Phoenix Fun Ch. 02


(Preface: too many drinks and willing wives with toys led to a wild evening while on vacation in Phoenix)

Having finished our first ever group masturbation session with my wife, her sister and brother in law, we sat there enjoying the view. Dawn, with her butterfly still buzzing, Jill with her rabbit still in her wet pussy were a sight.

Sam and I were now soft and when my wife saw that, she said it’s time for Star Trek sex. I told Dawn and Sam to sit back and enjoy what they were about to see.

Jill sat up, grabbed my cock and lowered her mouth on it. She complained that the pubic hair tickled her nose, but with the slurping sounds coming from her, she worked past it. Sam wanted his cock sucked also, but Dawn said she wanted to watch her sister suck cock while she played with herself. Sam was already hard again and I was just about at full erection.

Jill was sucking my cock like never before. Her tongue was rubbing the tip and her lips were tight around my cock. She said she wanted to be ass fucked and she wanted Beylikdüzü escort it now. Who am I to argue? She handed me some lube, turned around on the couch and spread her ass cheeks wide open. I rubbed the lube on my fingers and slid one into her hot ass, then another. I worked my fingers into her ass while I rubbed lube on my cock with the other hand. I pulled my fingers out and put the tip of my cock against her virgin ass. I slowly slid my cock into the tightest hole I have ever experienced. I heard her moan with delight.

Meanwhile, Sam had left the room and returned with his video camera. He welcomed us to the world of home made porn. He said he wanted to record this epic event and add it to their home made porn library.

With the camera being on, Jill became a fucking machine. I was amazed how turned on I was with the camera recording my cock in my wife’s asshole. By now, my cock was buried deep into her tight ass. I just stood there and let her rock. I realized the rabbit was still buzzing Beyoğlu escort bayan in her wet pussy and the vibrations sent me over the edge. Pussy cum was dripping on the couch and I started to shoot deep into her ass, when Sam instructed me pull out and give us the money shot. So, I pulled it out and shot strings of hot cum up her back. Then I pulled the rabbit out her pussy.

To my amazement, Dawn came over and licked my cum off of Jill. Jill was not a cumqueen, so I hoped her sister would teach her how to do that. She looked into the camera, opened her mouth to show her prize. When Sam saw that, he handed me the camera and with explicit instructions to get some good shots of him and Dawn.

Much to my delight, Dawn instructed Sam to get that hard cock into her mouth. Dawn could deep throat and Sam was just enjoying the ride. Dawn then instructed me to take the rabbit, put it her pussy and turn it on to full blast. My job was to make her cum with the rabbit while she made Sam cum.

Being Escort Bomonti the obedient brother in law, I pumped her hard with one hand. The other hand was recording Dawn with a cock in her mouth and a dildo in her pussy. I could tell she was near cumming and pulled the rabbit out. She sprayed pussy juice all over the floor. What an action shot! Sam was starting to moan and pulled his cock out of Dawn’s mouth and much to my surprise, Jill positioned herself in front of him. He proceeded to spurt cum all over Jill’s face and in her mouth. She looked at me, smiled and swallowed. Then she wiped her face and licked her fingers clean.

We decided to watch what was recorded. Sam hooked the recorder to the TV and we opened the sofa couch. The four of us were laying butt naked on the bed, Sam and I on the outside and the girls between us.

There we were, live and in color. Jill getting her ass fucked and Dawn playing with herself on TV. My dick started getting hard again and Jill reached down and started jacking me off. Dawn was doing the same to Sam. I looked over to see Dawn and Jill rubbing each other’s pussy at the same time. I didn’t think I had one more cum in me, but Jill was as her best. Sam and I shot our loads and the girls licked us clean.

We all fell asleep on the sofa bed with dreams of tomorrow’s events in our minds.

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