The Perfect Stranger at the Spiritual Group


Sitting in a circle with people she’d never met before, Sophie felt nervous with anticipation of what was to come.It was her first time at the spiritual sensual group and she didn’t know what to expect.   A slim lady with short greying hair welcomed everyone and introduced herself as Jennifer, the guide.She explained there were no rules or restrictions. “Connect to your spiritual being, relax and let yourself go,” she said. “Follow your feelings and see what happens.”Music was playing. It was a special type of binaural music, designed to increase relaxation.Candles were lit and the gentle aromas of lavender, sandalwood and clary sage filled the room.   Sophie closed her eyes and gently swayed with the music, letting go of the stresses of the day.Before long she began to hear gentle moans from across the room. She opened her eyes and noticed esat escort bayan a couple opposite her.A beautiful woman with flowing blonde hair tilted her head back and to one side as the dark-haired man who had been sitting beside her was kissing her neck, his hands inside her trousers, stroking and caressing her.   Sophie felt tingles growing between her legs.With the calming, embracing ambience of the room and seeing the young couple in front of her, her arousal grow stronger.She took a deep breath and exhaled with an audible sigh, desperate to touch herself, but she held back. She was shy. She had never done anything like this before; never touched herself in front of strangers. She shifted slightly where she sat.”First time?” A voice came from behind her.She turned and saw the most handsome man. Escort etimesgut He had dark hair, piercing blue eyes and a smile that made Sophie feel weak at first glance.”Is it that obvious?” she replied.”Don’t worry, I’ll look after you.” He ran his hand down her back as he reassured her. “Don’t be embarrassed. Come with me.”He took Sophie’s hand and led her to a quiet corner of the room.He sat down on the floor, legs crossed, and Sophie sat down in front of him.   He reached out and ran his hand down her back again, stopping near her waist and pulling her closer towards him. His other hand brushed her hair away from her eyes. He cupped her face and leaned forward to kiss her softly.She let out a small moan, lost in the moment. He stopped and smiled at her, before continuing to kiss across her jawline, etlik escort down her neck and to her shoulders. She was desperate to touch him, but she wasn’t sure if it was okay.”It’s okay, go ahead,” he whispered, as if he could read her thoughts.She ran her hands across his toned chest, travelling down his body. All the way down. She could feel his erection through his trousers.She continued stroking him through his clothes as he kissed and sucked her neck. She could feel the arousal strongly between her legs.She was desperate for more.She no longer cared that she was in a room full of people.She no longer cared that she’d never met this man before. His every touch made her want him more.And she could feel how much he wanted her. As she was imagining what it would be like, she heard a loud cry from behind her.She turned and noticed the young couple from earlier were fully engaged in sex now.She was lying on a soft blanket, completely naked, and he was on top, thrusting into her with perfect rhythm. Looking around the room, everyone there was either engaged in sexual acts or touching themselves as they watched other people.

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