s Dad had apparently been into Duran Duran at some point. Not sure what that says about him.I think Tina became aware of my eyes lingering on her chest. Some of it was jealousy. Tina already had full B cup tits and Paula? Well I had to wear an A cup stuffed or padded. Oh, I’m not underage at this part of the story. No need to get the censor button ready. I just simply didn’t have anything then and wouldn’t have much for some years to come. But another part of my lingering gaze had to do with my nightly rounds weren’t complete. It was close to midnight or later and I was without a proper romp through the tulip garden. The clam needed to be baked. My butter needed melting. You get the point.“Have you ever?” Tina asked.I sort of always assumed that everyone in the whole world knew about my secret life. I don’t really know why. I wonder if all children who experience sex at a very early age go through life thinking that everyone knows? Naturally I did what I think all kids do when faced with a question that might ostracize them, I lied!“No. Have you?” I said.“No, but Mark wants to.” She said.Of course. The real reason for this conversation comes out. Mark and Tina had been a couple for at least a month now. In teenage time that means they were practically married. Of course he was totally into the idea of tagging a piece of Tina meat. What guy wasn’t? But Tina was a good girl, a good girl that also happened to be hiding a secretly horny side.“Has he tried?” I asked.“Yeah. The other day we made out in my bedroom.” Tina’s nipples remained entirely distracting. I tried to listen but you have to understand that Tina has amazingly cute little tits. They had been the subject of many of my masturbation fantasies. Something else I would never Escort İstanbul tell Tina.“And?” I asked.“Well, he like wanted more. You know? He like put his hand up my shirt and like started feeling me up. I don’t know, it was like cool but scary. You know? So like, he gets on top and…”“Were you guys like…”“No! Totally clothed! What am I? Some skank?” She asked.“Ok, cool. Then what?”“Well he like, you know, he like started, like humping.”“You guys dry humped?”“Yeah!”Tina and I giggled and joined hands, locked in the secret knowledge of Tina’s sexual adventure. We pressed in closer together. Whispering for fear that parents could be listening from any corner.“So did you guys like do anything else?”“What do you mean?” Tina asked.“I mean did you do anything besides dry hump?”“I wanted to.”“Oh you slut!”“Shut up you whore!” Tina screamed. Giggling even harder I found myself excited by Tina’s adventure. Even though we had toyed around the topic of sex we had never openly discussed it like this. My desire to touch myself was overwhelming. I tried to keep my hands in check.”Hey! You want something to drink? I’m really thirsty.” I asked.”Yeah, whadda you want? I’ll go get it.” Tina says jumping up and making for the stairs.”Whatever.””Uh! I hate when you can’t make a decision, you wimp!””Wimp!? Who you callin’ a wimp you Hussey!””Tramp””Slut””Whatever, I’m gonna bring you prune juice then!” Tina says.She jumps up from the couch and the glimpse of her cute little sports toned ass has my mind and body reeling. Tina was also sporting a new hairdo. The blonde curls of childhood had darkened to almost black. I heard of that happening but it was damn odd. Somehow it fit Tina though. It worked with her dark tan skin she always had, even in winter. Slender little legs disappeared up the stairs and I heard the door shut.As soon as she is gone my hand is down my panties. Finally! My fingers do the walking and my body started talking! I needed this after several hours of watching Tina’s breasts shake around under that Tee. Fuck! It wasn’t fair to be this close to her and have to act like I didn’t want her. My fingers worked around inside my soaked little pussy but I needed the panties off. I couldn’t stand not being able to really work my clit. I slipped off my panties and opened my legs to the cool basement air. Finally! Freedom and release. I came once before she opened the door and bounced back down the stairs.Shame filled my teenage mind. I knew I was busted even though my mind was aware she couldn’t have seen me.Tina hands me a coke. We get back to watching the movie and eating chips outta this big bag she plopped down between us. I watch her carefully, trying to see if she notices anything different. If she does, she doesn’t show it. This is when the other mind took over, the Paula that would later be called ‘the real me’. I curl my legs up on the couch. I wanted Tina to see. I wanted her to get a very nice view that I’m very much panty-less. It takes her a little while to notice but when she does, she just looks at me and rolls her eyes.

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