Winter typically means cold, wet, and snow. In California it’s quite a bit different. Winter means the grass turns brown and it rains (sometimes), behold the glory of two season climates. I just returned from a “guys” weekend trip to the mountains. Since its winter it’s nice to actually see and touch snow when you’re not used to it. Pretty much every winter this group of guys goes up, I’m the youngest usually, and they’re all 5-15 years older. Not to mention they’re all married. We usually go up in the fall for an amazing Oktoberfest which became a yearly thing. I’ll never forget the first year I was invited to go up. I was dating a girl at the time (my best female friend, that was ultimately a disaster and emotions are completely irrational) and she was pissed that I didn’t tell her about it so I told my friends I’d stay. Experience is a great teacher, and I learned a lesson in regret that day. Although this wouldn’t smack me in the face as hard until the next year when I eventually made it up and saw what I missed. Large groups of people (hundreds), lots of drinking, and loads of dancing, eating, and more drinking (also, drinking).

We usually go up for a few days since it’s about a two hour drive. One of the cool things about California is you can go Skiing and visit the Beach in the same day if you start early enough. I’ve heard wonderful things about Scotland too (one of the Developers I work with is an Americanized Scott, Hari krishna, and also one of the smartest people I know.) Although once you actually live in a “vacation destination” it can become pretty regular. After a weekend of drinking, smoking herb, and eating I arrived home later in the afternoon on Sunday and after seeing all the women on the slopes and thinking about ski pants, yoga pants, ass, ass everywhere I wanted to get off. We all have our stashes and it just wasn’t doing anything for me. When I find something and I can come buckets to, it sucks that eventually it’s not as exciting, too much of a good thing, perhaps? When I find porn I like to watch the whole video if I can, and then finish at an especially hot spot, usually waiting for visible orgasms, imagining being inside and feeling her gripping my cock is my favorite.

I found a website which accepts requests, and people will post if they’re interested or not. After searching around a little bit and seeing what related items people searched for and then discovering requests, and finally somehow I come across your profile. Eventually figuring out I’m able to post requests, I’m not sure exactly what I want now, or how things work. Figuring maybe requesting things via messages is the way to go. After sending requests to a few people and you were one of the first one to get back to me that Escort Arnavutköy I am really hot for. You’re just right and it’s surprising you got back to me. My heart jumped “She’s real!” when opening the reply. Amateur stuff is my favorite, watching real women masturbate is a massive turn on.

Reading your reply is exciting, and the part about getting super wet, is something I really want to see. I imagine wetness isn’t that exciting for you. As a man, thinking back to the feeling of wetness against my tongue (I love when a woman grinds against my face), the taste (I jokingly say I want you inside me), how warm her body is, not to mention the whole trust thing with being comfortable and allowing me between “your” legs all come to mind. These thoughts are going through my head while reading your reply and then seeing your picture is hotter. “This girl is cute, and she’s down to do this, this is awesome.” What’s strange is I don’t even know you, and I want to be this complete freak and watch you. I’ve had a fantasy of not touching a woman at all, just being close, where we can see one another. It’s an experience I want to share with the right person. Things like this I just don’t discuss, and when things happen, I go with the flow and its less talking and more doing, ya know?

During this whole time I’m switching between last minute homework followed by wrapping up a quiz (intro to databases, an online course) and I’m totally distracted with thoughts of you and thinking about like your thighs against my ears lol. Wrapping up the quiz before the time limit I manage to type out what I’d like you to do. My thoughts are conflicted, one side I feel like a complete perv telling you exactly what I want you to do, turned on, and terrified I’ll scare you away lol. At this point you’ve disappeared to do the movie, meanwhile I think “Well, that sucks!” and then your message came through. Reading about it being your first masturbation session of the day is a hot. This may be gross, but I’d love to wake a woman up with oral. It’s also exciting knowing it’s new for both of us.

Eventually the file uploads and by this point I’m swimming in thoughts about watching you. I love getting off to a woman getting off. Don’t get me wrong, sex is great (I love being inside a woman and feeling the way they push against me, and how I want to push deep into them) but I just love masturbating to a girl doing the same thing. It’s a bonus if she’s doing it because of me. I like watching fingers find the right spot and being able to see what she’s doing.

Beginning the download I get up to get a paper towel, not the classiest thing, but tissue is terrible when soaked with cum. After a seeming eternity the video Avcılar escort downloads. I tend to masturbate at my computer. It’s exciting seeing you wearing a skirt, filling my head with desire to stroke. I seriously love your figure, especially your legs. Your thighs are total buttons btw. Since it’s been really warm recently, I’m in a t-shirt and shorts, unzipping I usually warm up by rubbing through my boxers. Teasing girls through their panties is exciting too, feeling warmth through the thin fabric is total boner fuel, just like seeing your black panties under your skirt. I wonder what you look like under them as I begin touching and feeling the warm tingle grow against my hand. I have really hot hands, it can suck for hand holding, but being felt up is apparently awesome.

Watching you warm yourself up and reposition I resist the temptation to pull myself out and rub. Wanting to do this is an understatement, it’s a burning desire. After all I’m trying to pace myself, I want to last the whole video, until I’m aching and I have one of those pulsing orgasms where I tense up and think about you all around me, feeling each pulse, knowing I want the same from you, gripping me and moaning quietly.

Watching you continue to remove your panties and lay on your stomach I pull myself out and use my left hand, moving up and down. I grip at the base and then sorta squeeze again right below the head with each motion. Seeing your pussy is enough to get my breathing deep, slowly stroking, trying to keep with your motions, and mixing it up by grabbing my head (I’m cut btw). I fantasize about kissing your neck while you’re playing with yourself. Like that sucking, licking, kiss so I can smell and taste your skin while whispering words of encouragement “Baby, I love the noises you make, imagine my head pushing against that spot above your hole” etc. I could get off to a woman’s breathing, just listening to you breathe when you find the right spot is exciting.

The sounds of your wetness when you finger ‘just right’ and seeing it on your fingers, I imagine both that it’s my cum and your wetness and using your hand on me. Wrapping your fingers around my shaft, finger tips along the nerve with your wetness between your fingers against my hard warmth. I think your wetness is so incredibly hot, wanting to lick your fingers after you pull them out and let me play with your lips, imagining what they feel like and how sensitive you are. I’m into textures; I’d be a total perv with your blessing. Imagining you letting me feel you, my fingertips pressing between your lips and tracing around your hole gives me horny butterflies feeling the pulse in my cock. Using your wetness to tease your clit but never touching Bağcılar escort bayan it directly is how I’d tease you. I’d love to just push my head into you, enough to part your lips and slide up and down between them, focusing on your clit and then back down to your hole.

Stroking a bit faster thinking about this I can feel the cum building up. I love the feeling of entering a woman, feeling her take my head first, the way it spreads around the hardness, and the slick warmth pressing around me, taking me. It’s hot. It’s a big button to hear a sigh or an mmm when I’m entering with my fingers or my cock. I wonder what kind of noises you make?

Watching you put your feet and how your fingers wiggle inside, wondering what’s going through your head. Seeing your legs, they look so smooth and soft, fills me with desire. Imagining what they must feel like wrapped around me makes me rub faster. Slowing down and just squeezing myself while looking at your breasts, wondering if you like them licked, held, or even touched at all is hot. You’ve got cute perky nipples that are welcome in my mouth anytime.

Watching you orgasm is so hot. Instantly I know what I want to cum to. I’m a dork and time my orgasms (as much as possible) to when I see a woman’s when I’m masturbating. The flexing is something I never get tired of. Watching you cum, with your legs open, and the orgasmic clenching is so fucking hot. Wishing I was inside you at that very moment, wanting to feel your orgasm around me is all I think about. I’d love to learn what you like, and where, how so I could make you cum hard. It’s a turn on getting someone off. Alternatively, I’d like for you to feel each throb of mine to let you know how hot you get me.

Thoughts about you cumming fill my head and make the ache from inside hard to resist. My thoughts are so carnal at this point, perverted stuff thinking about my cum mixing with yours. My focus is on your spread legs and listening to your hot breathing. Straightening my legs and pressing my back into my seat as my hand moves up and down in long even strokes. Julie. Cum. I feel the tingle grow and focus my fingertips around my shaft and massage along my sensitive nerve. My cock is kinda veiny; I’ve always wondered what it feels like for a woman. Feeling the cum welling up until I go as fast as I can, making little wet noises. My breathing is quickening and my ass tenses up while watching your lips spasm and seeing your hole. Quickly grabbing the paper towel and pressing my head into it and stroking once more, it happens. Feeling the cum exit my body as I orgasm thinking about your hot pussy stretching around me (this is my favorite thing to cum to, thinking about that warm tightness and just being inside the girl of my dreams), stroking again and quickly feeling another squirt, and another, each throbbing pump I wish was inside you… with your legs spread and you on your back. After the spasms die down just being inside you and holding you close enough to feel your heart beating would be the icing on the cake.

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