Checking on Angie


Before you read this story, be advised that it is adult oriented and contains very graphic depictions of a sexual nature. It is not intended for, nor should it be read under any circumstances, by persons who are not at least eighteen(18) years of age.

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Checking on Angie

This is a story about something that I’m not particularly proud of, but it was one of the most exciting sexual experiences of my life. Even to this day, I can’t really believe that it happened. It is the story of how I happened to have sex with the teenage daughter of some of my closest friends. But the bright side is that it was she, not myself, that initiated the whole thing. I was simply playing my part as ‘family friend’.

It happened a few years ago, while my friends Jess and Carrie were on a two week cruise that they took as a second honeymoon. Actually, this was more like their first honeymoon since they’d never really had one. They told me that they were both in college when they got married and didn’t have the time for a lengthy trip. They had made plans to go away when school was out for the summer but, for one reason or another, it never happened.

I had known Jess and Carrie for several years when what I’m about to share took place. We met through scouts, my son and theirs being at different levels. When my son was just starting, theirs was moving up. They had been co-leaders and somehow the baton got handed to me (more like crammed in my hand). They helped me get a handle on what I was doing and were always around for support. During that time we became friends and have been ever since.

Angie, their daughter, was only about six or seven years old when we first met, a year younger than my son but in the same grade of school. She was a little blonde ball of fire that always seemed to be in the middle of everything. She and my son became close friends and even had the hots for each other at one point in Jr. High. They ultimately went their separate ways and found other people that they were interested in, but still remain close friends.

As Angie grew older, she became interested in sports, especially softball. Our families spent a lot of time together at ball games, cookouts, camping and the like. By the time she was a senior in high school, she had developed into quite the cutie. I’d caught myself many times watching her ass in her tight fitting softball uniform, or checking out her crotch when she wore short-shorts to see if I could catch a glimpse of fuzz. Her chest was slow in blossoming, but by the time she graduated, she had enough to fill a ‘B’ cup quite nicely.

At the time of this story, Angie had just turned eighteen and even though her chest was small, she was an athletic beauty. I would guess that she measured in the neighborhood of 34-26-38 with thick, firm thighs supporting her five foot nine inch frame. Her weight was probably somewhere around 130 lbs of lean, young flesh. She had a bubbly personality and great sense of humor that complimented her good looks. In short, Angie was a wholesome, all-around good kid. But I always thought there might be a dark, naughty side to her.

Angie and my son were both beginning their freshman year at the local state college when this happened. Jess and Carrie had planned their trip to coincide with ‘back to school’ knowing they would have fewer children to deal with on the cruise. And even though Angie was quite mature, they asked if I would keep an eye on things and check on her from time to time. We live in a small country town and our homes are only a few blocks apart. So, of course, I agreed. Not with anything funny in mind; simply because I am their friend.

Jess and Carrie had been away for almost a week and I had been doing my best to watch their house, and had spoken to Angie on the phone to see if everything was alright. She assured me that things were fine, and I believed her, but decided to stop by on Saturday morning anyway. When Saturday rolled around, I got up a bit earlier than normal. My wife rarely has to work weekends, but that day she had to be at the office by nine. So, I rose with her, ran a few errands and then went to my friends’ house.

I knocked on the door at around ten a.m. and Angie answered wearing a baggy t-shirt and holding a glass coffee pot. I hadn’t given any thought to the possibility that she might still be sleeping, but apparently she hadn’t been up long. Her blonde hair was pulled into a pony-tail and she looked a little sleepy. Her athletic legs were bare, as were her feet, under the t-shirt which struck Fatih escort her just below the crotch.

“Oh, hi Bob,” she chirped. “I was just making some coffee. Would you like a cup?”

“Sure,” I said without thinking. As soon as I entered the house I realized that my being there wasn’t entirely appropriate. But by that time Angie was already halfway to the kitchen jabbering about an e-mail she’d received from her mom and dad. She didn’t seem to be concerned about my being there, so I just went along.

While Angie went to the sink to fill the caraf‚ with water, I took a seat at the kitchen table. She continued to chatter about how much fun her parents were having and filling me in on their activities as she poured the water into the coffee maker. She dropped a filter in the bin and reached for a nearby canister. She opened it and found it was empty. “Shoot! No coffee…” she complained.

I told her it was okay and that I should be going anyway, but she rebuffed my attempt to leave. “I know we have a brand new can here somewhere…” she said as she started opening cabinets in search of the coffee. “Aha!” she exclaimed when she located the new can. That’s when things began to get interesting.

When she had answered the door, I’d noticed that she was braless under the shirt. With her smallish breasts, Angie could get by without a bra if she wanted just about anytime, but the little nipples poking at the fabric gave her away. And now, as she reached for the can, it became evident that she may not have anything at all on under the shirt. The hem of the garment inched upward as she stretched, revealing the lower half of her firm, round bum.

I wanted to look away, but simply couldn’t. My brain was transfixed by the sight and I stared at the fleshy hemispheres. I saw no evidence of any panties or thong, so I assumed she was nude except for the t-shirt. Immediately, I felt a rush through my loins and a warmth fill my chest. For the last few years, I had thought Angie’s butt, which was tight and full, was her best feature. And here I was getting an unobstructed eyeful of a goodly portion.

Once she had the can in hand, I had to quickly shift my gaze out the window to keep Angie from knowing that I’d been ogling her bottom. And she didn’t seem to be any the wiser. I tried to put it out of my mind as a silly accident, but couldn’t get the image to go away. The more I tried, the more vividly it displayed itself in my mind. “Wow.. What a great ass,” I kept telling myself.

Angie opened the can, filled the smaller canister and finished preparing the pot to brew. Then she snapped the lid onto the larger can and went to replace it where she’d found it. This gave me another chance to peek at her as the shirt rode up her delicious bottom again. But this time I was doubly treated. She was already standing on tip-toes to reach the shelf, but in order to get the can back in place she did a little hopping motion. This caused her butt to jiggle and the shirt to edge up a little more.

I don’t think she knew she was showing off the first time, but realized her hind end was on display this time. Angie quickly brushed the shirt tail down and turned toward me. I think she was trying to see if I had noticed but by the time she looked at me I was peering through their sliding glass doors into the yard. I could still see her out of the corner of my eye as she stood there, obviously embarrassed, watching me.

After a few moments, Angie pulled out a chair and sat down across from me. We chatted about her folks and basic things while the coffee brewed. I explained that even though we’d spoken on the phone, I wanted to be sure she, and the house, were well. The conversation was just short of boring. The only thing that was interesting about it was the fact that I kept getting glimpses of the teen’s stiff nipples jabbing at her shirt.

We eventually got around to her social life and Angie told me that she and her boyfriend had broken up a few weeks prior. I expressed my consolations, assuring her that she’d find someone else. Then I blurted out, “I bet you’d be a lucky catch for any guy.” I couldn’t believe I’d just said that out loud. It was truly meant as a pacifying compliment but came out sounding more like a pickup line.

Angie cocked an eyebrow at me and asked, “You really think so?”

I know I was blushing when I tried to cover my mistake by offering, “Sure… You’re smart, athletic, funny… And pretty too.”

Angie’s mouth curled into a smile and her smouldering blue-grey eyes showed a mischievous look. I had to wonder what was running through the girl’s mind at that point. Every scenario in mine had her naked and trying to seduce me. I pushed the thoughts aside, telling myself they were just the psyche of a healthy, still virile, middle aged man. Here I was at forty-six and Angie at just eighteen. There was no way she was going to get frisky with me. At least that’s what I thought.

When Fındıkzade escort bayan the coffee finished brewing, Angie rose and poured two mugs. She added sugar to hers and asked if I wanted anything in mine. I told her I took a couple of sugars and a little cream, if she had any. The girl put two spoonfuls of sugar in my cup and then went to the refrigerator in search of the cream. Like she had done with the coffee, she mused over where the Half and Half might be. She was standing with the door open and she suddenly bent over saying, “Oh… Here it is.”

When she bent over, the shirt crawled upward again and this time there was no doubt left that she was indeed nude under the night shirt. Her entire ass was plainly displayed and I could faintly distinguish the outline of her pussy. She stayed like that for longer than I expected, and certainly longer than it took to retrieve the cream, then went on as if nothing had happened. There was no way that Angie didn’t know what she’d just done.

I tried to play it cool, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred, but my dick wasn’t cooperating. It was swelling in my pants and I knew it would be obvious if I stood up. And I knew that was exactly what I should have done; Stood up and got the hell out of there. But for some reason, I couldn’t. I sat there almost stunned as the girl stirred my coffee and set it in front of me.

Again Angie sat down across from me. She had both elbows on the table and both hands around her coffee mug. She sipped at the drink while giving me a coy look over the rim of the mug. I was still a little dumbfounded by what I’d just witnessed, and after a couple minutes of silence, Angie asked, “What’s wrong, Bob?”

I didn’t know what to say. My mind was filled with questions. Should I scold her for being so naughty? Do I just excuse myself and leave? Do I call her parents? Should I stay and see where this leads? Deep inside, I knew the worst thing I could do was stay, but that’s exactly what I did.

“Cat got your tongue?” Angie smirked, still peering over her mug. Then as bluntly as possible, she asked, “Do you like looking at my ass?”

Again I was dumbstruck, but finally mumbled, “Uh-huh… It’s… uh… very nice.” Then I managed to find my coffee mug and lifted it to my lips, trying to appear nonchalant, but my pecker continued to grow inside my cargo shorts. I knew everything about what was happening was wrong, yet I was never more tantalized.

My heart was thumping and I felt more alive than I had for a very long time, even though I was happily married and my wife was still pretty hot. In fact, the sex with Sammie, my wife, had never been better than it was at that very point in our marriage. We were even experimenting with some light B & D and had another couple that we had been swinging with for about six months.

At that point I knew, contradictory to all good sense, I was going to go as far as this little minx would let me. I swallowed a big drink of coffee, set the mug back on the table and reaffirmed, “A very nice ass, indeed.” Now that I knew I was going to see this through, I felt emboldened. “Looks firm and very sexy,” I added.

“Would you like to see it again?” the little tease asked.

Feeling my courage swelling along with my dick I replied, “Yes. I would like to see it again. In fact, I’d like to see the rest of you too.” I didn’t know if Angie would comply, or if she just planned to string me along, but I didn’t see any point in hiding my desire any longer.

The teen set her coffee down and got to her feet. She rounded the table and turned her back toward me, standing about two feet in front of me. Slowly and seductively, she grasped the shirt hem and began tugging it upward. Inch by inch, the garment rose over her buttocks and the swell of her hips until it was gathered at the small of her back. Angie’s entire butt was now on display within arms reach. I was surprised at the absence of a tan line and quipped, “I see you tan nude.”

Angie giggled and confirmed that she did. She looked over her shoulder at me and said, “You can touch it if you want.”

I didn’t want to seem too anxious so I feigned a thoughtful pause and then reached out, placing my hand squarely on her right cheek. I felt a little shudder chase through the teen’s body and goose bumps quickly developed when I touched her. Her skin was soft and warm and her flesh felt as firm as it had looked. The years of softball and other athletic activities had toned her very well. I rubbed my fingers gently on her and then slid my hand across her crack to the other cheek. As I rubbed that side, I could see her eyes close, making it obvious that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

My fingers toyed with her rear end for a couple of minutes and then the girl stepped away and pulled her shirt back down. I feared that she was having second thoughts, but found out that wasn’t the case when she Escort Gaziosmanpaşa turned around and asked, “Are you sure you want to see more?”

I grinned and nodded my head in the affirmative. Without another word or any hesitation, Angie lifted the shirt up and over her head. Her youthful body spilled into view as the garment ascended, and it was breathtaking. Between her legs, a thick patch of golden-brown pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a strip about three inches wide at the top and narrowed somewhat as it disappeared into her crotch. Her belly was solid, but not overly muscular and her small tits were as firm as could be. They were about the size of a grapefruit half and capped with eraser sized nipples in dark brown areolas about the size of a quarter.

My dick was throbbing as the t-shirt fell to the floor and Angie looked down at me. I licked my lips and said, “My god… You’ve grown up into a very sexy woman.”

Angie just stood there for a moment without saying anything, but when I reached out to touch her again, she backed away. Again, I thought she’d gotten cold feet, and again I was wrong. She grinned widely at me and taunted, “You’ve seen mine… Now I get to see yours.”

I took another long drink of coffee and then wrestled my polo shirt over my head and tossed it aside. “How’s that?” I questioned, knowing full well that it wasn’t my shirt she was interested in. Angie grinned and tilted her head to the side, giving me a look that echoed that same sentiment. I stood and started to slowly unbutton my shorts, the outline of my cock already visible. “Are you sure you want to see?” I teased the blonde. She just nodded and licked her lips seductively in anticipation.

I took my time lowering the zipper, teasing her. When it was open, I pulled the shorts apart a little, which displayed my own thick pubic mat because Angie wasn’t the only one not wearing any underwear. I rarely wore them on weekends, and today was no different in that regard. I paused just short of letting my boner pop out and turned around. I figured it was only fair that she received the same treatment I had.

Lowering the back of my shorts, I wiggled my ass at the teen playfully. Then I pulled them up and turned around again. Angie had that same tilted head ‘stop screwing around’ look but I continued to entice her. I opened the fly a little wider and let part of my shaft come into view, then closed it again and said, “I don’t think this is such a good idea.” The statement was accurate, it wasn’t a good idea, but I didn’t really mean it.

I learned that Angie wasn’t to be toyed with as she stepped forward and slipped a hand inside my shorts. Her fingers swiftly found my throbbing pole and I let the shorts fall to the floor. She tugged at me a couple of times and then stepped back, releasing me to bob up and down. The girl surveyed my nude frame with a wanton look in her eyes and then said, “I’ve always wondered what you would look like naked.”

My eight and half inches were ramrod straight in front of me and my loins were on fire for the girl. Angie stepped forward again and dropped to her knees. Her hands went to my abdomen and she began to run them up and down my torso. “I’ve fantasized about doing this since I first discovered what sex was all about,” she confessed.

“Having sex with an older man?” I questioned.

“No… Having sex with you,” she oozed in return as her cheek brushed against my turgid pole. “I’ve had… a crush on you… for years,” she added while placing a few soft kisses just below my navel.

Then her lips were wrapping around the head of my penis and I knew there was no turning back. My eyes closed and I just stood there happily absorbing the sensation of the teen’s mouth on me. Her inexperience was evident, but Angie knew what she was doing. Her tongue danced along my shaft as she drew me in to about half my length. She sucked deeply for a moment and then withdrew to tease my glans with the tip of her tongue. Taking the head in again, she bobbed up and down in short strokes while sucking hard, causing me to moan in pleasure.

“Do you like that Mr. Carlson?” she teased in a childish voice. In reality, she hadn’t called me ‘Mr. Carlson’ for several years.

“Yes Angie, I do,” I replied. And then trying to play along with her fantasy, I added, “But you know that you are a naughty little girl for doing it, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, Mr. Carlson. I know. But I like being a naughty girl,” the blonde countered. She bobbed up and down my meat a few more times and then went on, “I want to be really, really naughty with you Mr. Carlson.”

My heart was pounding in my chest. I could just see Jess and Carrie coming home early and walking in while Angie had my dick in her mouth. I think the thought only fueled my horniness and I asked, “What kind of naughty things do you want to do Angie?”

“Some really naughty things Mr. Carlson. I want you to put your thing inside me,” Angie said, still with the childish tone.

“What thing, Angie?” I teased, wanting to hear her young voice talking dirty.

“This thing,” she returned as she grabbed my pecker in her hand.

“I can’t put it in you unless you tell me what we call it and where you want me to put it, Sweetie,” I said, mocking the girl.

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