Kennel Love


One thing that defined me over my last few years of high school was how one of my boyfriends corrupted my head by pushing me way past my comfort by introducing me to some kinky stuff. Have long since moved on from that guy and am in search of graduation. I couldn’t find another person that would push me past that.

I’m Robin Welsh, now a college freshman living in the dormitory with two other female students. Get along when we are together. I could see my roommate Rita and I becoming close friends and Susan not so much, she comes across as very standoff and pushy. We are now halfway through our first year and finally getting used to college life and being away from my hometown.

Over the few months here, I managed to find a boyfriend on the second day here. At first, I thought he was going to be the one until I felt betrayed when I found out he was also dating three other ladies. In my sorrows, I began jotting down more crazy things on my tablet that were to never see the light of day. While I was in high school if my parents knew the stuff, I was writing about they would have disowned me.

As many of the tales contain me and others in some sticky situations of restraint for long durations of time over the weekends. In particular, the one involving one of my roommates Rita, in a large kennel with us doubled locked inside naked. This story wasn’t supposed to be seen by anyone, especially not by my roommates reading my drafted fantasy about her and me in some sticky situations.

Late last night working on my midterm paper for one of my classes along with my roommates. Was relieved when I checked the printer and saw one of my roommates’ papers along with mine. I didn’t see what I thought printed out my little sick fantasy story about me and my roommate. That night we all were printing out countless documents, so it was hard to keep track of who was printing next. Went to bed and proceeded through Friday, concluding that I only thought I accidentally printed the wrong thing and there was no way I was going to ask them.

I didn’t get back to the room until after seven, since I worked during the afternoon. Knew both of my roommates had off the rest of the evening together. Walking into the room, I was surprised to see only Susan laying on her bed and not seeing Rita. I asked, “where is our roommate? Thought she was going to be not working?” That was when my heart sank after she pointed to my sick story laying there on the table before me. My face turned several colors of embarrassment and wondering where she could be.

Did she see what I wrote and demanded to be sent to another room? Or this is going to lead me to some deep issues with the university officials. Picking up the paper off the table, unable to speak, when Susan sat up and pulled some blanket off some large wooden crate. I could see that something was inside there from the angle I was standing. Which brought me to my sick story of lying on the table and fearing the worst dream of Rita being inside there.

Moving closer to get a better look inside, I was completely disgusted by what I saw along with Rita. It was apparent that whoever owned that crate before didn’t clean it out or that neither of my roommates did either. Almost frozen there feeling ashamed my writing has led to this and they are for some sick reason making my fantasy a reality. I heard a voice at that moment and had no idea who was talking about being so much in my thoughts. What I heard was, “shed everything I’m wearing and crawl backward till I am laying on top of her” I realized what Rita had just said.

Still unable to move in shock and embarrassment, Rita continued. “Both of them have read my sexual sick fantasy with disuse and shock. When she considered the idea of being reduced to nothing more than some caged animal along with me. They both found this dirty and disgusting crate on Craigslist and decided not to clean it for Tüyap escort bayan us. On my bed are two key locks to secure Rota and me in here. Once I am nude and inside of here you will completely own her as I wrote in my paper.”

I could feel my shirt lifting above my head as I allowed Susan to undress me. She didn’t say a word as she helped guide me. Wanting to place my legs around Rita’s body while backing in there without hurting her. I did not exchange any words with Susan the whole time since I was in this room.

I finally addressed Susan now sitting outside of the still-opened crate door. I said to Susan, “Did you or Rita find that sick story on the printer?” Susan said, “it was my kennel Rita that pulled it off the printer last night, Rita didn’t show it to Susan until this morning between classes. Susan was completely shocked when she asked her to make this whole fantasy of mine a reality.”

Feeling like my entire world was crumbling down, I pressed my hips down till a small gasping sound. Didn’t know what to think when I got my hands on the back of my butt and a tongue pushed inside me. Getting to accept my new reality and gaining some confidence in my new situation. I said forcefully, “Susan, would like you to close this hatch on us. Secure both of the key locks, so we cannot escape. I do not care where you store those keys or lose them. Cover us both up and forget about us for the next several hours. During the evening if you find someone, bring them back for some personal time as if we are not here.”

While seeing tears in Susan’s eyes, I could see a sinful grin emerging. As I watched her latch the door closed. She got up and could hear her open the two packages of locks. I then watched her toss both sets of keys in with us, one she tossed back and the other by my head. After she checked both locks to see that they were secure, Susan said, “Want to hear from both of you if you are alright with me leaving you both in here alone?”

Following hearing another gasping sound, I spoke for both of us, “Please cover us and forget about us and enjoy your private dorm room if you bring anyone back here.” Susan responded, “I’m seriously going to play this whole fantasy thing out at the expense of Rita and her. She knows just the guy that would screw her brains out for both our enjoyment of hearing.”

Susan then with some struggle, moved the crate length away so the latch is facing one of the beds and is closer to the wall. She then tried not to block any of the air vents with the blanket. She managed to back any view of the rest of the room. Then what sounded like she was picking something up and moving around the room. When we heard the door latch and the lights turned off leaving both inside here alone.

I said, “no one was supposed to read that, why are you allowing yourself to be degraded to some dirty animal and making what I wrote a reality?” The only thing I could hear and think of was the slipping sound of her working my clit into some frenzy that led me to the edge. I was also more interested in returning her favor than heading any response she might give me on why she agreed to be in here with me.

Just as her body began to buckle and we both moved to our sides pushing each other to the edge again. I could hear some voices along with the room light being turned back on. Followed Rita’s lead and thrust my tongue deep inside and held it not wanting to make any sound to alert us of being there with them. Recognized of course Susan’s voice, and it took me a few seconds to tell it was the guy she’s been seeing on and off since we all were roommates, Zayne.

He asked where we were and she told him “you do not have to worry about either of them walking in on us while we do it, they are both locked up and couldn’t get out.” I couldn’t make out what was said afterward. The only thing I heard next was the bed-moving Escort Tüyap sound that lasted forever. What only wanted me to pull her closer to me, as she did in return. Them going at it screwing, they were making all kinds of noise.

When it happened that caught me completely by surprise getting something salty in my mouth. When I realized, Rita was peeing trying to capture every drop. Was unaware of not being able to breathe for a few seconds. I looked up as the blanket was lifted and saw the naked Zayne and Susan standing above us.

I wouldn’t and didn’t want to move my lips away from Rita’s labia. As Susan said, “Both of them are living one of my fantasies of being locked up in this crate together naked.” Zayne just stood there staring at me as I pulled and rotated Rita. So, she is now sitting on top of me and holding her down on my mouth preventing me from speaking. Looking up at them, I could see Susan holding stapled sheets of paper. She then read out loud, my sick tale to mostly Zayne.

Then Susan said, directing the question to me, “These two pets are here for her enjoyment seeing the helpless inside of that crate.” Paying attention to his expression of the situation. I decided to return the favor and not care. I began to pee into Rita’s mouth and felt her arms wrap tighter around me, legs holding me closer.

Then Susan said, “from the smell, I am pissing in Rita’s month.” I looked up, pulling her down harder with a quick thumbs up. Zayne with a worried look on his face said, “Susan, do you have the keys to free them from this cage and how long do you plan on keeping them locked up?” She turned around and questioned, “I do not have the keys, they were tossed inside. We would need to get the keys from both of them. Girls, show him the keys.”

For the kennel. Both of them have it. Girls, show him the keys.” I lifted one set and felt the cold metal rub my legs with the others. Considering saving something, when I grabbed the key and made sure both were looking. I pushed the keys and that medal ring deep inside Rita’s ass. I immediately felt a sting on my ass when she pinched me while she did the same.

I decided to break my silence, by saying, “It’s up to you if you want to feed us or not. Keep us in this room or transport us to another location covered or not. Only will we hand you the keys after we both clean off the keys for you to free us. Looking at you both, you both need more sex” I pulled Rita down on my face and let her have it.

Shortly later after they both got dressed, Susan did push two packages of energy bars, and since he was unable to squeeze a water bottle through the hatch. We just had each other’s body fluids for hydration. I knew my deficiencies by shoving our keys up each of our asses. Unless they cut the locks or hatch, we are not going anywhere besides being squeezed inside of here.

I watched as the both of them got dressed and left the room and left the lights on this time. Seeing Zayne pulling in some flatbed dolly along with some of the camping gear we had in our store room. They both lifted the crate with us in it and covered us up. The both of us got banged up while they both struggled to lift the still-covered crate onto the truck.

Until I got very nervous hearing other guys talking and pushing us onto the bed. Luckily the blanket stayed on until after they left. The crate was placed in the back of a pickup truck with the hatch facing the cab. Couldn’t see anything outside from the occasional street lamps.

They dragged the crate with the help of the dolly to some campsite and heard others move about in the distance. Outside of rotating our bodies for comfort, she never lifted her face for me from each other or said a word. Not sure what position when I fell asleep when I woke up my head was on her leg.

Feeling the urge to pee again, I started fishing for the keys. When Tüyap Escort I felt a sharp bite on my labia and pulled my figures out. I then felt her press her bottom over my mouth and she began to piss again and I did the same to her. I poured out, “I want my pet to turn her body so she is facing the hatch to eat something through the wires.” Until that moment, anything I said to Rita, she wouldn’t respond and just push her tongue deeper inside of me.

Getting my first good look at her since last night before I joined her inside here. She looks like a mess with her hair all tangled with different colors of watermarks on her face. I am sure my reflections would be the same.

Placing my face on the hatch wires, she would stick the food into my mouth and I would then transfer some of the food over to Rita. This went on for the full meal and I was able to sip in some liquid with some running down her face. She got to drink something that wasn’t from me.

We both used the wet clothes to clean each other’s face, chest, and hands from the night of being in here with just our bare bodies. Enjoying my control over Rita, but wanting to see if she was willing to end this, I said, “pet you still have no voice.” That got the attention of both of them that were busy breaking down the tent.

I said to Rita, “you spoke clearly when you pissed in my mouth earlier. Ask me by twisting my nipples as hard as you can if you want to remain locked inside for another few hours till we get home and do not let go until Susan tells you to.” I never felt that amount of pain in my lifetime, and it took Susan forever to tell her to let go.

Susan directed to me, “talked with her now boyfriend, and neither of them is going to break those locks unless I tell me to. This is my fantasy. I am living with some input from my cage pet. I need to tell her what the next chapter will be and she is sure my pet would follow my command regardless if we are both in here or not.”

I thought about it and said, Susan, “thanks for allowing me to live this sick fantasy of being helpless and locked up.” I then turned to Rita, “pet I want you to lay down like we were and never remove your mouth away from me.” I returned to the same position we were in and pulled her body on me.

It took them a bit longer to get us back onto the bed of the truck. On the way, it was full daylight outside, and I was a little worried about being seen during the unloading of the truck. They did place the blanket over to protect us from others seeing us inside.

Following that night living and the following day going into the evening. When we both allowed each other to dig in for the lodged keys. Reaching for the wet cloth and handing a sheet to Rita. I ended up not using the toilets until after the keys were in my mouth. It felt strange after being inside there for nearly twenty-four hours.

In the shower together following a huge kiss, Rita said, “I am always going to be your caged pet if you keep me naked or dressed. When we are together, you are and will be my voice. Even if we are with my family and we are together, you completely own me.”


Living out one of my wildest fantasies of being contained naked in a dog kennel for an extended period. I never considered it turning out to be real and experienced it. After that weekend, we spent countless weekends locked inside that kennel. We all agreed on replacing our box with something a little smaller, but lighter to lift onto the bed of the truck. Another big difference was where we kept the latch keys. Before we both enter the box, we both insert the key inside and plug into each other’s bum. Also, I placed inside us a bag with some food and beverages through the rest of the calendar year and somewhat the winter months before the winter break.

Rita and I agreed after visiting both of our parents together. And having to explain more than we liked to. This comes with our decision of me being her only voice when together. Along with Susan and Zayne becoming more of an item as we both were. The decision was to ditch the physical kennel due to needing a third person we could trust as we did with our old roommate.

The End

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