Wet crossdressing fiesta MM


Heading back through Texas I stopped off at the same porno shop in San Antonio, only this time I made sure to get myself a hotel room, because I already knew at that time I was going to get a man that night. I was in the mind set to please. Rubbing my cock all the way there until I got to the hotel room having it set up for wet sex. This time as well I remembered to shave my legs, dick and basically my entire body that seemed manly before I went I made sure before I left my mother’s house to get a pair of her fish net stockings a pair of her many high heels which I’m sure she knows that I wear since, I slipped a couple of times as a young kid in leaving some of her underwear and high heel in my room, and she finds them. A pair of her neon pink thongs and matching bra. I had bought myself this cute little skirt, top and some make up. Not to be narcissistic but I think that I look pretty cute all dressed up, I have mocha skin and I’m 5’5”. Well anyways I had gone into the theater wearing my normal boring cloths. I started the same routine of jacking off with all of the other guys look at the guys giving head, and fucking when I saw him in the elvankent escort corner. Pulling off his perfect dick and whispering in this other guys ear. My mouth watered I wanted him right away. I stood up with my man hood hanging out for everybody to see all wet with pre-cum. At almost instantly I sat down right next to him and I reached over and I grabbed his big dick, cut about 6 inches but really fat just like I like them. I whispered in his ear with a high girly voice, I want you to fuck me like a girl tonight. He just looked at me and smile the smile of yes, kind of like victory and he said, “ Were do you want to go?” I told him that, ”I have a hotel and trust me baby you wont be disappointed.” So at first I began to take advantage of all of these guys watching, ( because I like it when guys watch.). So I began to give him the hardest head I have ever given. Just then the manager of the store, I guess to check some of the action turned on the lights before he even said anything and said “We are cleaning up!”, but I just kept on sucking so that way everybody could see clearly what I loved. Just emek escort bayan then pushed me away from his stiff cock, I guess out of embarrassment, and told me, “lets go.” We then proceeded to my car and he was so excited as was I because I was so horny. We got into the car and then he began to kiss me and he said you are so cute, but I could tell that he was one of those macho guys that completely denies that he has ever even thought of a guy. Still I could care less at the time I wanted his dick and he was ready to give it to me. So we got back to the room. Now I had been driving all day and I was pretty smelly. So I told him to relax and read a porno that I had bought earlier, now keep in mind that I am bi-sexual so I do find women attractive so I gave him a club magazine that I had. I went to take a shower making sure to pay attention to my lil male pussy, and my cock. Now this was my first time that anybody has ever seen me dressed as a girl. So yeah I was nervous what he would think, would he laugh and just walk out, or would he be turned on by it. So I got a dressed up and pretty. I told him Escort eryaman that I have never shown anybody this so don’t laugh. He reassured me that he would not laugh, “ come on in sweetie let me see you. He was in his underwear jacking off rock hard on the bed. I walked in slowly with everything on. He stopped for a second, and told me, “ I came in with a guy right.” I was so happy that he said that, that I jumped on him and began kissing him talking like a little girl all cute, moving all sensual, rubbing my butt all over his cock that was getting my neon pink panties wet with pre-cum. Giving him a lap dance as he kisses the back of my neck. Feeling how large his dick was. He then bent me over and stared to lift my skirt and I could feel his cock right in between my butt cheeks, not inserting, but lying long ways, squeezing my butt cheeks together to smash his cock. (oh and plus I have a big butt too.) He began to, no pun intended, to kiss my ass. Kissing my cheeks and rubbing them with his big hands, I could feel him moving toward the center, the next thing I know he is licking my ass. I had the out of breath sigh as he began to lick, pretending it was pussy. He began to reach around and stroke me off. I had my butt propped into the air and my head down on the pillow as he licked, and forced his tongue into my gapping hole. I moaned with pleasure. Then I could feel him ease of and then I feel one finger go in I moaned even louder.

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