Conquring Jules Pt. 04


Jules 2nd Fantasy

We turned Mr. Galvin’s lake side house into our own sex palace. Both Jules and I spent each night at the house. It was my first experience of having sex with Jules and not rushing out to head home.

On Monday night, after fucking on the beach, we walked back to the house naked. We showered together, making sure every inch of our bodies was free of sand and went to bed. In bed we fucked slowly and tenderly. Jules had multiple orgasms, but nothing as powerful as the orgasm that ripped through her on the beach. This time, it was Jules stomach that I covered with cum when I finally erupted. After cleaning up, Jules returned to the large comfortable guest bed naked. As she laid down, I grabbed her and yanked her up against me. I held her tight as we spooned.

“After my next period, I’m getting on birth control,” Jules mumbled as she came down from the sexual euphoria. “It’ll take about a month to get into my system. Then I want to you fill me with your young cum. I can’t wait to feel you cumming inside me,” Jules said.

I smiled, and raked her blond hair back behind her ear and kissed the soft spot behind her ear I knew she loved. “I can’t wait. I guess we’re kinda playing with fire as is, aren’t we? Maybe I should buy some condoms.”

“Don’t you dare!” Jules said. “Don’t you dare cover that beautiful cock with anything. We’re being smart. We’ll just have to continue to be smart.” We fell asleep with my arms wrapped around Jules as she snuggled into my body.

The week went by in a blink of an eye. And on Friday I packed up and moved back home as my mom and Mr. Galvin were due home Friday afternoon. Like the previous weekend, my parents wanted to spend time with me and I was unable to sneak away to spend some quality time with Jules.

On Monday my football team began our off-season conditioning program. Our team was going to be good and had a shot to win the State Championship. Our coach knew it and was determined to ensure every player on our team was in the best shape of our lives. We ran so hard in the heat. We actually had 4 guys faint from excursion and heat. Even me, with less than 3% body fat and in great shape, was close to throwing up on numerous occasions.

I was covered in sweat and dirt as I dragged my ass to my car after the conditioning session. The white “wife beater” t-shirt I wore to conditioning was completely soaked through with my sweat.

Despite being physically exhausted, I was also excited. I hadn’t seen Jules in 4 long days. I missed Escort Fatih being with her. And being inside her.

It took me fifteen minutes to arrive at Jules house. As was our arrangement, she parked her car in the driveway, leaving the garage free for me to park my car. My hamstrings were sore and caused me limp slightly as I walked towards the house.

I was hit by the smell of delicious spaghetti before I even enter the house. I stepped into the kitchen to find Jules standing at the stove as she cooked. Sadly, she was dressed in her work scrubs. She turned and smiled at me. “Hey stud!” She walked over to me and kissed me hard. “Gawd, I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too. Why are you dressed?” I asked, grabbing her ass and thrusting my growing cock into Jules pelvis.

“I’ve got some good news and some bad news. I started my period yesterday.” My face fell. Damn, no sex. “Don’t worry stud. I haven’t seen that beautiful cock for 4 days. I plan to spend plenty of time with Mr. Johnson tonight. Trust me.”

I smiled and kissed Jules again. “Now, why don’t you go and take a shower. We have fifteen minutes before dinner is ready.” I agreed and headed for the shower. “Why are limping?” she called to me.

“My hamstrings are sore from conditioning,” I yelled back as I jumped into the shower. I showered quickly and returned to the kitchen to find the food on the table. Jules spaghetti tasted as good as it smelled. She also made a point of making me drink as much water as possible to stay hydrated.

After dinner, I helped with the dishes as we cleaned up the kitchen. I couldn’t help myself, and my hands were on Jules ass just as much as they were on the dishes. Once the kitchen was clean, we went into the living room and watched a movie. Jules curled into my chest as we watched the movie.

Once the movie finished, Jules grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. “Strip and lay down on the bed,” Jules said. I quickly complied. I stripped and laid on Jules bed. My hard cock stood pointing at the ceiling. “I love this thing,” Jules said leaning down and kissing the tip of my dick. “But not yet. On your stomach. I’m going to give you a massage.”

Once on my stomach, Jules poured warm lotion onto my back and began to knead the muscles in my back. She had turned down the lights in her room and turned on some music. Neither one of us spoke as she worked her way down my back.

With my back done, she moved down to my feet and began to massage my feet as she Fındıkzade escort worked her way up my tired legs. Her hands worked magic on my sore calves. She finally spoke as she began to slowly and firmly massage my sore hamstrings.

“Baby, are you still willing to fulfill my fantasies?” Jules asked.

“Anything you want, baby.”

“Are you sure? You won’t consider me a freak? My next fantasy is…different.”

This concerned me. But I had a gallon of cum stored up, just begging to be released. It was worth the risk. “I’ll never think poorly of you. What’s your fantasy?”

“Okay. I want you to get up on all fours. Like I do when you fuck me doggystyle.”

“What?” I said, suddenly alarmed. I looked back at her. She was naked except for a small pair of black panties. “You don’t have a strap-on or anything, do you?”

Jules giggled like a schoolgirl. “What? No, I don’t have a strap-on. And trust me. You’ll like it. I promise.”

I had no idea what Jules had in mind. But, I promised her I would fulfill her fantasy. I slowly crawled up onto my hands and knees. My throbbing cock was so hard it was pointing more toward my head than toward the bed.

“Spread your knees a bit more, sweetie,” Jules requested. When I complied, she poured the warm lotion right into the crack of my ass. I could feel the large amount of lotion as it slid down over my anus, then onto the base of my swollen balls.

When the lotion hit my balls, Jules put down the bottle of lotion and ran a finger down my ass crack. A surprised moan slipped from me when she circled my anus with her lubed finger. It was more pleasureable than expected.

Jules continued to run her hands down until she found my balls. She took her time and spread the lotion over my balls. As her oiled hands made their way to my throbbing cock, she leaned forward and kissed the back side of each ball.

I almost came right there.

Jules began to slowly jerk my cock up and down. I moaned with pleasure. It felt so good, I feared I would blow my load.

“Do you like how this feels, baby?” Jules asked.

“Oh yes. It feels so good.”

Jules stopped stroking my cock. She began to run the tip of her finger around the ridge of my large, swollen dickhead. It felt amazing!

“I’m glad you are enjoying it. I read about this position in a book. Are you ready for the next part?”

My mind was centered on Jules finger and how it continued to circle my circumcised cock. “Whatever you Gaziosmanpaşa escort want,” I mindlessly mumbled.

I barely registered that Jules was pouring another generous portion of lotion into the crack of my ass. My mind was centered on my cock until Jules once again began to circle my anus with another finger tip.

I moaned loudly.

Jules then wrapped her hand around my cock and squeezed as she slowly pressed the tip of her finger into my ass. I roared in surprise and pleasure.

“Relax, baby,” Jules cooed into my ear. “I’m going to milk your prostate as I jerk you off,” she said as she continued to slowly press her well lubed finger into my ass.

I had no idea what a prostate was at that time. However, I didn’t want Jules to stop what she was doing. Suddenly, I felt a pleasurable pressure behind my cock. I moaned loudly and Jules began to slowly jerk my cock.

As Jules worked both my cock and prostate, she leaned forward. “Baby, I love your big beautiful cock. I could hold onto it forever.” She moved back behind me until she positioned herself on her back between my legs. She aimed my cock directly at her face as she began to vigorously jack me off.

Jules looked up at me from her position below me. “I want you to cum for me, baby. Cover me with your huge fucking load.”

It was too much stimulation. My entire body spasmed as I exploded!

I shot the biggest load of my life! I covered Jules face, hair, throat and upper chest with thick white jizz. Jules, who had to close her eyes to avoid getting cum in them, continued to slowly milk my cock and prostate until I could take it no longer and collapsed next to Jules.

Once again, Jules giggled like a schoolgirl as she used a nearby towel to clean her face. “Holy shit, stud. I’ve never seen that much cum in my life! I thought you’d never stop cumming,” she said laughing. She then rubbed the cum that remained on her chest into her skin. Once she had massaged all my cum into her skin, she jumped on top of me.

We kissed hard.

“What did you think of me milking your prostate?” Jules asked, leaning on her elbow next to me.


“Different? Good or bad?”

I reached over and ran my hand on her damp, slightly sticky chest. “What do you think? You think I would have cum that much with it being bad?”

She threw her arms around me and kissed me hard. Our tongues danced as I tweaked her stiff nipple. “Good! It was so much fun. I’ve never heard a guy yell like you did when you exploded. It’s sexy.”

“I’m glad you thought it was sexy.”

“Oh, it was. I read about milking a guy in a book years ago. I’ve always wanted to try it. But, my ex refused. He’d never let me get near his ass.”

“Well, he’s missing out.”

Jules laughed and leaned into me and kissed me.

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