Legal Issues Ch. 02


Two hours later, alone at her desk, Lynn leaned back to rub her tired eyes. She still felt rested but also distracted and restless and her eyes hurt from staring at spreadsheets and emails; numbers and letters swam on the screen in front of her. The young woman turned away from her desk to rest her eyes. The chirp of a bird from outside made Lynn look over at her window. On a whim, she pulled the cord to let in warm mid-morning sunlight as a small brown bird startled into flight. For a moment, Lynn simply stared out of her window. The hum and click and buzz of the office outside her door faded into the background as she watched the large tree at the corner of the block sway in a sudden breeze. She passed the tree every day on her way to work, but she’d never really noticed it. Leaves fluttered and moved when the breeze strengthened into a strong wind. She could somehow hear the ‘shhhh’ sound as the leaves moved and brushed against each other. A sense of melancholy settled deep within the young woman. Watching the tree, she felt a sense of loss without knowing exactly what was gone. She noted the thick branches low on the tree’s trunk. Those would be perfect for grabbing and… Her thought was lost in a sudden memory of her climbing trees as a child. The trailer park where her family lived was at the edge of a forest and, in her boredom from a lack of toys, the girl had explored. Looking under logs, making leaf boats for the small stream at the far end of the forest and climbing trees were Ankara bayan escort her favorite childhood activities. Huh, Lynn thought. I used to just sit in the tree and listen to everything. My little hiding place away from the noise of the trailer park. And the bullies. And the bad smells. Good god, how could I have forgotten what it was like to live near a sewage treatment plant. I haven’t thought about- “Ms. Hathaway?” A tentative voice called out. Lynn blinked, turning away from the window. “I’m terribly sorry to bother you, Ms. Hathaway. Mr. Spiel told me to do some background research for the P it was just that they felt tight and solid. Lynn walked to the executive bathroom, locking the door behind her. The small room was comforting; it was always well kept and nearly always empty. Mindful of her hair and makeup, the young woman pulled her dark green blouse over her head. In the bright lights above the mirror, she could see her breasts almost overflowing in the bra. Around her sides, the strap of the bra pressed into her skin and she could feel it constraining her every time she breathed. Lynn reached behind herself to unhook her bra. The relief was immediate. Without even touching herself, she could see how large her breasts seemed to be now. The skin was tight and smooth and when she held her breasts gently, she felt a slight heat radiating from them. Lynn massaged herself gently. Barely noticeable sharp pains mixed with pleasure as her gentle Escort bayan Ankara caresses eased the ache that had settled deep within. Her fingers slid across silky smooth skin as she explored her now-heavy breasts. Pressing and squeezing her breasts seemed to ease most of the ache and, while the feeling wasn’t entirely erotic, she found herself enjoying it immensely. Over and over Lynn massaged her breasts, squeezing outward around her nipples and then back down to circle the bottom of them. A contented sigh escaped her lips as her hands squeezed her surprisingly full breasts. Her small brown nipples swelled under the attention until they stood erect. A different kind of ache came from them and she lightly touched both of them. Are they bigger than before? What in the world? She wondered. The young woman could feel the edge of excitement calling to her and she knew if she continued rubbing herself, she would need to release the building tension. At the moment, the massage simply felt good. Anything more… With a sigh, Lynn retrieved her bra from the edge of the sink. The odd soreness was gone and even her back felt a little better. Perhaps, she wondered. Perhaps I’ve been sitting too much. The young woman reached back to clasp her bra but the strap dug harshly into her. As she did in the morning, she moved the clasps back a step further and then one step more. Tugging gently at the bra cups, she settled her breasts into place and then pulled her Bayan escort Ankara blouse carefully back over her head. A few expert tucks settled her hair into place. Lynn glanced over herself. Her hair was pulled back in the tight bun she’d favored since rising slowly in the ranks at the firm. It had taken a single moment of third-hand office gossip to inform her that upper management had a hard time taking her seriously when she looked so young. Or so feminine. That last was a whole other issue to deal with. So, she’d taken to putting her hair up. Now her hair did nothing to hide the hard lines of her face or the mean set to her eyes; a look developed over time to shield her emotions from the world around her. Lynn stared at the face of the women in front of her. Is that what I look like all the time, now? Not just in meetings or in front of a commissioner or judge? Is that what my few friends and coworkers see? Good god, it looks like I never smile and my whole damn face is pulled tight. Like a corpse.  The recent memories and dreams of her childhood came to her again as her eyes wandered her face. No sign of the laughing child showed through. Reaching up, the young woman took hold of the two lacquered chopsticks keeping her hair in place. Lynn pulled and her brown hair unfurled around her. The young woman smiled shyly at herself in the mirror and, finally, she saw the child from her dreams. Back at her desk, Lynn worked through the rest of her day. When lunch neared, she called the deli nearby and then, on a whim, she asked for a mix of ten different sandwiches and cookies. As soon as she hung up, she realized she’d had no idea how many office workers were in the building. A quick count of the people (not including the two senior partners) in her Outlook address book made her sigh in relief.

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