The Men of The Splash Bar


Well like any other Friday night at a gay bar there is dancing, music, and partying going on in every room, in every nookIt is ten PM, and the bartender picks up a mike behind the bar and asks if we are ready for the dancers. The crowd goes ape and the men, one by one, come out and take their places in the various dancing spots. Paul the big broad black bouncer security man leads Jimmi the hot hairy go-go dancer out who takes his place center stage. He is joined by Dre the slender black, hung go-go dancer who then begins to gyrate to the beat of the music.Ed the bar manager and his team of bartenders are mixing and pouring as fast as they can as the customers get in the mood for male bump-and-grinding. Carl the bar owner comes out from the back with The Pup, a black go-go dancer who belongs to the owner, Carl.Now, the pup is being watched by the audience as Carl unleashes him as he mounts his dancing block and starts his moves. Marcus the smooth Asian go-go dancer rounds out the first round of dancers and the place loses its collective minds. The bumping and grinding on the dance floor by the customers is only magnified by the hot men on the stages. Steve the slut customer who wants cock, any cock, all cocks, in both holes and needs to be cock fed and bred continually has found his place watching Jimmi and has already filled his pockets with cash for Ataşehir Escort the boys’ tips. Jimmi gets Steve’s first tip a twenty in the front of his jock strap. He might have grabbed a feel while he was depositing the tip. Only his smile and the smile from Jimmi know for sure.Steve watches Jimmi and finds more reasons to dole out tips to Jimmi for the hairy chest showing in his costume and feels the nips as he places bills over each and pitches each as he leaves his tips. Steve is such a slut, he is already hot for Jimmi, and would not turn down Dre or Tim or Rob but he stirs clear of the pup because even the look of Carl scares him. The men dance and as the first couple leaves the dance stages, Tim replaces them the white BWC go-go dancer, and Rob the hairy broad-chested white go-go dancer. Now Steve likes them hairy, Black, white, Asian, or any other color if they have a cock worth swallowing. The people on the dance floor appreciate the men on the stage blocks and tips flow into various places on the dancers. The dancers are raking it in tonight because the crowd is hungry for man sex appeal and the smell and feel of sex seem to be everywhere.Steve is joined at the dance block of Jimmi by several hot young men and women who are all lusting after Jimmi and what he is packing in his costume tonight. Not to Ataşehir Escort Bayan be outdone, the other guys are filling their boots and clips and armbands with the tips they are being given for just being men who are all dessert for the crowd of hungry guys, all on the make for cock. Carl the bar owner and Ed the bar manager is discussing the dancers and how hot they all look and how the crowd is eating them all up. Paul the big broad Black bouncer security man and his team of ridiculously hot security men are walking about keeping the dancers safe, the crowd safe and the staff on task so the night is going into the books as a successful and fun-filled night with so much more in store. Steve the slut customer who wants cock is, as always, on the prowl for cock slips in costumes, and when seen he rewards that dance with a larger-than-average tip in the place of the slippage.Throughout the night the men all put on a show that has the juices flowing in every gay, bi, and straight person in the place. The go-go dancers are all putting the make on various customers and the customers are rewarding them with tips in the most private and delicious of places. Steve made his way around the dancing blocks and tipped where he thought the man was pulling him into a chance for more. Steve, always hungry for man-cock, Escort Ataşehir is rocking with the music, watching Jimmi and a couple of others he has his eye on, and praying he finds a way into bed with one or more or, hell, even all of the go-go dancers. Steve would not throw Paul off either as he is packing a bulge of some girth and Steve is hungry to see for himself just how well-endowed Paul is.Steve has kept his eyes on Carl and Ed to make sure he is not caught feeling up the dancers he is taken with as he places his tips in the most secure and private places of the go-go dancers. So, Steve has been a very generous customer tonight and as the men have taken their breaks in the back, they have all talked about how hungry he is for all of them and that they could use a slut like him at the after-party at Carl’s. Steve has no idea he is the talk of the dancers backstage but as the night is ending, Steve is approached by Paul and asked if he would like to meet the dancers in person. Never to miss a shot at cock he jumps at the chance and Paul leads him backstage where Steve gets introduced to each of the dancers. Each thanks him for the tips and then ask if he is up to joining them at the after-party.Never to miss a chance to be bred and fed man juice he accepts, and Paul explains he will leave his car in their parking lot and ride with the dancers and staff to the party in the company vans. Paul tells Steve he will have to go in the second van as the dancers fill the first one. As he is shown into the second van, he finds he is in a van of hot security and bar staff that seem to all be getting comfortable by removing ties and shirts and loosening belts.

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