The Aaah-Team: The Strip Show


“If you have an itch you cannot scratch, If you have a fantasy you cannot achieve, If you want the Sex Experience of your darkest dreams, and If you can afford them, call the Aaah-Team.”Elizabeth noticed the advert tucked away in the lower corner of the magazine she was browsing, while sat in the dentist’s waiting room for her routine check-up. ‘Routine,’ she thought, that summed up her life in one single word.Forty years old and stuck in a routine. A routine check-up, then back to her routine job, home that evening to her routine marriage, with routine sex at weekend. She hated it. Just once, she wanted something not routine, something exciting, different, sexy. Maybe this could help solve her problem.She slipped the magazine into her bag, feeling guilty for stealing the magazine, and promising herself that she would bring some of the magazines lying in the corner of the room at home. Back at work, Elizabeth carried out her routine jobs before finding an opportunity to slip away. She went into the stationery room, and called the number from the advert.”You have reached the Aaah-Team,” a voice intoned, “how can we help you?””I don’t know if you can,” Elizabeth admitted, “I am just so bored, so tired of dull routine. I need some excitement, but I am too shy, too scared to do anything about it, I need help.””What town are you in?” the voice asked.Elizabeth told them.”Do you know the coffee house on Market Street, opposite the bookshop? Be there at one o’clock tomorrow lunchtime, carry a small gift-wrapped package. We will contact you.”The call ended, leaving Elizabeth hopeful but nervous. What had she done? At one the following afternoon, she was at the coffee shop, small gift-wrapped package in her hand. No sooner was she in the door, than a smartly-dressed woman approached her.”Elizabeth?” she queried, “I am Marna, let’s get a drink and sit down.”Elizabeth sat nervously, tempted to forget it and get back to her dull routine life.”Okay, so routine is boring, and you would like something exciting, even if just the once. Is that about it?” Marna asked, “what kind of excitement are you looking for? What excites you when you think of it? Don’t be shy, and don’t worry if it is something that seems impossible. You would be surprised at what we can do.””This will sound silly, especially at my age,” Elizabeth confessed, “but I get so turned on by strippers. The idea of undressing in front of all those men. Oh, I could never do it. For a start, I can’t even dance. As for the rest, I would be too embarrassed.””Stand up for a moment, and turn around for me,” Marna ordered.Elizabeth complied, then sat back down.”Around five foot three, 34B cup, size ten or small twelve dress?” Marna surmised, “and at a guess, thirty-five years old?””Forty, but the rest is right,” Elizabeth admitted, “so you don’t think it is stupid?””Elizabeth, Liz, there is no such thing as stupid,” Marna informed her, “and yes, I am fairly certain that we can make your fantasy happen. We will be in touch very soon, and we can talk about what limits you want setting, and the safety measures that we use.””How much is this going to cost?” Liz asked, “I have some savings of my own, and a decent job, but I would rather my husband did not know about this, so I can’t ask him for money.”Marna smiled, a hand on Elizabeth’s knee.”Don’t worry too much about that,” she told Liz, “we charge according to our expenses. In this case, expenses will be negligible, so we will just be charging for our time and expertise. Trust me, it will be affordable.”Liz went home that night feeling more hopeful, and wondering why she now thought of herself as Liz, rather than the dull, formal ‘Elizabeth’. It was eight days later before Liz had a call from Marna, to arrange a meeting with her so they could work out the details. Liz arranged it for an evening when she usually attended her gym. She sat in a booth in a quiet bar with Marna.”We have tentative arrangements in place. All we need now is you Escort esat to confirm what limits you would like,” Marna told Liz, “is it the dancing that excites you, or being stripped slowly with the audience watching?””The stripping, I am not good enough to dance on stage,” Liz admitted.”We have arranged with a private men’s club for you to appear. You will be stripped by two of the girls, and the audience will be able to see everything,” Marna advised her, “at each stage of the act, you will be given the opportunity to stop the show, so everything that happens will be under your control. Is that acceptable?”Liz nodded agreement.”I have to warn you that this is a very private club,” Marna emphasised, “and as such, the acts often go far beyond what a public club can get away with. All members are carefully screened by the club, and confidentiality is assured. How far you want the act to go will be up to you. You will be secure, but will have a safe word, as well as an alarm button, either of which will end the performance. Are these safeguards acceptable?”Again, Liz nodded her agreement, excited that her stupid fantasy was so close to becoming a reality. Marna took a file from her bag, placing papers in front of Liz.”These tell you exactly what we have discussed. Read them, and if you agree, sign each sheet on the dotted line,” Marna instructed her, “but please be aware that the act could involve sexual stimulation, and even audience participation if you wish to let it go that far.”Liz felt a warm tingle of anticipation as she listened to Marna’s words. It all sounded so wickedly naughty and erotic. All that remained was for Liz to find an excuse for being out on the evening in question for several hours.”A girls’ night out with work colleagues or friends?” suggested Marna, “and if they go on to a club afterwards, it could be one or two in the morning before you get home. Here is my number in case your husband wants to check on it, I am a friend from work should he ask.”So that was that problem solved. Liz realised the big night was only four days away. A Saturday evening she hoped she would never forget. Marna arranged for Liz to be collected by a private car from a town centre location on the evening in question. On arrival at the venue, Liz saw it was a large country house.Marna greeted her, and led the way to where the show would take place. A large downstairs room, tables and chairs set out round three sides of a dance floor, the fourth side being a wall with two doors set in it. Marna showed Liz the X-frame on which Liz would be strapped.”There are alarm buttons at the top of each arm, easily in reach of your hands,” Marna pointed out, “and if your mouth is free, you have your safe word.”Liz was introduced to the two girls who would be performing with her, Lyn and Rosie. Liz envied them their youth and sexy beauty. She was surprised to be greeted by both with warm kisses, their tongues teasing hers as she melted into their embraces.”Mmm, we are so going to enjoy playing with you,” Lyn murmured, “so sexy.”Liz could already feel the wetness starting to form between her legs. These two gorgeous girls were looking forward to playing with her? Liz had never before experienced female sex, but was ready to let these two enjoy her any way they wished. They helped Liz dress in her outfit for the show.A full-length loose black teacher’s gown, fastened by just a few press-studs behind her, over a cutaway teddy with tiny matching panties. Liz felt incredibly erotic, especially knowing all clothing was going to be removed from her. Time dragged as Liz waited to go on.The club was filling up fast, all guests knowing what time the show started, and that there was to be a special performance that night. Lyn and Rosie, the two regular strippers, performed their routines before Liz was due. Finally, it was time. Liz was strapped onto the X-Frame, and the girls slid the contraption out onto the dance floor.Murmurs etimesgut escort of anticipation and interest came from the watchers. Liz noticed they were mainly men, but with several females scattered among the tables. Guests, wives and girlfriends, she surmised, surprised that women would be interested in a strip show. Then again, thinking of Lyn and Rosie, maybe not so surprising.The music started and the girls, dressed in sexy schoolgirl costumes, moved around Liz, hands stroking over her body, and rubbing their scantily-clad bodies against her. It was not until the music track was near finishing that they pulled on the gown, stripping it from Liz and letting the audience see her in the abbreviated teddy.Her legs were strapped open so wide apart, the teddy had ridden up, displaying the lower part of the tiny panties. With so little clothing covering her, the touches from the girls were having much more effect, and Liz was soon squirming for them. Pulls to the two ribbon straps holding the teddy on, and she was naked apart from the tiny panties.Hands squeezing buttocks, and teeth nibbling sensitive nipples had Liz writhing helplessly in her bonds. By now, the whole audience was silent, watching Liz being aroused and tormented by the two sexy girls. At some point, Lyn and Rosie had removed their costumes, leaving them in just panties, and Liz could feel the dampness between their legs as they rubbed against her, fingers teasing so near her own wetness.A sharp tug, and the tiny panties were gone, leaving Liz naked, legs wide and pussy gaping open. The girls slipped each other’s panties off, then returned to rub naked slits against Liz. Lyn was rubbing her pussy against hers, and Liz was moaning as her arousal grew. Rosie was behind her, arms around Liz to tease her tits.”Still okay to go on?” she whispered.Liz nodded happily. Lyn moved to the side slightly, so the watchers could see her slide three fingers into Liz’s soaking slit, finger-fucking her. With the added stimuli of Rosie nibbling Liz’s neck and pinching her nipples, it did not take long for the girls to bring Liz to a shattering climax, with her screaming out loud as she came.”Any more, sexy slit?” Lyn murmured.”Please,” Liz begged, more aroused than she ever recalled being, “lots more.”Lyn smiled, and pressed a lever behind the frame. Liz squealed in surprise as the cross rotated until she was upside down, with her gaping cunt at eye-level. The audience was mesmerised. Unfortunately, her pussy was not the only thing at a more convenient height.Sharp fingernails stroked across the soles of her feet, forcing involuntary laughter from Liz. The girls noticed, and set out to discover where Liz was ticklish, and how ticklish she was. Her feet were tormented by Rosie, while Lyn enjoyed running fingers along Liz’s ribs. Liz was close to hysterical, jerking frantically as the tears poured from her eyes. Lyn warned Rosie they were tiring Liz out too fast, and the torture stopped.Soft hands stroked along her body while Liz got her breath back, then a mouth was teasing her slit, tongue probing and teeth nibbling the erect clit, harder and faster, with Liz unable to avoid a single touch, a single nibble, and Liz was coming again for the girls.Rosie bent over, her sexy backside wiggling for the audience to enjoy while she whispered to Liz.”Fancy giving a few blow-jobs?”Liz looked at her in shock, until Lyn’s fingers stroked along her slit.”Mmm, anything so long as I get more of this,” Liz conceded.Rosie stood up facing the audience.”Any of our guests feel like tasting this sexy slit?” she asked.Most of the guests signalled their willingness, and Rosie pointed to one of them. He joined Rosie next to Liz, and Rosie whispered to him. The man looked surprised, but Rosie nodded emphatically.”A special game,” she announced, “a free drink for anyone who makes our helpless cum-slut come before they come themselves. No moving away is allowed, etlik escort bayan and no hands.”Liz looked at Rosie in horror. She had only ever given blow-jobs to her husband and that only rarely. Now she was to give one to anyone who wanted it, plus being tongue-fucked by all and sundry. Rosie looked at her. Was that a dare that Liz saw in those mischievous eyes? Okay, she was up for anything the girls could dream up.The man stood where Rosie indicated, unzipping his pants and nudging Liz’s cheek with his cock. Then the cock was in her mouth as the guest started tongue-teasing her wet slit. Liz clamped her lips around the rigid cock as it was pumped in and out of her mouth, her tongue teasing the tip while she was expertly tongue-fucked by the man. Fingers started rubbing her clit.”Ah ah, no hands,” she heard Rosie warn her ravisher.”Fuck the free drink,” the man growled, “I want to see this bitch come.”Liz was helpless to stop it happening, in fact she didn’t want it to stop and she came easily for him, clamping harder on his prick and being rewarded with a burst of warm creamy cum hitting the back of her throat as the man came himself, pulling out to let the rest of his cum ooze onto Liz’s face. Lyn knelt, wiping Liz with a damp towel, while Liz hung trembling in the aftermath of her climax.”Anyone else?” asked Rosie, “as you have seen, you can try for the free drink, or just have fun making our cum-slut climax for you.”With such an invitation, Liz was kept happily occupied by a succession of rigid cocks which wanted her mouth to come in, while the men tasted and teased her wide open slit, making her come over and over.Eventually, all who wished to enjoy her had done so, and Liz was hanging contentedly, pussy twitching delightfully. Lyn wiped the last of the cum from Liz’s face.”Feel up to one more scene, sexy slit?” she whispered, “a grand finale?”Liz nodded agreement. Rosie stood behind her, while Lyn presented her shaved slit for the attention from Liz’s mouth. Liz worked on the delicious pussy, licking and teasing as Lyn tasted the open pussy in front of her, and while Rosie was caressing Liz’s backside, sharp fingernails scraping over the sensitive skin and making Liz squirm.Lyn had clearly been turned on by the show, as Liz easily brought her to a knee-trembling climax. Lyn stopped her teasing of Liz’s slit, leaving Liz halfway to a climax, and still wanting to be finished off. Rosie took Lyn’s place in front of Liz, while Lyn went behind Liz.As Liz started tasting Rosie, she felt the cheeks of her ass pulled apart, and a finger was teasing around her tight and never-used bum-hole. Oh God, the sensation was unbelievable, nothing like Liz had ever felt before. It took all her will-power to carry on eating Rosie’s delicious pussy, until a flood of love juices onto her face told her that Rosie had come for her.This meant Liz could forget everything except Rosie still tormenting her cunt and Lyn invading her behind. With the two sensations at once, Liz was coming, but the girls carried on, ignoring her frantic squirming and futile struggles. Fingers slid into her backside, butt-fucking her, while Rosie was using her own fingers to rub Liz’s clit harder and faster, and her tongue was still probing and teasing in Liz’s twitching slit.Liz was coming harder and harder until she went rigid, and her love juices erupted from her in a final fountain of satisfaction that brought cheers and applause from the watching audience.The girls pushed the frame from the room, rotating Liz until she was the right way up. Marna came over to greet them, kissing Liz deeply and running her hands over the exposed flesh.”The owner of the club has asked me to tell you that you are welcome to appear at any future events held at the club,” she informed Liz, “and the payment he has made for tonight’s performance will cover the full cost of our services, plus leaving you a nice little sum for yourself.”The girls undid Liz, helping her stand as she found her legs were still unsteady.”And if you ever feel like an all-girl threesome,” Lyn added, “just call Rosie and I, we will be only too happy to enjoy you anytime you want.”Marna smiled. “Make it a foursome, and invite me,” she laughed, “I just love it when we all come together.”

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