She Invades My Thoughts


I can’t get her out of my head, and it’s interfering with me studying. I heave a sigh, and try to get my head back into studying, but it’s no use. There the thoughts go again!”I give up!”, I mumble to myself, and I grab my phone to call her.She picks up on the second ring, and I say hello and hurriedly ask if she is busy. Thankfully she isn’t, and we make plans for me to come over to her place.I go to my dresser and pull out both the pink ruffle undies and the pink and black corset I just got in the mail the other day.I let out a giggle as I quickly rid myself of my clothes. I reach for the undies and step into them and slowly slide them up my legs.As I glance to my left, I catch my image reflected in my television and can’t help but notice how amazing my ass looks in the ruffles.I put on the corset and go to my closet to pull out my shiny heels, or what I nicknamed, my “fuck me now” heels.After getting all dolled up and fixing my hair, I again go to my closet and pull out my black knee length trench coat, grab my overnight bag and out the door I go.I walk down the steps and as I get into my car and crank it up, I pick up my phone and send her a text that she should dress up naughty for me.I’m getting Bostancı Escort all tingly thinking about what I want to do to her when I get my hands on her.I arrive to her house 20 mins later,and as I get out, I realize how turned on I’ve gotten and giggle to myself as I also realize I’m soaking wet at this point.I ring the doorbell, and I can’t help but gasp as she greets me at the door in a short black school girl skirt, white button down tied under her breasts. Those very same breasts that are incased in a hot pink push up lace bra. My eyes take her appearance from the top of her long brown hair she curled and pulled back, down to her feet that are in black heels as well.I recover as she grabs my arm and pulls me inside, and as she goes to turn around and close the door, I untie the coat and slip it off.Now it’s her time to gasp as she takes in my appearance and the new outfit.Can’t help myself, and I go over to kiss her. I can taste her cherry flavored lip gloss and she tastes so good, I keep kissing her until she giggles and pulls back.The look in her eyes is blazing with lust, and I follow her as she leads me over to the sofa and I sit down.She pushes me back onto the cushions and straddles Bostancı Escort Bayan my lap as she leans down and starts kissing me, and I moan as she slides her hands from my waist up to cup my breasts within the corset.Before I know it, minutes have passed by and not only are we still making out, but she had rid me of the corset and is playing with my nipples.She breaks from kissing me, moving to get between my legs and moves her head towards my breast and runs her tongue around my nipple as she is tweaking the other.I moan out as her lips incircle my nipple and she starts to gently bite at it. Her other hand slides down from my breast to settle between my legs and she let’s out a moan as she feels the wetness forming between my legs.I slide my legs further apart as she grabs the waistband of my panties and moves so she can slide them down and off me and moves back down between my legs to slide her tongue from the bottom of my slit to the top and circles around my clit.By this point I’m so hot that I moan out, telling her to slide her fingers inside me while she flicks her tongue against my clit.She obliges and slides two fingers in and slowly twists them; her fingers finding my g-spot Escort Bostancı over and over.I slide my hands up to cup my breasts and I take over twisting and playing with my nipples and she has sped up the movement of her fingers, and I can feel myself getting close to cumming.My hips start to undulate in rhythm with her fingers twisting in and out, and she gently starts sucking and nipping at my clit, and it pushes me over the edge and I cum with a bang.I clamp my thighs against her head as my back arches and I let out a long moan.When I’ve come down from the amazing high, I lean up and grab ahold of her head and begin to passionately kiss her, tasting myself on her lips.When I pull back her eyes are unfocused with a hint of lust still.I get up off the couch and tell her to bend over the arm of the sofa.I slid up behind her and run my hands from the back of her legs, up over her drool worthy ass, which is not covered by panties, up her lower back, and around her waist to her front to cup her breasts.I untie the shirt and slide her bra down so I can tweak and pull at her nipples; to which she let’s out a mewl sound, as well as a moan.She arches her back and pushes back against me, and I know what she wants, but I’m not giving it to her yet.I slide down so my face is level with her pussy and I slide my tongue into her from behind as far as I can and slide my hand up to rub her clit.She let’s out more little mewling sounds as she begs for more.

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