The rebirth of Andrew Bishop-chapter 35


Tess lay in her hammock in the shade. Christmas lunch was over. The boys had cooked an enormous turkey with all the trimmings. They had waited for Geoff to arrive before they had opened the presents and then had eaten together. She knew she had over eaten and that tomorrow she would ask Dave to accompany her on a long ride on the mountain bikes to try and burn some calories. But now the table had been cleared and the dishes were being washed in the dish washer. Drew and Dave had gone off in a tractor to feed some sheep. Farming was a three hundred and sixty five days a year occupation Tess was finding out. Evelyn had talked Henry into trying out the hot tub in the gazebo just twenty five feet from where she now lay trying to digest her meal. She could hear them murmuring and the occasional giggle. Geoff was sitting out the front on the steps. He was talking on the phone to Jackson. “Love you too,” she heard Geoff say as he walked around the corner of the house. He almost stopped in his tracks as he saw Tess looking at him. She had heard what he had just said, he knew it. Tess smiled at Geoff. She had no idea that the relationship between Geoff and Jackson had progressed to the point where the ‘L’ word was being used. She new he missed Jackson since he had returned to Western Australia but it appeared things were more serious than she had thought. Geoff pressed a button on the phone and then sat in a chair against the cool stone wall of the house near Tess. “So Jackson is with his family today?” Tess asked. “Yes he is down at their dairy farm. His parents, his two brothers and their families are there along with his sister,” replied Geoff, ” I should have left yesterday and flown over.” “Well that’s the good thing about Christmas, there is always next year,” answered Tess, “And it is only a week until you will see him.” Geoff was leaving on the fourth of January to fly over and spend time with Geoff at his ocean side house. Then after a week or so the plan was they would drive the three hundred kilometers down to visit with his parents on the families dairy farm for a few days. “So his family know he is gay right?” asked Tess. . “Yes, he came out to them when he was just seventeen,” Geoff responded, “They have stood by him and accepted him. I just spoke with his mother, she answered his phone when I rang. She sounds nice. She told me Jackson has been telling them all about me and my farm. She said he seems quite smitten.” “You are missing him a lot aren’t you?” Tess asked. “Yeh, it’s funny. I have only known him six weeks. The two weeks that he spent here and the past month that we have talked on the telephone. But it has been hard the last couple of days. It was so nice when he was here. I’ve never woken up beside any one before. I miss that and him,” said Geoff. “So do you two have any plans beyond the next couple of weeks?” asked Tess. “Nothing concrete,” answered Escort bodrum Geoff, “He has told me he plans to play football for another three or four years. And after that he wants to drop out of the public eye. He hates having the celebrity status that comes with his sport. He doesn’t want to go back to the family dairy farm. The farm already has his parents and one of his brothers families to support. And he knows I could never leave my farm. I think he has sorted of hinted about coming to live and work with me.” “That would be great for you if your relationship works out,” responded Tess. “It would be better than great. I didn’t realize how lonely I am since he stayed with me,” said Geoff. “Well next week you are going to sweep him off his feet. It will work out perfectly for you,” Tess announced. Henry stepped down into the water. He was wearing his swimming trunks. The water was heated to around body temperature. It wasn’t really refreshing he thought to himself. Evelyn undid the knot of the sarong she had changed into after Henry had agreed to come into the spa bath with her. She hung the silky length of cloth on a hook on the wall of the gazebo and was now just wearing only a pair of very brief pink panties. As she leaned down to turn the bubbles and the water pump of the spa on her breast hung down. “Evee, you should have a swimsuit on. What if one of the boys come in?” Henry protested. “Tess has assured me she will stand guard and that we have the gazebo to ourselves.There is complete privacy,” Evelyn told him. She settled herself into one of the seats that were moulded into the sides of the spa and lay her head back on the edge. She loved the sensation of her breasts floating in the swirling water and her skin being blasted by the jets of bubbles. Henry sat in the seat beside her and he let his head lay back as he closed his eyes. After a few moments Evelyn opened one eye and stole a glance at Henry. He now seemed relaxed. She allowed her hand to float across and gently placed it on her husbands upper thigh. Her fingers softly moved over his skin. Presently Henry reciprocated and his right hand now lay in her left thigh. Evelyn’s mind was racing. She wanted Henry to touch her pussy. She was so horny and feeling naughty. The sheer thrill of having Tess and now Geoff in close proximity was so stimulating to her. She now wrapped her fingers around his cotton clad penis and gave him a squeeze. Evelyn half turned to Henry, “Finger me Henry,” she whispered. She felt Henry’s finger brush along her panty clad cleft. It felt like an electric shock had shot through her. With her right hand she pulled the elastic band of her knickers out and down. Henry took the hint and immediately placed his middle finger along her slit and pressed on her clit. Evelyn raised herself onto one knee and turned to face him fully. She pressed down on to Escort Kuşadası Henry’s hand then felt the tip of his finger enter her vagina. Again she said quietly, “Finger me, please. Henry pushed into her, his finger slipped in easily even with the water washing away her natural lubrication. Evelyn began to rock on his finger creating pressure on her clitoris as she did so. She held him tightly around her neck. She was using him for her own gratification. His middle finger in her felt delicious and the palm of his hand rubbing her clit had her breathing heavily. She was going to cum and quickly. Her fingernails dug into the skin of his shoulder as the first contraction of her orgasm began. She muffled her moans by putting her mouth on his opposite shoulder and continued to grind her cunt on Henry’s hand. “Henry, I’d like to try something with you if your game. Stop me if you don’t enjoy it, ” she whispered in his ear as she eventually came down from her climax. “What’s that?” said Henry cautiously. “Turn around, knees on the seat,” Evelyn said as she slipped off him, “Put your head down, bottom up.” Henry did as he was told even though he didn’t like the direction this may have been going. Evelyn reached forward and lowered his costume by its waist band. His buttocks were now revealed and she brushed his ass crack from top to bottom lightly with her finger. She shuffled forward on her knees and softly began by kissing his ass cheeks. Slowly she then began to concentrate her kisses closer and closer to his cleft. Henry was still nervous but he was loving the attention. He felt his wife kissing him and then became aware that her hands had now separated his ass cheeks and the kissing lips were slowly working their way towards his anus. Evelyn kissed in ever diminishing circles until she allowed her lips to brush the sensitive skin of his asshole. She felt him tense a little and then settle back into the position that she had him in. Again she put her lips on the skin of his rear hole. This time she lingered a little longer, then kissed her way off of it. She felt Henry move back towards her. ‘He is enjoying it,’ she thought. Her lips again touched him but this time she didn’t move off him. This time she opened her mouth and ran her tongue around the soft brown skin of his anus. The hair around his asshole was a little off putting, she would get some hair removal cream before she did this again. Henry sighed loudly. She sucked on his ass a little and then licked him vigorously. Henry sighed again and now pushed back against her. Evelyn had no intention of fingering or fucking Henry’s ass with something. Well not today any way. She didn’t want to push him too far on his first experience of receiving anal sex.That may come later if he enjoyed todays experience. She held still, her mouth over his anus and pushed her tongue against his bodrum escort tight ring of muscle. After the third push with her pointed tongue she felt him relax and her tongue slipped into him. Not far inside, but she had entered him and she felt a little rush of her pussy juices as she realized she was now inside her husband. Henry had no idea it could feel this good having some one play with your ass hole. He felt a little self conscious and also wondered where Evelyn had got the idea for this. She certainly had come a long way since her sexual awakening in the past month. As he was being licked his hand went to his cock and he started to stroke his erection. He wanted to cum so badly as his loving wife licked him. “I going to cum!” he hissed softly as he hoped the people outside the gazebo couldn’t hear him. “Not in the water!” whispered Evelyn urgently as she pulled back from him. Henry stood up and grabbed a towel from the rack on the wall and held it in front of himself as he stroked and spurted his semen into it. Eventually he wiped himself off and slowly sat down next to Evelyn. “Did you enjoy that Henry?” asked Evelyn. “Yes. But what possessed you to do it?” “I saw it on a video and it just stuck in my mind. I wanted to see if I could bring myself to do it to you and if you would let me,” she answered, “It was a personal challenge.” “After the initial shock I loved it,” Henry half whispered. “So you would like me to do it again to you some other time then?” she asked. “Yes,” answered Henry with some embarrassment. Admitting anal sex was enjoyable was hard for some one his age. “Well you ask me when you want me to do it Henry. In fact ask me to do anything you want sexually. I will only say no if I think its out of bounds. I want us to experiment. We need to catch up on all the things we have never done.” They cuddled in the warm swirling water for a few minutes more. “Come on Henry, I’d like some wine,” Evelyn said as she stood up, adjusted her panties and stepped out onto the floor of the gazebo. She dried herself while Henry stood up and fished around with his feet until he had located his swimming trunks. He squeezed out of the excess water from them and then towelled himself off. As Henry pulled on his shorts and t shirt Evelyn retied her sarong. Her wet underwear stuck to the thin material and could be seen quite clearly. ‘Surely she won’t go out and sit with Tess and Geoff like that,’ he thought. He watched her ass as she left the confines of the gazebo and thought she looked pretty hot for a woman her age. Evelyn walked across the connecting walkway to the veranda and sat in a seat next to Geoff. Henry asked the others if they were right for drinks and then disappeared into the kitchen for two glasses of wine. When he returned Evelyn, Tess and Geoff were discussing plans for the next day. Geoff had a family gathering at his aunt and uncles farm down the road and Tess said she would be out cycling and then washing and packing in preparation for their trip to the city. Drew and Dave had loaded two big round bales of hay onto the forks of the tractor then Dave climbed into the cab and seated himself on the shelf behind the drivers seat.

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